Hooray for the Full Moon of 16th April 2022

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Full Moon explanation

Full Moon Vision Journey suggested Outline

The Full Moon of 16th April is at 2 deg Libra in Chitra Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology, with Sun at 2 deg Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra.

In Western Astrology, this is Moon at 26 Libra and Sun at 26 Aries.
See the charts for this Full Moon in both Western and also Vedic Astrology on the April 2022 page on my Starwheel Astrology website.
There now follows a statement of the eight main energy tides this Full Moon brings in.

These are:
The Nodes of the Moon changing Sign into Aries/Libra
The Chitra Pearl
The Sun emerges to Power from the Gandanta
Jupiter and Neptune setting up wonderful vision camp in Pisces
Saturn is square the Nodal Axis as he leaves Capricorn for Aquarius (for a few weeks)
The preposterous tension of Kal Sarpa Yoga
Pluto is T-Square this Full Moon
Mars-Saturn violence/frustration is receding

The Nodes of the Moon changing Sign into Aries/Libra:

Above all note that this Full Moon brings in super-powerful energy of the Nodes of the Moon changing Sign for the coming 18 months into the Aries/Libra axis on 12th April. Rahu is at 29 deg Aries in Krittika Nakshatra – and Rahu is heading to conjunction with Uranus in Aries on 26.7.2022 in Aries! Ketu is at 29 deg Libra in Vishakha Nakshatra.
It is so important to understand the message of the Nodes changing Sign, which this Full Moon now delivers. So, Rahu in Aries is Me First, whereas Libra in Ketu brings in a critical attitude to relationship, the Highest dimension of which is to bring higher spiritual dimensions to your relationship.
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The Chitra Pearl:
The Moon is at 2 deg Libra and in Chitra Nakshatra, where a really nice guy has his Sun – guess who? The Chitra Pearl is polished and is shining brighter.

The Sun emerges to Power from the Gandanta:
The Sun is just emerging from the Pisces/Aries Gandanta at 2 deg Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra, and this Full Moon calls us to honour the strength and nature of the Divine Sun: The Worship of the Sun. Each of the planets is a Face of the Divine. The Sun is the Divine Charioteer who drives the chariot of our Self, and chooses our right route forward. We need our Sun to be strong, and equally to shine his blessings on all.

Jupiter and Neptune setting up wonderful vision camp in Pisces:
Such a blessed opening of our intuition when worked with at its best potential. Jupiter just entered Pisces and is in the first degree. Neptune enters Pisces on 18th April. This is a newbie but fast-growing shaman/mystic energy for us all to bathe in. it is about to flower. Very importantly, note that Jupiter and Neptune are the apex of an Ambivalence Triangle in relation to the opposition that is the Nodal axis in the chart of this Full Moon: in other words the tension fo the opposition, and of the Kal Sarpa Yoga (see item 6 below) is flipping us for refuge to Jupiter-Neptune and spiritual vision (unless we are enjoying and voicing the divisive tension of the Kal Sarpa Yoga).

Saturn is square the Nodal Axis as he leaves Capricorn for Aquarius (for a few weeks):
Whoah! Saturn is poised to leave Capricorn on 29th April for a brief dip into Aquarius. And note that Saturn is square the Nodal Axis in this Full Moon chart – and he has the status of this chart’s Atmakaraka. Saturn is fatedly exacting his last drops and making us tie up our loose ends at the time of this Full Moon.

The preposterous tension of Kal Sarpa Yoga:
Of course, we need to recognize and deal with the preposterous energy of Kal Sarpa Yoga that pervades everything at this time – the sensationalist divisive ranting, and not be drawn in, even when it purports to be spiritual.

Pluto is T-Square this Full Moon:
Come into your Power. Do your Needed Journey to the Abyss to contact and raise to the light and heal your buried darkness, wounds, secrets and guilts.
I offer journeys to the Abyss for Healing on-line.
If we don’t do our Journey to the Abyss, our wounds etc. hang like baggage round our necks and prevent the Rays that ever come from the Divine, to easily enter through our Crown Chakra: they cannot flood through our body as is our right! As is our need!
Buried material will be holding us back. This is the essence fo the Pluto-Persephone myth and this is the essence of the Ishtar – Inanna myth.

Mars-Saturn violence/frustration is receding:
Mars has now moved 7 deg away from Saturn, and the violent, fighting, tense, frustrated energy of the Mars-Saturn conjunction that was exact on April 5th is thankfully receding at the time of this Full Moon, although as Rashi Avasthas show, Mars and Saturn are still harming each other terribly as of now.


As ever it is so useful to do a vision journey to attune to the energies of the Full Moon.
To do this center yourself and connect fully to the earth where you stand or sit.
Now reach out with your consciousness to embrace and understand the highest nature of Moon in Libra and Sun in Aires.
And then embrace and understand the highest nature of Sun in Ashwini the Healer’s Nakshatra and Moon in Chitra the pearl that we must polish to ever brighter shine.
Sense the tensions and aggressions around from Kal Sarpa Yoga and Saturn/Mars and offer those people love but do not get sucked in. instead reach up to the shaman/visionary Jupiter/Neptune. See the Shaman Visionary. Be one with him/her.
Then see the Mesopotamian Goddess Ishtar, also known as Inanna, descend in grief to the Underworld to seek to retrieve her dead husband, see her hung on a meat hook, naked and  bereft and in total grief, then see her rescued and brought back to the surface of the Earth ever more in her power, not just as Goddess of the earth, but now as Goddess of Love as well.
See yourself standing in your power, shining like the pearl, strong like the Sun in Aries, and radiating the Divine.

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