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Having a long hard time? You could be in Sade Sate.

What is Sade Sate?

SADE SATE is the most famous predictive phenomenon within the Vedic Astrology of India. It is a seven-and-a-half-year period of restriction, hard-lessons and often loss of family or friends and a big move. Though for some, it can mean gain – but gain amid the restriction!

Sade Sate is when Saturn transits over the Moon in your Vedic natal chart, though the Sade Sate experience is also felt when Saturn transits over your Sun or Ascendant (rising sign). It always lasts some seven-and-a-half years.

Note: You can only use the Vedic natal chart (the sidereal zodiac) to work out the timing and nature of your Sade Sate period (and not the western natal chart which uses the tropical zodiac). It is the following seven-and-a-half-year period:

  • When Saturn passes through the Vedic sign before your Moon’s sign, then
  • When Saturn passes through the sign occupied by your Moon, and then
  • When Saturn passes through the sign following your Moon’s sign.

For a statement of Saturn’s gifts and hard lessons, see the summary at the end of this blog.


Sade Sathi is always a period of some seven-and-a-half years’ confusion, blocks and problems. It is usually associated with a very big move of location. Often there will be a death in the family.

How you will experience Saturn’s lessons during this period will depend on your state of consciousness and the karmas you were born to deal with: Sani (Saturn) could be experienced positively by you as the Master Teacher of Deep and Necessary Lessons rewarding you with golden reaping; or you could experience him as the Grim Reaper – or a combination.

‘Sade Sathi is like descending into a pit, walking along the bottom of the pit experiencing it as a vale of tears, then climbing up the other side: three-and-a-quarter years in, three-and-a-quarter years out.

‘Sade-Sathi is a fearful term for most of us. Much has been talked and written about its evil effects. Actually it is not necessarily so. Saturn is a hot tempered teacher. He cannot tolerate the mischief of human beings. Whenever and wherever a man goes wrong, Saturn will lift his stick and beat such wrong doer mercilessly.

‘During the operation of Sade-Sathi, the native will confront various unanticipated problems. There maybe loss of position and dishonour. For example: He cannot find interest in any work. If employed, he will face the wrath of superiors. If in business, he will incur heavy loss mainly due to his laziness and the native will have to spend much on the medical bills.

‘Remember that the native is a rat and he will be offered a tasty food only to be trapped inside the cage. He should not be mislead by seeing the wealth lying at far off places. En route to such a distant place will be filled with full of thorns and if he is struck with any such thorn, it will create a permanent injury. Even if he escapes from such thorn lying in the way, he should be ready to meet the thorns at the new station.

‘However, a truthful and religious man need not have fear of Saturn at any time. Firm belief in God can alter evil propensities of Saturn. We should think of God whenever we get happiness. Note that we should remember HIM when we are in trouble.

‘One of the redeeming features is that a person leading a truthful life need not be afraid of this period. Problems will arise only to those who use short cut methods to earn money through bribes, theft etc.

‘Saturn will not spare evil persons. Hence, any temptation of slipping away from the basic true principle should be checked completely.

This is generally considered a period during which the native does not have peace of mind, one thing after another crops up to keep the native worried. Few indeed are lucky who do not have a death in the family during these seven and a half years.

‘During this Saturn period, it is necessary to simplify and narrow your focus. Set up a base­line of achievable goals. There is no slack with Saturn—either you do or you don’t. It’s the people who don’t, or don’t know how to work with Saturn’s energy, that seem to feel the most duress during the passages of Saturn. “See the job, do the job, and avoid the misery.”

The salvific aim of Lord Sani (Saturn), during this period, is to test the individual to develop patience, fortitude, diligence, ethics and repentance – and above all to offer the individual hardships and, indeed, maybe also what Vedic sages describe as ‘punishments’ to get the individual back on course: more closely adhering to their individual dharma: their essential path.

Your individual dharma is the path that you incarnated to tread. This path is most closely defined astrologically by the position of the Nodes of the Moon (Rahu and Ketu), but also by Saturn, in your Vedic Natal Chart.

Note that although Sade Sate will always be characterised by such things as hard learning, blocks and the call to diligence, and will always be characterised by a feeling of being left to one’s own devices and cut off from God’s grace. However, the period will usually also give success and gains if you Moon is in one of the following four signs in your Vedic Natal Chart. These may do well under Sade Sate:

  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Libra
  • Taurus

If your Moon is not in one of these Vedic signs , then the capacity for gain is not naturally present, just the very hard lessons.

Foot Note: Other ‘long-hard times’ defined by Vedic Astrology, which you can also work with in the Starwheel Astrology, Healing and Workshops program, are the ‘Saturn Dasa’ (a very long major predictive period) or a shorter difficult predictive period like ‘Rahu – Saturn’, or, of course, your Saturn Return. Contact Michael for a Reading.



N.B. Western astrology has a much narrower timing for the manifestation of the transit of Saturn Conjunct Moon. Instead of the seven and a half year manifestation of Vedic Astrology, western astrology would tend to say the transit’s timing would be that transiting Saturn was only in orb of natal Saturn for about a couple of weeks before and after the peak date(s).

Reinhold Ebertin:

N.B. Because Sade Sate is a conjunction aspect, the ‘negative’ potentials will be more to the forefront of the following total range of possible manifestations

+          inner calm, content, self-control, circumspection, sense of duty, good relation with older women, sincere relation, desire to travel.

–           inhibitions, fluctuating moods, inferiority complex, melancholy, obstinacy, unstableness of character, illness (due to mental suffering), lack of self-confidence, fear of exposure, difficulties ensuing from change or travel. Estrangement, separation (possibly death)

Robert Hand:

During this transit you will need to engage in deep introspection, self-examination and self-criticism. Quite possibly you will feel lonely and depressed. The way in which you handle this transit will have important consequences later for your physical and psychological well-being.

Saturn represents your notion of reality and how you fit into it. It strongly affects your sense of who you are as distinct from other people. It also represents an ideal of perfect orderliness, righteousness and sternness. When you compare yourself to your Saturnine ideal, you become extremely self-critical and self-demanding. If you do not live up to the demands of your ideals, your confidence will suffer and you will feel a sense of weakness, defeat and inferiority.

The Moon, on the other hand,   represents your need for emotional nurturing,   for

belonging to a larger whole and for compassion and understanding, as well as your ability to give these to others. The strict justice of Saturn does not blend well with the need to be human, as signified by the Moon. This is the great danger of this transit. You may very well weigh yourself in the balance and find that you are wanting. You become too self-critical and even self-destructive. Feelings of guilt are characteristic of this transit. Often you have the feeling that your emotions have completely dried up.

Do not let self-questioning lead to self-doubt, and don’t let your human feelings and emotions become subordinated to the too-exacting demands of Saturn. If you do, you will be creating distance between yourself and others, which may lead to further self-questioning and doubt, a vicious circle.

This is a good time for self-searching, so long as you are not judgmental. It doesn’t matter whether you are good or bad according to the Saturnine ideal. The real question is what you are. This transit can help you find out. If you proceed from this point of view, it can be a very constructive time, even though it is commonly experienced as painful.

During this transit you may withdraw from others, have difficulty in relationships -especially with women — experience depression and feel quite inferior to life’s demands. The best way to deal with this is not to take it all so seriously. Your perspective is warped, so that small matters seem too important. Do not make final decisions about your emotional life now. Wait until you can see more clearly what you have learned from this transit.

If you have recently broken off a relationship, it may be best to leave it that way. Do not make a real effort to put it back together until this time is over.



Consolidation, perseverance, economy, concentration, seriousness, learning from experience carrying out responsibilities and duties. Healing Master Teacher, Character-builder, Separates the wheat from the chaff, Connecting with pain, depressed periods with a purpose,  Facing up to pain, Vulnerabilities, Serious, difficult and painful lessons, Polishes the values and principles cultivated by Jupiter, Saturn explains the leaden impact of  grief, by descending into it, forcing us to acknowledge it and explore it, Demons of shame and secrecy surface to be befriended so we are liberated, No short-cuts: we must go through the scary work of finishing off unfinished business, wounds. 


Restrictive Life-scripts, Restrictive Self-definitions, Restrictive structures, Restrictive Traditions, aloneness, separation, Resistances, Damaging Inherited Models, Feelings of ineptitude, Insecurity, Failure, Fears, Pain, worries, defeat, Denial of grief leading to a robotic life denied joy and meaning. Sorrowing, lost, victimized, Meanness, Inhibition.

Biologically: skeleton, old age, the process of hardening up.

Sociologically: hard-working, inhibited or sad people, the proletariat, agriculture, mining, real-estate.

Fate: Saturn is the planet of Fate, and can bring fated and unpleasant conditions into our life.