January New Moon has a Saving Grace energy with lots of Messes Muddles and Traps

The January New Moon of 11th January 2024 has a ‘saving grace’ energy if we can locate it – and if we can manage not to be distracted by the rest of the muddle. There’s a lot of muddle. I’ll tell you all about it.

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The New Moon is at 26 Vedic Sagittarius in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra. (That’s 20 deg Western Tropical zodiac Capricorn).

So let’s start by checking out what House in your birth chart is Sagittarius. House = life area.

This New Moon will especially manifest in (though Sagittarius, Aries, Virgo and Pisces at this time).

OK, so I go on to define the ‘saving grace’ and the very important to understand ‘distracting muddle’. See below.

But first of all, let’s note the main blessings that can be found – they can be found especially if we do the needed vision work and meditation around the time of this New Moon and on-going through this Lunation period:


The saving grace is that this New Moon occurs at the time of a special exchange of planets in signs: Mars in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter in Aries ruled by Mars – read on for more about this below.


This New Moon is also square the Nodal Axis, and that alerts us that a very special insight gift can be achieved by connecting to it and deeply understanding it: It’s growth in our health including intuitive connection to our health improvement, because the Nodal Axis is Virgo-Pisces. Past Life learning and Healing will likely be very important for you, too.  


This New Moon is in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra, which ordinarily means a negative manifestation and Face of Venus is encountered. But if we are forewarned and forearmed, then we can purify what we will feel to make deep learning about the deep divine nature of Venus – and of the Sun and the Moon.


Saturn is super-strong in Aquarius, and this deeply calls us to improve our awareness and of our karmas: the manifestation of our good karmas, the burning of our negative karmas.


There is a big visionary and intuitive energy at this time. We absolutely do need to tap into that. We can get guidance from that – though with Neptune involved, we do need to have the ability to cut out the illusion and deception that is the negative reception of Neptune energies.

The No. 1 Saving Grace and Special Blessing:

The ‘Saving Grace ‘and the central blessing of this New Moon is actually that when it occurs: Jupiter and Mars are in a very favourable aspect for putting energy into areas of your expansion and blessing and planning forward.

This ‘Saving Grace’ energy is because Jupiter is in Aries, the sign that Mars rules, and Mars is in Sagittarius the sign that Jupiter rules.

It’s an Exchange of Signs for the planets involved. So a Parivatana Yoga is created.

Our call is to feel our way into connection to the Parivatana Jupiter-Mars energy amid all the mess of this time, and make the conscious decision to focus on that divine blessing goal – and not to be distracted by the mess, but to go from moment to moment: purposeful, strong and calm and directed. Prepare for this when you do your start piece of vision work around the time of the New Moon. Repeat your vision connection a number of times, as the lunation period undurls.

We have to make a conscious effort to realize that a New Moon time is a special time for:


For tuning in.

For making intentions.

Fo growing our awareness of the meaning of the energies.

For growing our awareness of our own problem areas and talents.

Make sure to do your New Moon vision Work and Meditation:

During your New Moon meditation:

Check out what House/Life Area Sagittarius and Aries are in your chart.

Pause to identify the Divine Nature of Jupiter

Pause to identify the Divine Nature of Mars
Identify your own special flame of this time that is brought into being by the Parivatana energy.

Focus on it.

Make time and space for it.

Carry it forward.

See it grow brighter.

Stay Grounded at this Time:

I would say contact with the natural world could be very helpful. The strength of the rocks, the coast, the Oak tree. The Land.

This New Moon is Square the Nodal Axis:

This New Moon is square the Nodal Axis. The New Moon is at 26 Sagittarius. The Nodal Axis is Ketu at 26 Virgo to Rahu at 26 Pisces. This is of course, at its highest, the axis of the Intuitive Healer.

Other Key Positive Supporting Issues to also develop awareness of at this New Moon time are:

The call for us to notch up our health and healing awareness, including by intuition.

The Nodes of the Moon are calling us to increase our health and increase our intuitive abilities: Ketu in Virgo and Rahu in Pisces.

Keep a Purification process going.


The great strength of Saturn and Saturn’s karmic demand on us:

Saturn is super-strong and demanding now in Aquarius one of the signs he rules, and is demanding we tie up all our loose ends and improve our awareness of the karmas we were born to work with in this life, and find better ways for needed, even destined karmic achievement.

We each of us has to be strong!

This is the Year of Saturn!


The intuitive and visionary openings from Neptune (if we can cut out the negative delusions potential there).

There are and have been opportunities for Visions and Intuitions, from the positive part of the potential of Mercury square Neptune in Pisces, from the positive part of the potential of Mercury arising from the Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta Zone: the Water-to-Fire transition zone of great unsupportiveness and immateriality.

We each have to make a conscious effort to realize that a New Moon time is a special time for:


For tuning in.

For making intentions.

Fo growing our awareness of the meaning of the energies.

For growing our awareness of our own problem areas and talents.

OK, so what is the ‘mess energy’ I was talking about earlier on?

Mess Energy #1.

There’s A Problematic Energy of Venus:

Well I would say that unless we become really aware of it and how to handle it, the mess that Venus is in as the Ruler of Purva Ashadha. It is a very major problem.

PurvaAshadha energy is a star energy of Strength and Victory. Its energy is invincible: they smash through anything in their way. They can go in for obstinacy and denial.

They are proud, independent and obstinate and can’t be influenced by others.

They have an intense conviction of superiority and that that they cannot lose, and they have the ability to come out on top.

So, what we also have to see in the energies of this New Moon is the Divine Venus: the principle that loving kindness is the Healer of Demons, the Teacher of Demons.

We are called to make an exercise of Purification.

What we ALSO have to see here in our new Moon meditation is: the Divine Qualities of the Sun and the Moon which are of course within the Nakshatra of PurvaAshadha ruled by Venus.

And what a gift we will achieve if we can use the energies of this New Moon to connect to this:

Make the effort to see the Divine Sun: The Sun is the Face of the Divine Being who dwells in all beings as our true Self. The Sun is cosmic intelligence, pure Consciousness, the enlightened Mind. The self to be achieved in this incarnation.

Make the effort to see the Divine Moon: Mind, emotion, feeling and consciousness. Grace and sensitivity.

Let this New Moon be therefore a time of Illusions popping.

Let this New Moon be therefore a time of searing blows to our Ego.


Mess Energy #2.

The Risk of Illusion and Deception – Not to mention The Risk of Anger:

Mercury is square Neptune (and Mercury is only just departing from the Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta).

Mercury/Neptune, when negatively experienced, is false thinking, poor judgement, fantasies and lies.  

Mercury is at 3 Sagittarius in Mula Nakshatra. Neptune is at 1 deg Pices in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.

We need to be aware that there will be Mercury chaos at this time.

Mercury is also going to be tangling with Mars who is aggressive when in Sagittarius.

Communications could be a mess.

Be careful not to slip into anger, especially as Mercury closes on Mars from a few days’ time.

Be aware that the Moon in the heavens has just gone across Mars on 10th January, and that the Moon will go on to cross Pluto on 12th January.

We could feel pretty awful with these particular Moon energies.

Be prepared to notice this and deal with it.

Keep an eye to the future:

Remember the gift of the Jupiter Mars Parivartna Yoga and support its ripening.

Remember that a wonderful Pluto sextile to Neptune is developing very slowly and coming more int orb by mid-year.

Remember also that Jupiter is moving into conjunction with Uranus. It will be exact on April 20th at 27 Aries. Optimism, wisdom, independence and rebellion – and your needed Revolution.

Do not forget the Neptune potential for visions, realizations, intuitions and presentiments in the midst of all this mess.

Keep your needed focus with strength and awareness.

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