Is Saturn closing on the Moon in your birth chart? If so read this good advice.

love reaching outIn Vedic Astrology there’s a seven-and-a-half-year period as Saturn goes through the sign before the Moon in your birth chart; through the sign in your birth chart that the Moon actually occupied at the moment of your birth, and then through the sign after the Moon in your birth chart.

This is called Sade Sate in Vedic Astrology.

There are exception instances etc, or it’s made harder if Saturn actually conjuncts or opposes the Moon in your birth chart.

But generally speaking, this is a time like going down into a pit, then rising up out of the pit. You don’t start to rise up until Saturn has actually crossed your natal Moon. There’s an average of three and three quarters down into the pit the three and three quarters coming up out of it again.

So, it is so worth knowing if you are entering Sade Sate or if you are actually in Sade Sate now. And the key is to know the pitfalls, understand the timing and have a meditation approach that will raise you up out of being trapped in the mind scripts that are typical of the phase and genuinely help you develop an enlightened awareness to the feelings, to all the wrong concepts, to the stuckness,  the pride and to the blocks and downfalls. Helps is there!

The Vedic saying is that we are ‘cut off from God’s grace’ as we go down into Sade Sate. But actually it needs to be seen that this experience of seven and a half years has a ‘divine purpose’. The divine learning we can rise to or ignore is this: that we see ourselves standing in the light of our own strengths and weaknesses. Thus we see clearly the growth we need to make, or can be helped to see it.

Often there’s a death in the circle. Often there’s a big move of house. Usually there’s block after block.

But above all there’s the problem of bad company. So often I find people in Sade Sate are mixing with the wrong people, and receiving bad advice from the wrong people. And so often I see people in Sade Sate can tend to be proud or obdurate or non-flexible, so they just can’t see this nor admit it to themselves. They can be stuck in wrong concepts.

As a result they make the wrong decisions, they plan their business badly, they mishandle their spiritual path, they throw away opportunities, etc, etc. But all this is with the divine purpose that we see the limitations of our own abilities and scripts.

There will be unanticipated problems, maybe loss of position, maybe heavy loses, sickness, etc.

The second half is (ideally) more like the ‘hard road up’: the hard road up to better spirituality and success.

There’s a ‘lovely’ saying from one Vedic Astrology text book on my shelves: ‘Remember that the native is a rat and he will be offered a tasty food only to be trapped inside the cage. It’s the people who don’t, or don’t know how to work with Saturn’s energy, that seem to feel the most duress during the passages of Saturn.’

Basically you are in the end phase of Sade Sate now if your Moon in your birth chart is between about 24 Libra and 24 Scorpio in western astrology.
You are ‘in the bottom of the pit’ if your Moon in your birth chart is between about 24 Scorpio and 24 Sagittarius.
And you are starting Sade Sate now if your Moon is between 24 Sagittarius and 24 Capricorn.

In Vedic Astrology these three Moon positions are quite simply the three Vedic signs of Libra (ending phase), Scorpio (in the pit) and Sagittarius (starting the descent).

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