January 2022 Astrology General Intro from Michael Conneely

Welcome to 2022 – the start of a New Year. May it bring you happiness and success, fulfillment and vision.

This blog post and video is my general introduction to the deeper, ancient energies we come into this New Year with.

See the Video HERE.

But do see also my January 2022 detailed Blog Post and Part 1 detailed Video and Part 2 detailed Video all about the detail of the astrology of January 2022. This presentation of the detail is so useful to read and watch too!

So, returning to my General Intro of the Astrology of January 2022, the first point to make is that as ever, we come into a New Year with the death of an Old Sun and the birth of a New Sun. Where I live is amid Ireland’s most ancient sacred monuments, and many are aligned to the rise of the Sun on the day of the birth of the New Sun: the Winter Solstice. Tombs can have a passageway down which the first rays of the New Sun shines on Winter Solstice morning, illuminating the chamber in the heart of the monument.

As a useful example of the energy we can connect to, the Neolithic ancient Irish had a deep and powerful myth that on the day of Winter Solstice the ancient jovial death and rebirth land god The Dagda mated with the River Goddess Boann (whose name means ‘White Cow’), and out of their union was born the lovely young God of Love, Angus Og.

It is because of this wealth of beautiful deeply ancient realization that I set up my Sacred West of Ireland Tours to the ancient monuments that fill the landscape round here in the North West of Ireland.

How appropriate for the start of this year, 2022, when, yes, a New Sun was born out of the longest night, as ever. But at the same time Venus was conjunct Pluto (twice in December 2021), as it will be again on March 3rd, and the New Year starts with Venus Retrograde, a special time where we can become super-aware of our scripts in love and make the effort to heal them, to work with our partner, and to seek a partner.

So, the deeply ancient universal message is that at this time we arise with the birth of a New Sun from the Winter Solstice. this is a time when we need to envision how each of us will look as our needed New Sun. this is a time where we each need to then go on to embody the needed New Sun that our vision perceives: to become our New Sun. this is needed Vision Work followed by actually embodying that!

To arise as the New Sun means balancing our Self with our work and relationships, and being in charge of that, embodying the Sun principle to cope with stresses and divisiveness. And we will need to succeed in this task not least because of all the divisiveness and ranting that the Kal Sarpa Yoga will bring until April (all planets to one side of the Nodal Axis). And we will need to succeed in that task because the Nodes of the Moon change sign in April, bringing a now series new fated and destined events and huge changes, especially to people with planets in Vedic Libra and Aries.

But to successfully arise as your needed New Sun, you also need guiding vision. January astrological energies make a good offering with these with Venus, Sun and Mars aspecting Neptune at different dates in January, but above all with Jupiter and Neptune both moving into Vedic Pisces in April.

As your New Sun arises, envision your new life territory. Envision your new life path which it would be best and most ideal for you to tread. Your Future Path.

Co-create your best future NOW.

Develop your vision. Embody it. And imagine things forward from now. Walk your needed new life path. It could be a bit different from the path you’ve been walking!

Let heart, body and vision as you walk forward as the Sun grows brighter and the days grow longer and lighter as 2022 progresses.

Identify your place on the Earth. Pluto and Saturn are both in the Vedic Earth sign of Capricorn.

This WILL involve REVOLUTION: Uranus is square Saturn in Capricorn. In the USA Pluto closes inexorably onto natal Pluto on the birth chart of the USA.

Embody your vision.

Book an astrology reading with me where I expertly interpret your natal chart and predictive year ahead. And you can add in a session of embodying the needed future you. I have been working also as a shamanic healer for the last 25 years. You can so usefully combine an Astrology Reading with this sort of vision work and embodiment work.

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