How should we handle a New Moon?

The New Moon phase is an inward-looking introspective time.

It represents new beginnings that will unfold as the lunation unfolds –

As it unfolds ahead towards the Full Moon on December 8th.

And as it unfolds beyond that to the next New Moon on December 23rd.

And on into your Future after that!

Around the time of a New Moon We need to attune to what is happening to us. Look within. What are you feeling? What messages are you getting?

Check out how the New Moon aspects the planets and houses in your birth chart.

Check out what Dasha or Vedic predictive period you are in.

Check out how the New Moon chart aspects and affects your Muntha – the special indicator of the current Solar Return Varshaphal chart created on your last birthday.

And check out what star energies aspect the planets of the New Moon chart – because they will affect you in the coming 28 days at least.

And also check out how the New Moon affects your natal Chiron, your existential wound, and how the New Moon affects your natal Lilith – the energies that have been packed into your Shadow Self and the lost potentials of your Wild Side that was denied but which now needs to be brought ethically and with awareness into your expression.

And in accord with that, and with how the New Moon aspects our Natal planets, we should set a clear intention for the month ahead.

Be [prepared and open to ride a new Pathway ahead.

So the New Moon is a time for planting a new seed for the future.

Start your new project or your new growth direction or your new pathway, now.

Make a defined intention – but also be prepared to ‘go with the flow’ and be open to the gifts of the unfolding energies.

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