Joe Biden declines now

The astrological indications show that Biden will fall, that Harris will become very powerful, but that Trump will experience great success in the run up to the 2024 Election and looks to become next President.

Please see the other posts that make up our March 2021 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter, where I predict that the coming four years is a time of darkness and divisiveness that is coming for the USA and other countries.

Note that the single most dominant astrological indication for the four years ahead is the Pluto Return of the USA. But also there’s the fact that the USA is currently in Sade Sate.

But the most violent indication at the time of filming this, in March 2021, is that Mars has entered Vedic Taurus and is closing to an exact conjunction with Rahu North Node on the 28th March.

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The prevailing spiritual message of these coming years is that many will embrace the light – and that will be impelled because of the rise in the darkness. But in this post we look at the current astrology of Joe Biden.

My prediction that he will decline now is based on five factors:

Factor 1: Inauguration Day 20.1.2020
The first factor we need to take into account is the terribly violent chart for Joe Biden’s 20.1.2021Inauguration Day. This is the ‘birth chart’ for the new presidency.
Regarding the Biden Inauguration day, please see my February blog post and video where I pointed out the level of violence and also the level of fated illusion in the chart for the Inauguration of Joe Biden.
So, both the violence and the illusion prevail to a huge degree in this chart, that is in fact the birth chart for his Presidency:
The Legacy of Inauguration Day and New US President
Here’s a quick summary of the dangers showing in the Inauguration Day chart:
1a. Neptune is square the Nodal axis. Fated illusion.
1b. Mars is conjunct Moon in Ashwini, where Ashwini is ruled by Ketu and Ketu is in the 8th House of death etc., of the Inauguration chart.
1c. Jupiter and Saturn are transiting in Vedic Capricorn and Jupiter and Saturn were transiting conjunct in Capricorn in 1961, the year the JF Kennedy became president, and he was assassinated.
1d. Pluto and Saturn are at daggers drawn, but with higher spiritual possibility.
The list is long.

So, let’s look at the Inauguration Day chart and compare it to Joe Biden’s birth chart:

Factor 2. The Mars Rahu Conjunction 28.3.21:
Now we need to add into this a second factor:
The violent and aggressive Mars-Rahu (North Node) conjunction transiting in the heavens now through the Vedic sign of Taurus, will become exact on 28th March 2021.
Note that Joe Biden has his natal Uranus, Saturn and Muntha, all in Taurus!
Here is the chart for 28.3.2021, the day that the Mars-Rahu conjunction is exact:

Given the way in which this transiting Mars-Rahu conjunction relates to Joe Biden’s birth chart, I predict that this prevailing energy of violence will force Joe Biden to adopt a place of healing and recuperation, whether or not that retreat is fully apparent.
He will have to sit back from fore-front handling of the duties of President.
And one immediate implication of this is that Kamala Harris will have to take on the role, even if not formally (yet).
See my separate blog post and video about the huge power and success current running in Kamala Harris’ destiny now.
But to return to the chart of President Biden, let’s now look deeper into this transit of Rahu conjunct Mars at 20 deg Taurus, on 28.3.2021, in relation to his birth chart. What do we see?
It’s conjunct his Saturn 16 Taurus53, orb 3 degrees.
Very importantly, we see that Rahu conjunct Mars transits very closely his current Muntha in Joe Biden’s natal chart, at 21 deg 52 Taurus, Orb 1 deg.
Muntha is the ‘one-size-fits-all indicator of a person’s year ahead derived from the solar return chart occurring on their last birthday, which is called the Varshaphal chart.
To have Rahu-Mars conjunct one’s Muntha means a time beset with pretty dreadful violence.

Factor 3: Ketu transiting conjunct Biden’s Gulika:
Also, very significantly, we see that transiting Ketu is at 20 deg 6 Scorpio, and that Ketu is closing on Joe Biden’s Gulika at 18 deg 20 Scorpio. Ketu-Gulika (orb 1 deg app).
Malefic transits of Ketu, Rahu, Saturn or Mars conjunct one’s Gulika can mean accidents or disastrous and violent life-change.
Gulika can manifest as the most malefic entity in a chart. According to the set standards of assessment of maleficence, when activated, it can surpass all natural malefics.
Gulika has a special status almost like an independent planet. It is the point of our bad karma or misfortune, and if actualized, where there is denial of one’s bad karma, destiny or limitation, where there is denial of one’s reality or one’s physical limitations, or non-acceptance of it, the activation of Gulika produces forcible event resulting in a great misery, misfortune or frustration, upsurge of fate in a forcible or violent way.
I have seen this happen, very definitely, for example a person’s life changed completely by an accident that occurred on her day of Saturn transiting her natal Gulika.
Gulika has a deep connection with Lord Shani, Saturn. In fact, Gulika and Maandi are the ‘shadow children of Saturn’, and note most importantly, that this Mars-Rahu transit is on Biden’s Saturn too. Saturn also deals with physical limitations and material limitations.
See the charts on my Starwheel March 2021 website page: //

Factor 4: Ketu transits Biden’s First House:
Ketu transits his H1, which can be very bad for unexpected change, dissolution of self, job subject to dissolution/modification.

Factor 5: Joe Biden current Dasha:
Joe Biden in Jupiter-Rahu Dasha, which can be dark with deceptive expansionariness.

BUT there are three twists to this tale, and they are both under the title of Donald Trump!
1st Twist:
The first twist is the fateful and possibly deeply sinister prediction that Donald Trump made on Thursday 08 October 2020 to Fox News that: “Joe’s not lasting two months as president,”.
Donald Trump claimed that then Democratic nominee Joe Biden’ would either die or be overthrown by “communist” forces in his own party early in his term if he is elected in November.’
Of Kamala Harris, Donald Trump then went on to say: “She’s a communist.”
I can also add that she is coming into exceptional great power now, and will indeed successfully deal with a military crisis with China that is possible.
See my separate prediction about Kamala Harris.

2nd Twist:
Secondly, note that the upcoming eclipse of 4.12.2021, where the Eclipse Nodes at 6 deg Scorpio-Taurus are conjunct Biden’s Sun at 4 Taurus:

3rd Twist:
Thirdly, it has to be said that the astrology of Donald Trump shows him as heading to great success. This will have impact on Joe Biden (and on Kamala Harris).
This is due to the Mars-Rahu transit in Taurus now being in Donald Trump’s 10th House of career, which is occupied by Sun, Rahu Uranus!
And it’s due to Jupiter at now, at the start of March 2023, being trine his natal Jupiter which is at 24 Virgo.
Jupiter reaches the exact trine to Donald Trump’s natal Jupiter on 9.3.2021, at 24 deg Capricorn.
See my separate prediction blog post and video about Donald Trump now and in the upcoming four years.
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