How the Fraught New Moon of 1st April 2022 can bring Healing and vision

I am amazed at what I see upcoming from this New Moon. It needs to be understood properly, carefully and fully. New directions, in some cases new life balance needs to be brought in from this New Moon and from what energies follow it in the month of April. But how are we to bring this in?

Read this detailed expert blog post below, and see the videos:

The astrology is covered in Video Pt 1 and Video Pt 1 Contd.
Video Pt. 2 offers an outline to do vision work to connect with the best potential of this New Moon:


Video Pt. 1

Video Pt. 1 Contd.

Vision Work Video

There are actually chilling fraught and wounded even sharp energies for the 1st April 22 New Moon. Yet its core is to find peace and protection.

This New Moon calls for a vision, yes – but a vision that is free from escapism or illusion. And it also calls for strategy and disciple going forward.

The supreme call is for us to become centred and claim our sovereignty – and open to the Truth and the Light. So, this brings us to the central meaning of this New Moon: Claiming sovereignty and finding light by healing and rising from woundedness and fraught limitation.

I would share that this New Moon is actually building to the Full Moon on April 16th which is conjunct my natal Sun and this month of April sees the start of my Sade Sate period. So getting this right is important for me!

Let’s look at the zodiacal position of this New Moon:

In the Vedic Zodiac, Moon is at 17 Pisces, Sun is at 17 Pisces, Mercury is at 15 Pisces and Chiron is at 18 Pisces. The degrees in this Stellium are close and powerful. In terms of the super-powerful and oh so valid Nakshatras, the 27 Lunar Sign Zodiac of Vedic Astrology: Sun and Moon are in the 27th and final Nakshatra, Revati, which at its best is the Shepherd that leads souls to God.
And the Ascendant for the New Moon when seen here in Ireland is in Shatabishak Nakshatra, which is all about esoteric and healing awareness, often surrounded by a ‘circle of protection’.

In the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology: Sun and Moon are at 11 Aries. Mercury is at 9 Aries. And Chiron is at 12 Aries.

The next thing that it is crucial to say, is that this unusual New Moon occurs at the time when we are all on a major Hinge of Change. This is because the Nodes of the Moon and also several planets change signs during April – crucially these are: Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn, but also Venus, Mars and Mercury. So, this atmosphere of change, and of living on the edge of change, creates chilling, uncertain feelings, fear, uncertainty.

But it also has wonderful potential, if only we can identify it. It actually has potential for deep-mining into our fuller new needed life and our needed new Persona. We have to see that some things, some scripts, some patterns in our life must die, now. And many of us will be searching now for what must be born anew, now – and hopefully many of us will find the new pathway forward for now.

We all have to realize that we will be feeling, to various degrees, upset, death and re-birth, major ‘Hinge of Change’ and it is also so crucial to be aware, regarding the change of sign of the Nodes of the Moon that all planets are to one side of the Nodal Axis. So this means that there’s also the fatedness, preposterousness and divisiveness of the ‘Kal Sarpa Yoga’ energy pervading this time too.

And another thing to be aware of, certainly, is that Mercury is not only debilitated in Pisces, but also combusted by the Sun. Our thoughts and organization might feel an upsetting mess. Unsettlement is massively around us, now. This is because we all have to adapt to the major energy shift of five planets changing signs this month: especially the Nodes plus Jupiter, Neptune, Venus and Saturn.

See my April 2022 Starwheel Astrology page for the planets’ positions and charts: //

Here are the dates of the sign changes:

The Nodes of the Moon are about to change Sign on 12th.  April.
Jupiter changes sign from Aquarius to Pisces on April 13th
Neptune changes sign from Aquarius to Pisces on 18th April (with Jupiter at 1 deg Pisces)
Venus changes sign from Aquarius to Pisces on April 27th. The clouds have lifted, Venus is cheery and sweet natured once again. Dashing away from Mars Saturn, onto Jupiter and Aquarian/Piscean spring/summer. What a difference the upcoming month will make.
Saturn changes sign from Capricorn to Aquarius on April 29th (though he does drop back into Capricorn very shortly after on July 12th).
Mars moves from Capricorn to Aquarius on 7th April.
Mercury moves from Pisces to Aries on 8th April and then from Aries to Taurus on 26th April.

Sade Sate:

 On the issue of us all being on the edge of multiple Hinge of Change now, it is also so important to note that when Saturn changes sign, another twelfth of humanity will enter Sade Sate.
Sade Sate is the seven-and-a-half-year period when Saturn transits through the sign before the natal Moon, the sign of the Natal Moon and the sign after the natal Moon.

So, in this case, those with Pisces Moon will start their super-significant, powerful, life-changing and direction-changing once every 28-year Sade Sate Period.

This is a dangerous period like going down into a pit with health risks and major sadness possibilities, with the divine purpose of being reborn and rising up again with a needed new path more in line with our incarnational life purpose this time that our blocks may have prevented us from even knowing about it and the need for it.

So, if you have your natal Moon in the Vedic signs of Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, do absolutely get in touch with me for one of my expert readings about what must die in your life, what must arise now, and the dangers to watch out for – and ways of creating new-found benefits.

Here is the careful analysis of the astrological energies of this New Moon:
So, having listed the unsettling backdrop energies that we all have to cope with so as to heal and empower with at this time, and having mentioned the Vedic energies analysis, let’s now look at the exceptional energies of this New Moon of April 1st described within the Western Psychodynamic Astrology analysis ‘Chart Aspect Shape’ framework. I find understanding the char aspect shapes in this New Moon chart really helpful. And you can look at the Western chart for this New Moon. It’s in my April 2022 page on my Starwheel Astrology Website.

 Sub-personality 1: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Chiron

The first thing that caught my eye is that Sun, Moon and Mercury of this New Moon are all conjunct Chiron! Indeed, this three-planet stellium is cut off from the rest of the chart. It is not integrated. It is a ‘cut-off sub-personality’. The only other planet that aspects it is the equally separate and equally cut-off Uranus, the Bringer of revolution! So, what does this Unaspected stellium plus its aspect to Uranus mean?
Chiron – Moon is a wound. It is a wound to the needed Mothering principle. Mother yourself now by pausing to see how you are thinking and feeling at the time of this New Moon and its run-up few days. Mother yourself by healing this and opening to the full potential of yourself and the energies of now.

Chiron-Moon is actually an energy of prompting us to meet the need each of us have to consciously open up to the healing and mothering offered by our non-rational, lunar side of our Consciousness, to develop a profound relationship with our inner world of images. Lunar consciousness reflects and illuminates the network of unseen connections that make up the web of life in the form of feelings, subtle energy fields and images. And Uranus is now agitating each of us to bring this in in a new way to the benefit of each of us.

Chiron-Sun is a wound to us aligning with our innate sense of destiny. Are you aligned to the unique you? Do you burn with purpose and creativity?

Sub-personality 2: Venus-Saturn-Mars:

The second thing to note is that Saturn is conjunct the fraught, tense, irate Venus-Mars conjunction.
And there is a fated dimension to what we might be dealing with as this stellium is actually square the Nodal Axis.
Now, because these three are square the Nodal axis, how we handle them is important for our transition from past to future.
We must stop Saturn manifesting in our life and consciousness as blocks and prison walls and limiting karmas.
What this second stellium is saying is that discipline, slow growth and methodical ways to do needed things must be brought in now. This will stop burn out.

Sub-personality 3 – The Ambivalence Figure: Jupiter/Neptune and the Nodes

If you look at the Western chart for this New Moon, you will see that there is another super-important chart aspect shape. The Ambivalence figure is formed by one opposition, one trine and one sextile. Ambivalence is expressed in the two aspect colours: The red aspect, the opposition, is full of tension,  pressure  and conflict: it’s the Nodal Axis. Directly connected with this is a relaxed, pleasure-oriented pole, which forms the apex of this triangle, the apex planet here being the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. The blue side of this figure suggest an ideal world, where one sees only beauty and goodness and tension is swiftly dispatched along it. The blue aspected planets, the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, form the third pole to the opposition planets; it indicates a kind of switch point in the management of the ambivalent energies.

Jupiter-Neptune must NOT be manifested by us as escape into illusion, delusion and Pied Piper. Jupiter-Neptune must be manifested by us for its highest potential which is to do with Vision openings to Divine Truth. The dream has to be positive and non-illusory. So, this brings us to the central meaning of this New Moon: Claiming sovereignty and finding light by healing and rising from woundedness and fraught limitation.


A concluding observation that does have to be made is that a fourth thing to note from this New Moon chart by the way, definitely, is that Rahu North Node is trine Pluto. Pluto is highly transformative intense energy to do with power, buried power, renewal and rebirth, creation and destruction. It is the Phoenix. It is the Journey to the Abyss. It is primal energy that lies within spring forth and burn old habits down in order to create a new transformed person. With Rahu trining Pluto, the power thrust can be heightened. Buried power can be unlocked and unleashed. Control and strength can be enhanced. You can battle through and succeed. Subconscious buried matter can rise to the light. The sinister and the dark and the abusive have of course to be turned away from.

Pt. 2: Vision Work Possible Outline to Work with 1st April New Moon:

Here is my suggestion outline for your Meditation or Vision Work to connect to the gift of this New Moon: this is the part 2 video:

Here’s just some helpful suggestions and guidelines which can assist you do your journeys on the day of this New Moon and the run up to the April Full Moon.

Of course, you need to personalize these to your approaches to vision work, and connect it to your soul issues, your health issues and psychology, and to the life path you tread.

So, here’s some suggestions for doing your illuminating and healing vision work, now:

As always when we do vision work, step first into the place of your centering, of your deeper awareness, your deep consciousness, your stillness, your connection to inner vision.

Check out at this time for Fear, for the imposition of imprisoning limits, tension, overload, for deaths and Endings.

Check out how you are feeling at this time.

Then reach out into your illumination, your inner knowing, your inner awareness, your truth, your place on your path. Pause. Search. Search for the call of your Fate and Destiny, your sense of the Hero you.

Then reach out to connect with the energies of this New Moon that you have just read about.

For example:

The wound to needed mothering energies.

The wound to us walking as our Sovereign Self.

What fear might we be feeling?

What blocks?

What hard duress?

See your destiny life path and how you are doing in walking that path now?

See your called for genuine healing vision and insight,

See the healed ‘sovereign you’ walking his or her road forward: what features of that life do you see?

What changes do you see being brought in?

Then focus on some specifics, for example:

What specific change am I called to bring in amid these energies, now?

How should I seek to be?

What new pathway should I now tread?

What should I leave behind?

How should I walk my new pathway forward in the way that embodies my best and proper health?

How should I take care?

How should I keep open to mystical awareness and inspiration?

Resolve to bring in the needed new changes you saw.

Resolve to be the new you who you saw.

Return to your room now. Your vision journey is ended. But know that you are changed, you are healed, you are transformed, and you have promised to repeat this process during this Lunation to cement in the needed wonderful changes

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