Huge Uranus Square Saturn Transit Now What form will YOUR needed Revolution take?

This particular November 2021 video and blog focuses on just one of the several really huge transits and lunations affecting the world and each one of us now: the transiting Saturn Uranus Square – the energy of Revolution and of the destruction of blocks and structures.

Note that the consequences of the Uranus transit square to Saturn will be of a revolutionary earthquake nature both in our personal lives, but also at the social structure level and the economic level.

And it is so important to note that, as the case example of a puppy, below, shows, little things, like little pieces of the jigsaw, can crucially add up to the big final picture.

Note also that this Uranus Saturn square reaches its third and final exact hit this year on 24th December, and its explosive tension is growing all through this month of November 2021.

Watch the Video here.

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But first of all, before I focus only on the Uranus square Saturn transit, it is important for me to just briefly mention the wider current context of this great Revolution Square aspect, so I just want to make six other brief points, first, to give you the context, and then I will delve into the meaning of the Uranus square Saturn Transit, and indeed mention how Revolution can come to each of us (and to our societies) like the adding of pieces of a jigsaw, where even a tiny-seeming piece can play a special part in the creation of the final picture:

1. So I want to say first that one of the other big energies now, of the present time and the close of 2021, was actually kicked off by the Pluto square Mars transit. This was exact on 22nd October, when Pluto was in exact square to Mars. No messing there! The Dark commands! Do it now! The Dark arises. And this was also the day that Mars entered Vedic Libra where Mars naturally performs so frustratedly! And this continues with Pluto and Saturn squaring Mars and Mercury in the New Moon of 4th November, then Mars combusting and conjuncting Mercury exact on 12th November, then Uranus opposition Mars exact on November 17th, then the energy of Mars and The Eclipse Full Moon of November 19th, which is exactly conjunct the star Argol, notorious in the valid and ancient Star Lore for violence and people losing their heads. A time to be so wise and careful, in fact – but how many will?

2. Then this fraught energy pattern continues further with the Mars in Scorpio transit from December 5th to January 16th, with Mars going through the energy fields created by the eclipses, indeed Mars transiting into conjunction with Ketu/South Node, exact on 14th December at 6 Scorpio, where the Mars-Ketu energy epitomizes violence so often.

3. Gathering also now, Jupiter closes on Neptune with a steadily growing manifestation that grows to an exact conjunction on 13.4.2022, whose negative manifestation encompass speculation, deception, impressionability, Seducability, conflict between vision and ‘reality’, inclination to idealize and to speculate, wastefulness, hypocrisy, instability causing scandals, losses and political conflicts.

4. A big upcoming energy some of will really sense and feel is that Sun is exactly conjunct Ketu/South Node in the heavens on 23rd November at 7 Scorpio in Anuradha Nakshatra – weak unappreciated energy, nothing is real – and prone to downfall.

5. While all this grows, the Pluto Return of the USA becomes ever more vast and ever more pervading, as Pluto transits to reach the position that Pluto occupied on the day of the birth of the USA, and so much darkness will have to rise by the time of the first exact hit in May 2023: rising, ideally, to be honoured and healed, so that true and right power can grow!

6. And lastly, please note that all this, the divisive and violent energies, plus the deceptive energies will all tend to fan the social and political and even military confrontationism that so ridiculously our times have become increasingly addicted to.

So, having started the context, now, to focus on the Revolution Square of Uranus and Saturn gathering to exact now in the heavens. And as I said above, Revolution can come to each of us (and to our societies) like the adding of pieces of a jigsaw, where even a tiny-seeming piece can play a special part in the creation of the final picture.

What we are focusing on is that Saturn starts November at 13 Capricorn and Uranus starts November retrograde at 18 Aries. This means that on 24th December, Saturn will be at 16 Capricorn and Uranus will be at 16 Aries.

This will obviously have a big effect on people with planets in Capricorn and Libra, especially if the closer the planets are to 13 degrees. But it will obviously also have a huge effect on Cancer people who receive a opposition from Saturn and a square from Uranus, and on Libra people who receive an opposition from Uranus and a square from Saturn.

This energy is one of Uranus the planet of Revolution (discovered at the time of the Storming of the Bastille) smashing himself against Saturn super-strong in Capricorn where positively Saturn represents our needed structures and strategies in our life, the doing of our needed karmic duty. But Saturn also represents the blocks and prison walls the defects in our awareness impose upon ourselves. And here we have Uranus smashing against our actually mind-set and programming self-imposed imprisonment.

In terms of the Nakshatras, this great Square affects especially: Sravana, Bharani, Pushyami and Swati. And it will affect the other Nakshatras that have the same ruling planet as these. And also note that fraught Saturn additionally aspects the 3rd sign from himself: Pisces.

So, now let’s return to the principle I mentioned of how Revolution can come to each of us (and to our societies) like the adding of pieces of a jigsaw, where even a tiny-seeming piece can play a special part in the creation of the final picture. I’ll now mention a small piece that came into my life, that actually indeed brings positive revolution to so many other pieces in my life-jigsaw:

Maggie went across the road to the home repair garage across the road from us (there are only five inhabited buildings in our hamlet) asked the lovely mechanic there Maggie if we would like the puppy that his dog had given birth to 6 weeks ago.

Maggie fell totally in love with the puppy. The puppy is a beautiful Collie/Retriever cross and Maggie couldn’t resist.

I drew a Tarot card to see what it might mean if we took the puppy in, and I got that we would have increased contact with nature! Well, I need that! I need that not least because it is essential I get more exercise according to the Brian Diabetes Study I have been randomly selected for, and according to recent tests I had at Sligo Hospital, and because it will help my health and fitness if I lose a bit of weight and I totally love the remote beautiful countryside around here and am fed and healed and calmed by its ancient rocks and shores and forests. So although wondering if I could cope, I agreed.

You might think bringing in a puppy is just adding a rather small part of a jigsaw, but already I have shown you it activates other parts of the jigsaw that have recently clicked into place, and it will activate more now that the puppy has arrived. Interestingly, a revolution with needed and important dimensions is being brought to us – like pieces of a jigsaw, one at a time. And this was not at all planned

The puppy arrived last Thursday October 26th. Her name is Ciara, and it turns out she is devoted to me. And the touch of my hands stills and delights her. I remembered how it was said that I had healing hands when I worked at the Plymouth Healing Centre in England a dozen years ago. But actually the puppy has raised some difficult issues for Maggie. I think because Maggie took on board some puppy training videos all about techniques, but these had an aggressive bossy edge to them, and the puppy responded by ‘fighting back’. So as the resident puppy guru, I am now calming things down! (it seems you can’t believe everything you read on google!)

But deeper than that, the puppy’s almost biting at times response to Maggie raised a deep fear in her and aggression issues, all with their place in childhood, and indeed these surfaced in a dream she had this morning where Ciara was accompanied by a black bear and also by an even larger dark creature. Dreams are truly important guides to what is going on for us, and I have been on a dream interpretation course where you can actually revisit people or things in a dream your have had and get these to speak further, and it is amazing what absolutely crucial and deep meaning there can be in a dream that seems to be inconsequential until you delve into it deeper. So here we have the arrival of a puppy bringing the opportunity for childhood healing, and also the arrival of a puppy bringing health and fitness revitalization and better contact with beautiful countryside and better ongoing health. And I do believe my work will benefit as it gives me the chance to become more vitalized and empowered and authentic.

And weirdly, the case is that there’s another piece of the jigsaw clicking in now too. I am reopening intake into my Master Vedic Astrology Courses. I had to close the courses to new entrants a year ago due to complete numbers overload. But I am now reopening the courses. Watch this space! And the weird ‘coincidence’ is that of the Tutors involved with me, we all have major central planets in the signs caught up and activated by the gathering Uranus square Saturn transit:
Two of us have Cancer Ascendants

Two of us have Sun or Ascendant in Libra

One of us has Moon in Capricorn

One of us has Rahu in Aries

Four of us have central major planets in Swati Nakshatra, that is SO activated now and from the 4th November New Moon: these activated Swati planets are: Ascendant, a Mercury Pluto conjunction, Ketu in Swati and Sun in Swati!

So, I’m sharing my personal story of how taking in a puppy is one piece of a jigsaw, that has much bigger effect on the other pieces in my life jigsaw than your might have expected, and is creating a better overall jigsaw final picture.

So, here’s the big question for you: what revolution change is coming in for you at this time of the close of 2021?

And maybe the even bigger question for you: What revolution change NEEDS to come in for you at this time of the close of 2021?

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