Houses Interpretation

Here are some simple buzz words to understand the Houses in your Vedic Birth Chart

This is very useful for interpreting in what area of life one of your natal planets will especially manifest in: the Houses it occupies or rules

And this is also so useful for interpreting in what area of life a transiting planet will have its main effect in your life. 

The planet shown in brackets just after the house number in the first list below is the Planetary Indicator or Planetary Karaka for that House. In Vedic Astrology, the planets are Divine, they are faces of the Divine, but of course we do not easily experience the Divine Face, we experience each planets nature and energy modified by its sign, house and aspects etc.

The Houses’ life areas and indications are shown, below, first as a List, then as a Table:

Bhavas (Houses):

1st – (Sun) shows the head – ego – ones self , body , general prosperity, health and well being, basic self expression, physical constitution, personality. It is the Ascendant or Lagna. The ruling planet of your first House is called the Lagnesh.

2nd – (Jupiter, mercury) gathering / holding resources, livelihood, speech, childhood and youth issues, financial success (or not) through career / labor. Show our tastes, food, art / poetry / capacity to communicate, how we operate and express. Right eye. Eyesight generally.

3rd – (Mars, mercury) curiosity, power, brother, friends, motivation, interest basic life energy, impulses and intention that drives us. Will ambition, passion, zeal, rashness impulsiveness main interests, sport, hobbies

4th – (Moon) emotion, happiness, property, mind, upbringing, education, refinement, masses, popularity, land acquisition, vehicles, what is internal, capacity to Relax, it’s afflictions are hard to overcome, most sensitive

5th – (Jupiter) creative intelligence, education, speculation, romance, children, past life credit, games, spiritual practices. Creativity in general – giving birth to our ideas – children show our primal creative urge

6th – (Mars, Saturn) enemies, debts, health and disease, work and service, foreigners, pets, enemies, effort, resistance to illness, immune system. Our capacity to do hard labor – overcome physical obstacles / enemies.

7th – (Venus, Jupiter) Long term romantic relationships, general relations with others, business associates. Being opposite the ascendant, it shows that to which we are most drawn and most challenged to learn.

8th – (Saturn) sex, death, the occult, dark / hidden side of life, longevity, research, destruction / regeneration of any sort. Through the 8th house we confront our mortality. It can determine the ultimate meaning of our lives.

9th – (Jupiter) religious, philosophical or ethical principles, grace, dharma (life purpose). Shows our highest principles operating in the world, shaping our life events, or their inability to do so. The luckiest house.

10th – (Mercury, Jupiter, Sun) public status, material achievement, skill, success, career, our affect on the world. Politics. Strong planets here override even the ascendant for importance.

11th – (Jupiter) aspirations and goals, financial and material gains, friendship, impulse, abundance and excess. Ability to project our intelligence on the world. Where we expand. Planets here show their expansive nature.

12th – (Saturn , Ketu) subconscious, hidden nature, loss, liberation, decrease, wastage of energy. Foreign journeys. Shows the individual negated by adversity into sorrow or negated by inner peace to enlightenment. Left eye.

Houses as Indicators (Karakas)