How did you change in the past year? A Psychic Reading can help you re-boot!

As more and more people become immunised against the Covid virus, we begin to hope that things will open up again soon.  Things aren’t back to normal quite yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

At this time, it is important for you to know the lessons you learned from the Pandemic.

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Think back to what you were like a year ago. What was your viewpoint about yourself and your own authenticity?

Were you just going along in your life, focused on externals?  Most of us were.

It is only when a crisis comes along that most of us are forced to look inward at ourselves.

The extended isolation for months and months has forced many people to take stock of their own lives in a new way.

We start to ask ourselves “what is my purpose in being here?

Am I living an authentic life?”

Those are tough questions, which we usually avoid with distractions.  Consider whether you are living in constant anxiety. Perhaps you find that you are too anxious to please others before your own welfare. These are the kinds of issues that that pandemic is bringing up.

One spiritual purpose of the pandemic is to give you a chance to do a ‘reboot’ of your own operating system!

If you look inside yourself and don’t like what you see the pandemic gives you the time to work on yourself and make changes.

When life goes back to normal, you will be able to take the changes and live a happier and more fulfilled life!

If you need help in this self-examination, you can click the link below to schedule a reading. A reading can point you towards the most direct Route to change.

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