Halos and their Meaning by Elizabeth Hendricks

‘In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was light….’

– This is a paraphrase from the Bible, and it is a perfect description of what Kether, the Crown Chakra in the Kabbalah stands for.

First was cosmic potential, then came cosmic awareness, and then that cosmic awareness focused.  That focus created the Light of creation from which all things are created.

When you look at medieval and Renaissance paintings of saints, you see halos of light around their heads. This is a real world, accurate depiction of how Kether comes into our being through the top of our heads.

Kether stands for and is in actual fact the light of creation of which we are made.

Today we no longer put halos around the heads of those individuals we consider to be a highly evolved. However, we  do recognize the existence of remarkable individuals for whom Kether is fully opened. Mother Theresa was one such person.

Sometimes you will hear a person remark, “oh he is such a saint” or “she is such an angel”.   We intuitively recognize individuals who are in touch with those higher realms.

Kether is the chakra that puts us in touch with our higher self and the realms above us. It is through Kether that we get inspirations, in the form of intuition or dreams. (When we sleep, we are far more in touch with those higher realms which is why dreams can be such an inspiration.)

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A personal footnote from Michael Conneely: When I listened to the video journeys about each of the Sephiroth that together from the Kaballah, I could actually feel the energy of each Sephiroth that Elizabeth Hendricks transmitted. Such a wonderful thing to feel, whatever the difficulties/pressures one might be in. And the great thing is: since then I have been able to re-connect to that energy entering my body ever since. I can change my ‘space’ completely, just by bringing the energy that Elizabeth Hendricks transmitted, back to my mind, back to that part of my body.