How to Read the Vedic Birth Chart No. 7: Inner Child Work and Family Constellation Work: Solongo’s chart

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Here is the 7th Starwheel Webinar from Michael Conneely on ‘how to read the birth chart’. Here is  study of Solongo’s Birth Chart:

This fascinating and deeply worthwhile chart reading series is linked to healing techniques and will be followed by topic-based webinars which will present astrological analysis techniques, supporting both my western astrology and my Vedic astrology courses and the groups of people following them.

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Like me, Solongo has Saturn in 2nd House. Among other things in Vedic Astrology 2nd House is to do with childhood. So I will be introducing some very worthwhile Inner Child work and a reference to Family Constellation Work. The handling of possible family ancestral curse around children is discussed.

In Solongo’s western astrology charts, we examine  Jupiter square the Nodes of the Moon as a key perception in Evolutionary astrology. In Psychodynamic Astrology we study  interlocking Grand Trine in Air and T-squares, Pluto in First House, cut off planets, chart aspect shapes, Nature v Nurture, Alice Bailey Rays  and unaspected subpersonalities. Predictively, we look at Individuation Age Point and Nodal Age Point.

In Solongo’s Vedic Astrology, we examine Chitra Nakshatra as an indicator for parenting, Debilitated Jupiter, Pushkara Planets, Ketu (South Node) in 1st House, Saturn in Vishakha Nakshatra, Ardra and Hasta Nakshatras, Shadbal, Tithi (Moon Phase) and Sun in the 12th House.

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