Have you got a weak Sun? Crucial astrological guidance.

surya-1Have you got a weak Sun? Crucial astrological guidance. Healing and Empowerment

Vedic Astrology has a very effective way of measuring the strength of the planets in our birth chart including a weak sun.

If we have a weak Sun, this indicates lack of self-confidence and possibly lack of clear steering, coordination and direction.

My Sun’s position in the chart exactly predicts a lack of confidence which has dogged my life. It has thus failed to manage other planets for example my very strong Jupiter or Mars. It has set me on a path of letting enemies beset me because it can’t manage my strong sixth House of Enemies.

The Sun is the Divine Charioteer which drives the chariot of Self. He hold in his hands the reins that guide the horse that pull the chariot of self: the other planets. What happens to a chariot when the charioteer is weak or lacking in confidence? The horses pull it all ways; they derail it. What happens to a horse (a planet) when the charioteer is weak? Obviously, there’s not enough check on the worse sides of the horse (planet) coming out; the horse (planet) does not get properly trained.

Of course, once we have generated the peerless perception offered by the methods of Vedic Astrology, the question arises of what do we do about it. And this brings me on to the healing and empowerment techniques that I say are the modern remedies for the challenges we see in the chart, in our life, that I offer with my readings and courses.

And of course, I do sincerely believe that the insights of the best in modern western psychodynamic astrology, Chiron astrology and evolutionary astrology do need to be taken on board as well.

That is why my readings and courses always include the option of crossover into both Vedic and Western astrology.

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