Houses Interpretation

Here are some simple buzz words to understand the Houses in your Vedic Birth Chart.

Understanding your Houses  is very useful for interpreting in what area of life one of your natal planets will especially manifest in: i.e. the Houses it occupies or rules.

And this is also so useful for interpreting in what area of life a transiting planet will have its main effect in your life. 

Please note that the planet shown in brackets just after the house number in the first list below is the ‘Planetary Indicator’ or ‘Planetary Karaka’ for that House.

In Vedic Astrology, the planets are Divine – they are faces of the Divine, but of course we do not easily experience the Divine Face of the planets>

Until we grow spiritually, we experience each planet’s worldly nature and energy as modified by the sign and house it occupies, and the aspects to and from that planet,  etc.

The Houses’ life areas and indications are shown in the list, below:

Bhavas (Houses):

1st House – (Sun) shows how we project ourself into the world, the ego, self, the body, general prosperity, health and well being, basic self expression, our physical constitution, our personality. It is the Ascendant or Lagna. The ruling planet of your first House is called the Lagnesh.

2nd House – (Jupiter, mercury) your value issues, you ability to speak your truth arising from your value issues, issues to do with mouth and teeth. Gathering and holding on to resources, livelihood, childhood and youth issues, financial success (or not) through career / labour. The 2nd House shows our tastes, the food we like, our capacities for art or poetry, our capacity to communicate, how we operate and express. Our right eye. Eyesight generally.

3rd House – (Mars, Mercury) Creative effort, self-expression, curiosity, power, siblings especially brothers, friends, motivation, interest basic life energy, impulses and intentions that drive us. Our will, ambition, passion, zeal, rashness, impulsiveness, our main interests, sport and hobbies.

4th House – (Moon) Mother and Ancestry, Heredity, roots, Home. Our emotions, happiness, mind, upbringing, education. Vehicles. What is internal. Our capacity to Relax. Afflictions to our 4th House are hard to overcome. It is a most sensitive House:

5th House – (Jupiter) Romance, children, Creativity, Purva Punya = past life merit. Games, spirituality. Giving birth to our ideas. Children are our primal creative urge.

6th House – (Mars, Saturn) Enemies, debts, health and disease challenges – and the Healing of these. Work and effort and service. Foreigners. Pets. Resistance to illness. Our immune system. Our capacity to do hard labour. Our ability to overcome physical obstacles or enemies.

7th House – (Venus, Jupiter) Marriage. Long term romantic relationships. General relations with others. Business relationships and associates.

8th House – (Saturn) Sex. Death. Death and re-birth life experiences. The occult. Our dark / hidden side. Our unconscious and shadow material. Journey to the Abyss. Longevity. Research. Destruction / regeneration. The 8th house  can determine the ultimate meaning of our lives.

9th House – (Jupiter) Our Spirituality and Higher Learning. Grace. Dharma. Our highest principles for operating in the world and shaping our life events – or their inability to do so. Luck.

10th House – (Mercury, Jupiter, Sun) Our public status. Our Career. Our material achievement. Our level of success and how we achienve that. Our effect on the world. Strong planets here override even the ascendant for importance.

11th House – (Jupiter) Our aspirations and goals. Our financial and material gains. Our friendship issues. Planets here show their expansive nature.

12th House – (Saturn , Ketu) Where we go beyond this world through institutions, foreign parts, our subconscious, our hidden nature,our shadow, losses, liberation, wastage of energy. Foreign journeys. Abandonment to sorrow due to adversity etc. Shows the individual negated by adversity into sorrow. Inner peace. Enlightenment. Left eye.

Houses as Indicators (Karakas)