Harvest Bring in the Benefits and the Blessings in August 2021

Harvest. August starts with the Festival of Lughnasadh also called Lammas. The farmers round our house, here in the West of Ireland are actually bringing in the first grass harvest. The children are running in the fields blessed in the harvest sunshine. It is really important for us each to give serious thought and vision quest to the issue of Harvest in our life.

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I say Harvest, because this is the time of First Harvest in the Northern Hemisphere. What must we bring to harvest now, starting in September 2021?

Saturn is retrograde now demanding consolidation and focus on unfinished work and basics. Saturn was originally a God of Harvest. He rewards those who follow his imperatives with Golden reaping.

Do some vision work and thinking now to discover ‘What will I benefit from now if I bring it to Harvest?

Do some dream work to see what unexpected insights and healing surface from your dormant unconscious and your marginalized needed inspiration and vision, as to what you should bring to harvest now. I am doing some dream work now, and it is amazing what it brings up – and what it needs to bring up.

Sun, Mars and Venus are all moving out of Vedic Cancer where they were opposed by Saturn (in Capricorn), and they are moving into Vedic Leo, this month, where they are more beneficially positioned and aspected by Jupiter (in Aquarius).

So let us each make sure to bring in the benefits and blessing of the Harvest of the key crops in our life, now.

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