Interesting Times by Elizabeth Hendricks worldwide healer

Here is a Post from Dr. Liz, worldwide Healer at Starwheel Astrology, about how to manage the present difficult times:
There is an ancient Chinese proverb which says May you live in interesting times.
When I first heard this saying it was explained to me it was actually a curse, because interesting times are rarely peaceful times. Rather they are times of upheaval and change and therefore times of stress and anxiety. So here we are in interesting times.

There are so many scary events happening in such a compressed time frame that you may well be suffering from a kind of invisible shell shock.
When you are stressed and the stress lasts over a prolonged period, your mind and your body don’t get a chance to recover and repair.
Over time you feel more depleted, more anxious and/or depressed, and less able to cope with life.
Currently our entire planet is writhing with ongoing trauma, and it seems that no end of the stress is in sight yet. I have even heard people say they feel as if they are living in the Apocalypse. Usually this means the person feels as if their world is coming to an end, at least metaphorically if not literally. This may be correct if you consider the true meaning of the word. Apocalypse is a Greek word, and it means that things which were not previously known have been unveiled. I think this is a good description of the huge changes in human consciousness taking place at this time.

As we become more conscious, the old ways of thinking have to change and fall away. But habitual ways of thinking die hard…our minds rarely release our old prejudices and misbeliefs without a fight. Some individuals find this easier than others, which is why you see such vehement polarization of opinions, with each side refusing to see the others point of view.
When people are afraid, they cling to the familiar, and the familiar is rapidly changing into the future. And the shape of the future is still unknown, which in turns brings more fear.

Rather than being hypnotized with all the alarming events, keep your attention that of an interested observer and don’t be swept into the mass hysteria flooding our cities.

Yes, take care of your life and your loved ones.

But also remember you are an eternal being, and the real eternal you cannot be harmed.

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