Hagalaz Rune of using horribly difficult periods for good results

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The Norns

The Rune Hagalaz is feared.

Hagalaz is the devastating hail storm. We can’t control it. We simply have to have the strength and wisdom to weather the storm and then emerge from this period to rebuild our lives.


Often these situations come from our personal past, even from our inheritance or past lives. Often what erupts is feelings from our unconscious, things we see in our life but we buried preferring to live in denial, were not confident enough to voice or face.

A Hagalaz period can be like a period of vicious hail storms. But if we are working towards love, and hanging on to love, these harsh periods can lead us to periods of love and happiness signified by the Runes Gifu and Wunjo: Gift and Joy.

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

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Actually there are three groupings to the Runic Alphabet, called Aetts: three groups of eight Runes each: The 24 Runes are divided into three Aetts of 8 Runes each:


Hagalaz is the 9th Rune of the Futhark, the Runic Alphabet. It is the first Rune of the Second Aett.

The first eight runes, Freya’s Aett, are all about what it is to live to the full a human life and connect to human society. In fact quite a lot of wisdom and perception is needed to do this successfully.

Heimdall guards Bifrost Bridge
Heimdall guards Bifrost Bridge

The second Aett is Heimdall’s Aett. They are all about how we understand and work through horrible difficult circumstances to in fact, ideally, if we can develop the enlightened perception, go beyond ordinary human understanding and use divine perception to go through periods that feel like the devastation of a hail storm for example, in order to go beyond human consciousness and share in divine consciousness. Heimdall was the wonderful guardian of Bifrost Bridge. Bifrost links Middle Earth, this world of humans, to the divine realm Asgard. That is why Heimdall is the guardian of the second Aett.

The third Aett is Tir’s Aett. Tir was the war god. In fact he was the spiritual warrior. But he fought with the noble ideal of sacrifice guiding his life. That is why the last three runes actually move the Vitki or rune magician into the consciousness of the God Realm. We become able to co-create.

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