Indications for War in 2016

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

We need to note that there are three indications for war building up in 2016. These are:
1. Mars – Uranus _ Pluto T-squre now
2. Jupiter conjucnt Rahu (North Node) now and in Vedic Leo up to August 2016.
3. Saturn conjunct Mars in Vedic Scorpio from February to September 2016.

1. Mars – Uranus – Pluto: Librans and Arians subjected to irritation, revolution and or Fundamental Change: Mars moves through western Libra in an angry, irritable opposition to Uranus in western Aries all December. Worst tension is mid-month, and to make things even potentially violent in Libra, Aries and Capricorn, Uranus is square Pluto all month.
There’s a powerful and dangerous Mars –Pluto – Uranus T-square. It’s exact from 6th to 12th December. Mars is around 15 deg Libra; Uranus is at 16 Aries and Pluto is at 14 Capricorn. On a personal level, feelings may run high at this time, and events may catch us unawares. You may have a big row to release tensions that have been building up in your life. Try to be kind.

2. Jupiter conjunct Rahu (North Node): Second, drawing on a phenomenon from Vedic Astrology Interpretation, Jupiter and Rahu (North Node of the Moon) become increasingly closely conjunct: This is Guru Chandala Yoga:
Jupiter and Rahu are conjunct to only four degrees now. Jupiter is at 28 deg Vedic Leo. Rahu is retrograding towards Jupiter at 2 deg Vedic Virgo.
When Rahu enters Vedic Leo on 30th January 2016 to join Jupiter who has already been transiting there since 14th July 2015,  the dangerous conjunction of Guru Chandala Yoga is created, and this will hold in force until Jupiter leaves Vedic Leo and enters Vedic Virgo on 12th August 2016.
Guru Chandala Yoga is dangerous because Rahu sullies the purity of Jupiter and we have to be careful to purify this otherwise dark associations will be created and obsessions, and power-stealers will riot as well as Fundamentalists. And Jupiter magnifies the effects of Rahu! Confront your fears. Plan a more empowering and positive strategy. Don’t let negative fears control your mind or your life.  However the shift of Rahu/Ketu to Leo/Aquarius at the end of January 2016, at its highest, wit hthe higher minds, could be more humanitarian and could be better leadership.

3. Mars conjunct Saturn: And third, the really dangerous add-on to all this is that Mars and Saturn are both conjunct in Vedic Scorpio from 20th February 2016 to 18th September 2016.
Mars and Saturn can include WAR.
Saturn is conjunct the fixed star Antares (16 degrees Scorpio). Antares is the star of war. Transiting Mars will station on this star March 2016.
This can indicate unexpected violent events and war!
Scorpio is ruled by Mars.
What do Jupiter/Rahu + Mars/Saturn add up to??? Fundamentalist Terrorist War!

However, Mars conjunct Saturn in the personal birth chart: However note that the combination of Mars and Saturn in our personal birth chart can of course in some cases equal death in the contacts surrounding. Mars and Saturn in the personal birth chart can equal working fanatically hard and feeling like you are wading through setting concrete and noticing that things are dying in your life with the divine purpose that you will purify and focus what you do and thus reap success, even: GREAT SUCCESS.
I have had Saturn transiting over my Mars in Vedic Scorpio since November 2015, and yes there was the wading through the setting concrete until the end of September 2015, but this has been followed by huge breakthrough and success!

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