January 2022 Astrology Detailed Presentation from Michael Conneely

A Renewal and Rebirth current flows in several different life areas now.

A net of strong energies offers us possibility for empowerment and rebirth.

You might feel there’s a ‘now or never’ call to sort yourself out and your life, now.

You might be feeling you have important work to do.

It will be helpful if you identify ways and methods to bring in the change your heart calls for and walk your proper and needed new path.

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And looking a bit ahead, we will be increasingly strongly called to connect our life direction to our heart-vision. This is when Jupiter enters Pisces 13.4.2022 and Neptune enters Pisces on 18.4.2022. At its highest this will produce the most wonderful and most needed visionary current which, if properly handled, will favour needed great intuitive breakthrough and healing.
A mystical current will be increasingly offered to all of us.

We are travelling through a strange new terrain, now: all of us – both individually and nationally.

It will take skill, vision, personal empowerment and positive growth to handle this.

Chiron too transits Pisces bringing definite healing energies for the signs it aspects.

Let’s now look a bit closer into the energies of January 2022.

And do please note that you can see the charts and ephemeris for both Vedic and Western Astrology for January 2022 on our January 2022 Starwheel Astrology website, where all the parts of our wonderful Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter are also listed. You can also look up what area of life that will be affected by these planet movements through the signs on our Houses Interpretation website page. You can enroll for an Astrology Reading with me to go super deep in how these new energies affect you and your natal chart, in both Vedic and also psychodynamic Western Astrology, by going to our Starwheel Astrology Buy Page.

So, the first new energy flow to note is:

Renewal, Rebirth and Empowerment:

This is being offered to you around January 2022. This is because of the number of planets making a conjunction with Pluto in the heavens:
Venus is conjunct Pluto twice in December 2021 on the 12th and the 24th, and then again on March 3rd

Mercury is within three degrees of Pluto all January 2022, conjunct Pluto exact by the end of the month.

Sun is conjunct Pluto exact on January 16th. As well as empowerment and rebirth possibilities, control issue will arise around this time: individually and socially.

Rahu North Node is joining energies with Pluto in a 5th House aspect from Taurus.

Negatively of course, these Pluto aspects can raise a control agenda, and this does fit in with the closing Pluto Return of the USA which will have its first exact in March 2023, and during which so many power and abuse and darkness issues will have to rise to be dealt with in the USA – and the way they will be dealt with will so vastly affect that country, and therefore: the world.

So, you are being offered a Pluto-experience which includes issues of rebirth and empowerment, but it is super important to understand the other planets energies in the energy-net that we find ourselves now in: the context of this big new energy flow:

Our wounds may be felt at this time – but with a crucial call to find healing. This is because Chiron is square the New Moon of January 2nd

Healing and Empowering in Love:
Love issues
may be felt strongly. And note that our highest reaction to any love difficulties is to share and heal.

This is because Venus is Retrograde from December 19th to 29th January.

At the time of the New Moon of 2nd January, the Moon is in a Venus-ruled nakshatra.
And Venus is in a very special status: Venus is both Vargottoma (in the same sign in the Navamsha cart as the rashi and thus open to divine inspiration) and also Venus is Pushkara = healing of woundedness.

Revolution may be forcing its way into your life, now. This is because Uranus at 16 Vedic Aries and Uranus squares Saturn at 17 Capricorn.

Also, we will be helped even more for innovation change and revolution. This is because Sun and Moon are trine Uranus at the January 2nd New Moon.

Uranus turns Direct on January 18th.

Uranus squares the Sun on January 30th.

Kal Sarpa Yoga:
Fraught Divisive energy
will also pervade. The background energy context is rather pervasive, fraught and divisive. It can be monumental and on occasion fated.

This is because Kal Sarpa Yoga (all planets to one side of the Nodal axis) is in force from 5.12.21 until 25th April 2022.

We will each be called to avoid all the preposterous publicity-seeking ranting and divisiveness that enters even astrology, and instead we must become the strong, discerning, caring warrior amid it all.

And with Ketu transiting Scorpio in December, many of us will be forced to explore our deeper psychological issues and hurts, but with the call being to bring us to Moksha and Healing, perception and healing and strength.

The Nodes change Sign in April:
Indeed, it is also very important to be aware that the Nodes of the Moon change Vedic sign altogether on 25th April.

Huge new energy impacts will occur especially for people with planets in Vedic libra or Aries: Ketu moves into Libra; Rahu moves into Aries.

Fated, uncontrollable, destined events will occur: both extremely positive or negative.

Neptune Connections already grow strong in January 2022:

A pre-taste of the upcoming vision energy rise that I mentioned at the start of this summary, that will be caused by Jupiter and Neptune entering into Vedic Pisces from April, does actually occur during January:

This is because of the following transits:

January 5th, Venus Retrogrades sextile Neptune.

Sun is sextile Neptune on January 10th.

Mars is square Neptune on January 11th.

New Moon 2nd January:
On January 2nd there’s a new Moon at 18th Vedic Sagittarius.

It’s in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra which is ruled by Venus, and it is at the time of the Venus Retrograde.

And it is also at the time of the Venus-Pluto conjunction sequence.

So: really focus on healing your love scripts and issues now.

And we must be open to the expansive possibilities for insight and guidance that are there, because this New Moon falls in the sign of Vedic Sagittarius, which ruled by Jupiter the guru. See my separate blog post and video on this New Moon.

Mercury Retrograde:

Mercury is Retrograde from 14th January to 3rd February in Capricorn, transiting from 16 deg Vedic Capricorn, to turn direct on 4th February at 1 deg Capricorn, to regain his pre-retrogradation position on 24th February.

Most of us need to be really careful about posts, communication and IT matters when Mercury is retrograde.

But this particular retrograde does have a couple of ‘twists’:

Note that Rahu North Node is aspecting Mercury throughout his Retrograde, and his retrograde pushes him closer and closer to Saturn. This will be a fraught time for our thought-processes and mind-states and the enunciation of what we are trying to communicate.

We need to hear this guidance – and be prepared to handle this difficult energy.

Mercury’s retrograde periods in 2022 all occur in Vedic Earth signs, and this will create a tipping point to ground financial matters where recession tendencies in Countries’ economies may have been artificially postponed or denied. I certainly see this in the UK. And I suspect it will happen in Ireland.

Note that Jupiter transiting in low dignity in Saturn ruled signs was the tipping point for the Celtic Tiger recession of 12 years ago (the Jupiter orbital period).

Full Moon 17th January:

This Full Moon is at 3 Vedic Cancer in Pushyami Nakshatra (27 Western Cancer).

Sun is at 3 Vedic Capricorn (27 Western Capricorn).

Sun is conjunct Pluto. Uranus is square Saturn. Mars is square Neptune.

This Full Moon has nasty aspects from Saturn and Mars. We will feel vulnerable. We will feel pressured.

Watch out for my upcoming video and blog post all about this very pressuring Full Moon.

January 18th, 2022 – Uranus Goes Direct:

Uranus has been Retrograde since August 19th 2021, but on January 18th, 2022 at 16 Vedic Aries, Uranus goes Direct.

There will be intensification of Uranus’ energy from this.

There will be sudden changes, violent impulses. Revolution. Shock. Destruction of complacency. The truth is that the last time we had Uranus in Vedic Aries energy at the time of the rise of Adolph Hitler and the coming in the 2nd World War.


Last month, December 2021, Mars was conjunct Ketu in Vedic Scorpio, and those of us with planets in early Scorpio had a horrible fraught cutting time – though with great healing opportunity if we could encompass that.

But now in January 2022, Mars transits from 19 Vedic Scorpio on 1st January, entering Sagittarius on January 16th and ending January at 10 Sagittarius.

Note that while Mars is in Scorpio up to January 16th, his energy is very cutting.

And it also needs to be noted that there are two unusual twists to the Mars energy coming up:

The first of these is that on January 11th, Mars is at 26 Vedic Scorpio square Neptune. This positively means putting your energy into vision work, but negatively it can be reacted to by an atmosphere of lies and deceit. And this energy is associated with fuel prices rise (which ties into the recession possibility from the Jupiter transit).

Note that from January 12th to 18th Mars transits the Gandanta zone which is the last two degrees of Vedic Scorpio and the first two degrees of Vedic Sagittarius.

Gandanta zones are zones of immateriality where water sign dissolves into the first flare of fire, and we are compelled to realization of the immateriality of this world: Maha Maya, but with opportunity for contact with the God Realm underlying and beyond.

Mars transiting tone of the three Gandantas will leave us very insecure with Mars energies at this time.

But we should also at this time realize that considerable spiritual realizations can be gifted to us by experiencing the Gandanta phenomenon.

Storms and earthquakes do also tend to increase at these Gandanta times.

Mars catches up with Venus by mid-February at 20 Vedic Sagittarius and that energy is very sexual.

Sun transits from 16 Sagittarius shifting into Capricorn from 14th January.
Sun ends January at 17 Vedic Capricorn.

Sun thus conjucnts Pluto on January 16th and will conjunct Saturn on 4th February, and importantly, Sun receives an aspect from Rahu North Node all through this Capricorn transit, so we need to be prepared to deal with feeling drained, weakened or depressed and conversely driven.

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