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It’s Valentine’s Day this month.

You can ask questions relating to your present or wishful future personal relationships.

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Ann Gildart provides such a wonderful and useful service: She uses Pendulum Dowsing to answer your questions about your Relationships, Past Lives, the Future for You, and so much more.

“I have never been able to believe that God would give us poor frail humans only one chance at making it ~ that we would be assigned to some kind of hell because we failed during one experience of mortal life. …So the concept of Karma and reincarnation made logical sense to me.” ~Jane Goodall~

Are you at a Cross-roads?

All roads that we choose to travel will have a different outcome.

Past lives are interesting and can be highly informative.

Dowsing is accurate when you go back in time, and providing you observe all protocols for it to be a success. Past energy is already fixed, however, thankfully, you can go back to heal or remove influences and trauma that are effecting your present incarnation.

Dowsing the future will always be as a probability because the universal consciousness, events or happenings could influence the outcomes. The nearer to the time of event or being in the present, the more accuracy.

Ann Gildart is an expert at Pendulim Dowsing.

As you become more experienced, you intuitive mind and the feel and swing on your pendulum ever improves your predictions with accuracy.

Each day you can aid yourself by, with right spin (installing) to bring up brain blood flow levels to optimum levels and your concentration levels up to optimum levels. These actions along with hydration, detachment from outcome and reaching your alpha state will support accurate results.

The Basic 10 Chart will support your questions on past lives, also the basic chart from Letter to Robin that is in the dowsing archives.

The chart can be reproduced as many times as you want, so write in the sections the things that might apply to you. If you pendulum continues to wander without selecting, change the questions in the sections.

Do you feel you fit in with your family group?

Did you/Do you ever feel or wonder if you were adopted?

Do you and your mother butt heads?

Are there sibling rivalries that seems to be very pronounced in your family unit?

Jealousies or any kind of abuse?

These can often find their origin in past lives! Begin your question chain. Again I recommend that you write out your questions. Ask, “Is this thing that is effecting me in my present incarnation rooted in a past life?”

It’s Valentine’s Day this month.

You can ask questions relating to your present or wishful future personal relationships.

I always suggest one of the first questions you ask is,
• Is this relationship beneficial me?
• If no, are there life lessons that I need to safely learn?
• If yes, begin a question line.
• Will it be a relationship that becomes marriage?
• Is there a life partner in my future?
• Will I stay in this area?

You get the idea. It’s your question chain.

A very happy valentines search.

Ann Gildart

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