Heal your Karma Now Forgiveness and Love

I was blessed to have such an important insight at the weekend just gone, as a start to the difficult energies of October 2021 and the insight I want to share is that the key importance now, in these difficult times, is actually to Forgive, and also to work to heal our own Karma now.

There are four parts of the jigsaw that I am seeking to share with you in this video and blog post:
The nature and energy of White Tara the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess of Universal Compassion
The rising tide of social division and conflict now
The need to forgive and to heal the karma you personally incarnated to experience in this life.
The contribution of Vedic Astrology in identifying the karmas you were born to work with now.

There is so much division and conflict now. There are so many seeds of war gathering now. There is so much verbiage and hot air now. There is so much posturizing writing and so much media posting in the world now, people defining themselves by political labels. With all this dangerous communication endemic, it’s actually so difficult to do what is really needed and to actually push the ephemera aside, and see right to the heart of the matter.

And the heart of the matter is this: that our true peace and our true power can only arise if we heal our karma now, and if we learn about Forgiveness now, and do the work of true Forgiveness now. And experience Love.

So we each have to ask ourself the key question: what is the Karma at the root of my life that I came to this life to heal? What needs to be understood? What needs to be forgiven? What needs to be healed?

And for me the first step in this presentation was actually to make a contact with White Tara – or rather to unexpectedly stumble into a contact with White Tara. Read on below.

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I actually had this insight over the weekend just gone, from the wonderful work of local Healer, Ancestral Therapist and Dance Therapist Claire Louise Knifton, here in the West of Ireland. See her website HERE.

Claire showed a picture of White Tara at the start of one of her healing sessions, and I felt so moved by this. I felt the energy of White Tara is so not enough known, and it is so very needed. So my first step in this brief presentation is actually to seek to write about White Tara.

White Tara:

White Tara is the Tibetan Goddess of Universal Compassion. She is the pure vibration of this. White Tara is the supreme mother. Her purity embodies the collective manifestation of all the enlightened activity of all the Buddhas. She sees all suffering. She responds to requests for help. She offers healing to our wounds, whether it is our bodies or our minds that have been hurt. Her beautiful energy is the supreme key.

Forgiveness, Healing and Compassion are the so-needed key to our key task of the healing of our Karma in this lifetime, now – read on below.

My own first encounter with White Tara came back in 1998. It came when I was doing a five-year Ethnographic Field Study of Spiritual Forms new to the Modern West encompassing: Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Shamanism and Utopian Community. And because the method was Ethnography, I actually had to live in the communities I studied and seek to give the members their voice.

In my study of the reception of Tibetan Buddhism to the modern West, I found such bliss in learning to connect with the wonderful Gods and Goddesses of Tibetan Buddhism, each in his or her Pure Land. Such awesome faces of the Divine as White Tara, Green Tara, Avalokiteshvara, Heruka and Vajra Yogini and more.

Working with Avalokiteshvara as the God of Universal Compassion, it was so healing to envision him in his Pure Land, but then to go on to the next step and ‘arise as Deity’, to actually become or embody Avalokiteshvara and go out into the streets of the city and see the buildings and the people, not through my eyes, but as Avalokiteshvara, and see through his eyes, and talk and relate to people as Avalokiteshvara, as the embodiment of Universal Compassion. And the same is the case for the beautiful White Tara.

White Tara embodies grace and serenity, love and universal compassion, purity and divine insight.

In these difficult times, especially, it is such a wonderful blessing in our lives that White Tara has been revealed and is available to us.

So I now go on to part 2 of this post, which is all about Healing our karma and forgiveness, to share the context we will be living in: that the energies for October and the rest of 2021 are fraught. We need to realize this, to be able to understand the detailed nature of the upcoming energies, and then bring to them the vision and love of White Tara and also the understanding and the healing of the Karmas which each of us individually incarnated into this life to heal now.

The rising tide of social division and conflict now

The upcoming energies for the month of October 2021 are very fraught and destabilizing. They are so ripe for aggression and fear and mental tension. Handled without wisdom they will promote yet more social division and emotional disquiet. And this realization comes where the longer-term outlook for 2021 is so fraught and fear-filled too. I just want to note a couple of the key huge background ones in this post. See my October Astrology Summary Newsletter for the fuller picture.

The first of these is that the Uranus square Saturn aspect transiting in the heavens is growing to its third exact hit on 24th December 2021. Uranus is the planet of revolution. Uranus was discovered at the time of the Storming of the Bastille. It is smashing against that aspect of the energy of Saturn that is our blocks. Uranus is super-powerful in Vedic Aries, where it was last in the run up to World War II. Saturn is super-powerful in the sign he rules of Vedic Capricorn. Can you bring in the revolution you so need (Uranus)? Can you break through your blocks and find the right strategy (Saturn) for manifesting the true you?

We are also at the time when the Pluto Return of the USA growing to its exact first peak in May 2023: where so much darkness and bad power issues in the USA, from the moment of its birth, must now inevitably come into focus to be experienced and to be dealt with.

Read the detail of the October Astrology section of my Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter for information as to the messy conflicting energies that Mercury, Sun, Mars and Venus are in. Rahu is in warlike transiting Krittika Nakshatra, casting an aspect of fear and tension on Saturn.

If we get enmeshed in these tortured energies of the end of 2021 in a negative fearful or angry way, we will not be engaging in our key role in this life of healing the karmas we came here to heal, we will be actually adding to the pile of our negative karmas for the future.

We each need to forgive and to heal the karma each of us personally incarnated to experience in this life

The karma that we each incarnated to deal with thsi time is called our Prarabdha Karma. Our Prarabdha Karma is the collection of karma that we will actually have to face and deal with in this lifetime.

It is part of, and it is arising from, the sum total of our past-life accumulated karmas, which is called our sanchita karma.

And of course, there is also the key issue to be aware of, and that is the new karma we are creating in this lifetime now. Kriyamana karma is the karma that we human beings are creating in the present, the fruits of which will have to experience in the future.

Karma is basically the residue of our actions and the left-over state of consciousness from past lives. We incarnate in this life to burn our negative karmas and to maximize and grow our special sparks of talent that were not fully realised in past life. That is why we are here. And, in fact, it’s important to note that Vedic Astrology can be so useful in identifying for our present life Karma, our Prarabdha Karma, for us.

So, Prarabdha karma is the exact karma you were born to experience and work within this lifetime. And I want to link this to both Forgiveness and also to the nature of White Tara.

Let’s look a bit deeper at Prarabdha karma. We each need to identify the karma we were born to work with in this life, now. And my key point is that we must come to forgiveness of our self, and of others, if we are to progress.

Forgiveness is key.

And with Forgiveness comes Love.

It was maybe so predictable that we would get things wrong and do bad things. But if we are to move on to higher awareness and make better actions and relationships, we do have to forgive ourselves and others.

On this point about the predictability of what we might get wrong and do bad things, I am so amazed how readily our Vedic birth chart points to the karmas we were born to experience and work within this lifetime. It seems so predictable how we will actually do certain bad things. We just won’t have the spiritual awareness earlier on in our life to see and cure our negative scripts. And often these can be stated by the Vedic chart. Let’s mention a few of these now:

The techniques of Vedic Astrology to do this are a wonder, if they are handled in a learned way. To mention just a few super-key examples:

There’s the Nakshatras, the wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology and the fact that each Nakshatra is divided into four padas or quarters, and the pada our different planets fall into can say so powerfully where we could be considered to get things wrong and do harm, but with the spiritual purpose and possibility of learning from this, of forgiving our self, and progressing not to continue our negative karma.

There’s the position of Saturn in our chart, again will say so much about the key karmas we came her to experience and heal. Look also about how Saturn treats the other planets.

There’s the position of the Nodes of the Moon in our chart tells us so much as to the direction of our fate and destiny in this life, the direction of our incarnational life purpose this time. It can benefit us so much to encounter the truths from our past lives and heal these. It can benefit us so much to identify the past-life-rooted destiny thrust in this life and to purify that which gives it momentum, and to purify the manner in which we embrace it.

The Navamsha is the most important of the vast and wonderful Varga charts of Vedic Astrology, its Divisional Charts. The Navamsha is the 9th Harmonic chart and it depicts our past life issues, our relationship issues in this life, and also our ideal ashram: the ideal way of life we can move towards now.

Lastly – but obviously the full list is very long – I’d mention Ashtamamsha. There are eight Ashtamamsha padas (= Nakshatra quarters) in our chart, and if we have a planet in one of these, it is so important to know that. This is because we will experience inner tension and conflict and be very torn and pulled in two directions in the manifestation of that planet in our life: unintegrated and disconnected and torn between the spiritual and the worldly manifestation of that planet.

I would like to conclude by saying that at all points in these difficult times, we can find the opportunity to raise consciousness. To raise consciousness of our self and for the human race. And we need to ever-remember that.

These difficult times are actually a chance to raise consciousness.

So we need to Focus on the Present.

And we need to offer Forgiveness to ourselves and others

– And to offer love.

And, in case it may help, I would like to end with the lyrics of the song: ‘How Could Anyone’ by Shaina Noll:

How could anyone ever tell you
You were anything less than beautiful…
How could anyone ever tell you
You were less than whole…

How could anyone fail to notice
That your loving is a miracle…
How deeply you’re connected to my soul…

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