Exalted Sun and Moon High Energy flow: Akshaya Tritiya

Michael ConneelyAkshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya is the day both the Sun and the Moon are in exalted status in the heavens, starts here in Ireland/UK at 17.17 hrs on Thursday 27th April. Ends here Saturday 29th April 2017 at 18.11.hrs.
Start Chart is below, first in western astrology, then in vedic astrology.
Times will be different in other time zones.

It is worth knowing that Sun and Moon are exalted at this one and only time in the year, and I shall seek to remain meditatively aware of this.    

And it will be worth building up a picture of what Exalted Sun and exalted Moon actually are and what they each embody energetically, what they radiate, what they look like. This is visionary astrology: gaining what Tibetan Buddhism calls ‘clear appearance’.

Obviously one could also seek to examine how it will manifest in one’s own birth chart by looking at the Ashtakavarga charts for one’s Sun and Moon, which show how supported each will be in our chart/consciousness.

And we would also look at our own personal destiny for Sun and Moon in our chart and therefore in our life, to understand what our personal experience of this means.

So, depending on how each of us personally experience Sun and Moon in our chart, in our life, this Akshaya Tritaya period could be a time for potential success for doing something, or for starting something.

And on Sunday it will be worth looking back at the time period and sensing and noting what it meant for us and in the world.
Here is an images of the divine Sun and an image of the divine Moon is the featured image for this post
All Blessings

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