Horribly fraught December New Moon calls us to Embody Divine Mars and Venus Qualities Now

The New Moon of 12th December 2023 is fraught with aggressive potential and the prospect of our shadow material unfolding negatively.

But there are ways of arising the victor in a loving and intuitive way, if we are aware of them – as this video and blog post show.

This is a time to take a fresh look at your self, at your scripts, at your personality expression and become the Loving Mars warrior. Yes: the Loving Mars warrior.

See the video:

It’s crucial to know the chart of this New Moon, to understand it, and to put aside time to do personal perception and empowerment work at the time of this New Moon – and ongoingly through the lunation.

Watch this video and read this blog post first so that you will be fully clued up!!!

See the chart in Vedic and Western astrology: https://starwheelastrology.com/december-2023/

First of all, here are the seven planet placements with problem energies:


Sun and Moon are at 26 Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra (20 Western Sagittarius). The Sun-Mars combination in the sign of Scorpio is so aggressive and violent. So tense! Don’t let the anger of Mars and Sun in Scorpio wreck things. See the potential that I describe for you if you handle this New Moon with the perception and potential set out in this video and blog.


Mars is conjunct the New Moon at 19 Scorpio. Mars excoriates and upsets the Moon. The Moon has very low Dignity/planetary strength in the sign of Scorpio and gets upset and angry. Mars trashes the Moon’s qualities


Uranus is inconjunct the New Moon at 25 Aries in Bharani Nakshatra. This will create pressure to make changes, even to bring in revolution. Instability, irritability and indecision. Explore this energy. Handle it for positive change/revolution. Don’t be rash, hasty or impulsive.


Lilith at 13 Leo sends a square aspect to Mars. Stuff in our unconscious and shadow will arise to be recognized. And this could be angry, and needs to be managed right.


Pallas at 18 Libra is in conjunction to Venus at 15 Libra in Swati Nakshatra. Pallas can cause gender conflict and calls for conflict resolution, and it calls us to heal our disowned qualities.


Both Sun and Moon are about to enter one of the three the worldly-unsupportive and emotionally-unsupportive Gandanta zones from water sign to fire sign, namely Scorpio to Sagittarius.


Mercury turns Retrograde 14 Sagittarius from December 13th to January 1st, going through the Gandanta zone again for the second of three times and Mercury enters Scorpio on 28th December when there will be renewal of the fraught potential of Mercury in Scorpio.

Wow! What train-crash potential for our harmony and peace and equanimity and virtuous behaviour.  

But there are four potentially positive aspects to this New Moon – one of them – No. 4 in this list – is supremely potentially positive:


Neptune is strong and stationary at 0 Pisces is sending a square aspect – and although this could lay us open to deception or confusion, nevertheless please do not that Neptune does have psychic and visionary potentials that we CAN tap into.


Mars is the apex of a Psychic Eye chart aspect shape:
Mars, although in its dreadful conflict anger and frustration zone in Scorpio and conjunct Sun there, nevertheless is actually the apex of a ‘psychic eye’ chart aspect shape, and so can perceive deeply including the potential to rise above the ‘bloodshed’ as the loving spiritual warrior.

Basically its’ a triangle with Mars as the apex:

One side of the triangle is that Mercury at 14 Sagittarius forms a semi-sextile aspect to Mars at 19 Scorpio.

The other side fo the triangle is that Venus at 15 Libra and Pallas at 18 Libra send a semi-sextile aspect to Mars at 19 Scorpio.

The base of the triangle is that Mercury and Venus are sextile to each other.

And as I said: Mars is the apex planet of the psychic eye triangle.

And a twist to the tale is that Mars is conjunct Ceres.

This means that if you perceive and overcome the conflict potential in this New Moon, you will express care and nurturing attitude to yourself and others.

Make the effort to become the Champion who delivers a Harvest of Care and nurturing at this fraught and angry time!!!


The Nodes of the Moon have just changed sign on October 30th.

Ketu South Node has left Libra (simplifying and calming its energies) and has entered Vergo, the sign of health, healing and right living, calling on ALL of us to find and apply better healings and healing methods to ourself. Calling on all of us to heal our past life and ancestral issues.

Rahu North Node ahs just entered Pisces, and is in the Gandanta Zone at the end of Pisces, and issuing the positive call to each of us to become more intuitive – including to bring intuitive dimensions to our healing needs being worked on now by Ketu in Virgo.


Above all, and wonderfully, it can be a blessing that Venus is in Libra, the sign that Venus rules. Beware Venus in Libra’s potential for self-indulgence or languor.

Remember that, positively, Venus is the guide or teacher or the ‘preceptor’ of demons and can rise to be a spiritual teacher. He tames our demons by being kind and loving. We need to be Mars-super-strong, but also Venus kind and loving at the time of this fraught New Moon.

So, make this New Moon time a victory time for strong and courageous Mars and equanimous, loving and kind Venus.

Do the self-exploration and the vision work.

Embody the qualities of Divine Mars and Divine Venus!

Embody them at the time of this New Moon and going forward through the Lunation that follows.

Discover the gifts and potentials in you!


Victory through Love.


Proper strength and expression.

Success through death and rebirth.

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