Have a Child Astrology Reading

Have a child Astrology Reading.

Understand your child.

Get good expert perception on the scripts that run in his or her life, his talents and challenges.

Hear guidance of how difficult issues can be addressed now.

Hear how potential can be helped to flower.

My worldwide child astrology readings are an expert combination of both western astrology and Vedic Astrology. They offer so much and are a dedicated labour of love.

My child astrology readings will so strongly support your understanding of your child. It will so strongly promote your best parenting of your child. And this applies to children of all ages. Here is a brief video I recently made about my Child Astrology Readings:

My Readings provide a benchmark setting out the potentials and challenges, karmas and scripts of the child. They show how the boy or girl will experience his parents and how he will learn best academically and what his best occupational future will be.

I have been providing expert astrology readings for twenty-two years and am thus able to decipher every sort of child and parenting situation. I am good at picking out both the usual and the unusual talents that your child will manifest, and when. I usually spend at least four hours or more preparing for your Reading.

Where I see challenging scripts and patterns, I say these clearly, but always with the statement of how fortunate you are to be able to be offered this perception in good time, so that you can make the best possible home or educational provision for your child.

You can order your worldwide child astrology reading using the astrology readings shop or by using buttons at the foot of Starwheel Astrology Main Site Buy page:

Option A affords vast reports, and in the case of a new life: indications of key phases throughout the life.
Option B includes briefer reports.
Option C includes my careful recorded audio-visual statement of what I see in the boy or girl’s natal and predictive astrology, plus charts, though not reports.

I use Zoom for my worldwide Readings, which has the advantage that we can see and hear each other AND you can see my screen-share, showing the charts and features I am pointing to and talking about.
Whichever your choice, the Reading is recorded, you are sent both audio and visual recordings to download.
And there is every opportunity afterwards for concerned parties to send me emailed discussion/questions.

There is no formula for being a perfect father or mother – I wish there were.  One tries to do the very best given the circumstances and given one’s background in life, and given what one believes to be rightly or wrongly in the best interests of the children at the time.

We can spend such a lot of time questioning and finding fault with ourselves, thinking what I could have done? what I have the potential of doing? and when I can’t find the answers, trying to imagine what will be for the best.

My Western astrology provides expert analysis of the child’s ‘psychological self’, the patterns and motivations, the sub-personalities, and how awareness and expression will unfold. My Western astrology also identifies the effects of ‘Nature versus Nurture’ operating in the child. I work with the ‘7 Rays’ brought to the modern West by Alice Bailey. Using Western ‘Evolutionary Astrology’ I dhow the way past life scripts will manifest in your child’s psychology. Analysing the position of Chiron in the child’s birth chart I discuss with you issues of wounding and healing: Chiron shows our ‘existential wound’ and the healing of that.


My Vedic Astrology includes a statement of ‘incarnational life purpose’ and identification of the particular soul-tasks of your child’s lifetime. It shows your child’s potentials and experiences for wealth, siblings, mother, father, home, love and romance, creativity, health and healing, spiritual path, what gains he will make in life and how he will make contact with spiritual meaning. My reading will show what dangers need to be aware of and how to turn all the challenges into opportunities for healing and empowerment.

My reading will make many expert statements, and I check out intuitively how the various scripts and potentials will manifest through the life and in the immediate year ahead. I use tarot to gain an additional intuitive dimension of how the astrological energies will manifest. The perception offered by expert astrology is a potentially supreme way of making things better: or the best they can be! and so we are helped to progress, and that must be good for our children.

Some of the terms I have used here are now defined in a bit more detail below.

I look forward to being of service
All Blessings
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