How does lack of nurture and mothering show up in the astrology birth chart?

aquarius 3Here are some comments made by Master Vedic Astrology trail-blazer, Louise Pigott writing about my Moon in my birth chart, which is at 23 Aries in western astrology, but 29 Pisces in Vedic Astrology, which as Louise correctly points out is in one of the three ‘Gandanta Zones’ in Vedic Astrology.

My Moon is very clearly at the edge of its sign in Vedic Astrology. Planets at the edge of sign are called Rashi Sandhi. they feel unnoticed and have problems expressing themselves, not least because they are not sure which House to express themselves through.

It is important to say that one of the levels of meaning of a ‘Rashi Sandhi Moon’ 12 23 western Aries means that ‘Mother will not be there for you’, and of course this has the most immense implications in a baby’s life and all his life. I believe the western Aries martialness is the unenlightened egoic reaction to the karmic script that my Vedic Moon so surely declares.

But as I said, my Moon is not only Rashi Sandhi, edge of sign, it is also in the Gandanta zone: the zone where a water sign gives way to a fire sign. So, in Vedic Astrology, thsi is as follows:
Aries in Vedic Astrology: Vedic Pisces to Vedic Aries
Vedic Cancer to Vedic Leo
Vedic Scorpio to Vedic Sagittarius.
These are all in the degrees around western 24 Aries, western 24 Leo and western 24 Sagittarius respectively.
To have Moon in these degrees definitely means that mother will not be there for you, and indeed that you perceive in infancy that the physical and psycho-mental world is not there to support you.

What exactly does ‘Gandanta’ represent?

Gandanta represents a knot within ourselves, a deep issue, which we are forced to confront if we are to survive and if we are to succeed in the scripts we came to work with this time.

We approach these issues with ignorance and uncertainty and pain, and with bad guidance from our background.

They are bundled up in what is called a ‘spiritual knot’, and it starts off in our life as a secret, a hidden encoded fate.

And what we have to do is trying to reconcile with this knot of often terrible problems?  We have to forgive ourselves for errors we made earlier, because these errors even can indeed act as a signpost pointing us to where we will win healing and strength.

It is said to be characteristic of a soul that is at the end of a stage in its incarnations, and the challenges are there for him to do the work so he is ready to move on.

You quite simply must face the problems encoded in the knot; otherwise you lose your life. Having your planets in the Gandanta is very powerful. It indicates a very special purpose for this birth.

If we can unravel the knot, the result is enlightened consciousness, and often, indeed, the method of doing the unravelling is to undertake enlightenment meditation.

I think the Gandanta knot for me personally to unravel in this life time is about the issue of ‘nurture’ and related to that of being valued: in my case starting from being completely de-valued and under-nurtured by my birth mother (who soon put me in a Convent Orphanage) and subsequent related difficulties.

And I have to recognise the deep stain this ‘lack of valuing’ casts through my life and all the illusory or counter-productive reactions to try to deal with the lack of value, including so often relating to people on a false basis to gain acceptance, anger and rootlessness; impelled to academically shine, so easily hurt, attracting enemies and power stealers. The list could go on.

As Louise wrote about Revati Moons, you have to try not overdo nurture of others as it further devalues your self. And then this further causes anger and impatience which is the characteristic of Moon in Western Aries. Sharp speech and anger stems from this, too.

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