Getting in Touch with Your Angels by Elizabeth Hendricks Psychic Healer

It is true that everyone has a primary guardian angel.

As you know, your angel is with you for your entire existence and is there to give you guidance and advice.

Every human has an entire spiritual team that is there to encourage, assist, and elevate you spiritually.

But in this secular modern world, we are not taught how to connect with our angel.

One way to start hearing your angel more clearly is to talk to him/her. It’s even more effective if you talk to them out loud, although they hear every thought you have. Think of it as having an invisible friend in the room with you, a friend who is always listening and never judges you.

Another way to connect with your angels is to look at a picture of your Archangels.  It is even more effective if you meditate on that picture.

As you do so you will begin to tune into the frequencies of light that the angels emanate.

A third way is to use your imagination…what might your angel look like?  What colours show up in your angel’s field?  How tall is he/her?   While angels do not have mass, (because they are non-physical entities), they do have energy, and they are very real.

You can learn to receive their energy, which is always the energy of clarity and compassion.

Every human has a connection with one of the four great Archangels.

If you were born in the spring, your archangel is Raphael, the angel of healing.  If you were born in the summer, your Archangel is Michael, who is a warrior angel.  Those born in the fall relate to Uriel (also called Auriel), who is the Archangel of protection and illumination.  And if you are a winter baby, your Archangel is Gabriel, the angel is Wisdom

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By opening to the energy of your angel, you will find you are calmer and can make decisions with better clarity.

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