Get your Best Start to Journey with Ketu and Rahu through Virgo and Pisces their new signs

The Nodes of the Moon change sign from 30th October 2023.

What will it mean for you?

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This is Part 1 of a 7-part series to help you understand and work deeply with the Transit of Rahu North Node through Pisces and Ketu South Node through Virgo.

Here is the list of the 7 parts of this video and blog series:

Pt. 1. Get your Best Start to Journey with Ketu and Rahu through Virgo and Pisces their new signs

Pt. 2. Understand the Nakshatra Energies as the Nodes transit through Virgo and Pisces

3. The Eclipses that hit Rahu and Ketu during your New Journey

4. Deeper Dive into the Energies and Divine Meaning of Rahu and Ketu

5. What House or Life Area is especially affected by the Transit of Ketu through Virgo and Rahu through Pisces

6. Your Natal Planets affected by the transiting Nodes

7. Other transiting planets affecting the Nodes in Virgo and Pisces

Here is the Pt. 1 post:

On 30th October 2023:
Rahu North Node moves from Aries to Pisces


Ketu South Node moves from Libra into Virgo.

Note that:
Rahu will be transiting in the new sign of Pisces until 17.5.25, when Rahu then enters Aquarius.

Ketu will be transiting in the new sign of Virgo until 17.5.25, when Ketu then enters Leo.

And this sign change has a massive START ENERGY! This Nodes of the Moon change of sign is just two days after the massive start triggering energy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of 28th October.

(see my blog post about the 28th October Eclipse:

And see my two-part video: ).

Please do note that that this Eclipse, and the way you handled this eclipse, sets the scene for the upcoming approx. eighteen months of Nodes’ Change Sign. It sets the scene for your new journey which you fail to engage with at your own loss!

Getting some vision insights can be so good for setting you up for your new journey into what will include both the known mapped pathway forward – and openness to the unknown and intuitive work to contact that (often surprising) unknown energies of the Nodes!

Making some intentions at the start time of this Journey can be good.

Let’s begin by looking in detail at the start energy of the vastly powerful Nodes of the Moon transit at this time of their change of sign:

Rahu North Node moves into Pisces:

Rahu had been transiting Aries before the eclipse and the sign change, with the Aries call for us to become more the warrior and face our fears – what progress did you make in this goal?

Incidentally, Rahu was exactly conjunct asteroid Eris, the energy of Strife. So this was cutting and confusing energy for all of us.

Rahu was additionally in the Gandanta Zone where Pisces meets Aries: the three Gandanta Zones are areas of immateriality and turbulence and spiritual openings. It’s so important to know about the three Gandanta Zones and their vaster than vast meaning. They are the transition zones from Water Sign to Fire Sign (so: Pisces to Aries, Cancer to Leo and Scorpio to Sagittarius).

We need to look deeper into what the Gandanta means:

If you have a planet there, that planet is completely made unworldly and poses very  big challenges and demands for great spiritual growth throughout your lifetime.

Only Vedic Astrology knows of these ‘key to understand’ Gandanta zones.

I have Moon in the Gandanta at 29 deg 56 Pisces, and it was discovering what Vedic Astrology says about the nature and meaning of Moon in the Gandanta (of which Western Astrology knows nothing) that told me, 28 years ago, I must add Vedic Astrology to my (equally needed) Western Astrology, so ever since then all my Readings and Courses encompass BOTH because you need BOTH for full and accurate statement.

Moon in the Gandanta sets a karmic fate and destiny that ‘mother will not be there for you’. Think about it: what a destiny that creates!

In my case my 18 yr. old mother was homeless and single, and the priest told her she must put me in one of the infamous Bon Seccours Convent Orphanages or she would burn in Hell forever.

And note that the exact date I was put into the Convent Orphanage, age 4 weeks, I went into Ketu Dasa. Ketu is a terrible energy for a little one to deal with.

Note that what happened to me was EXACTLY in line with my fate and destiny as exactly stated and timed by my Vedic Astrology.

See the current TV series about the treatment of Mothers and Orphans by the Catholic Church:

‘The Woman in the Wall’ – official BBC trailer:

You might be surprised that this film is not so easy to access in Ireland!?!!

Do note that the Dashas, the Vedic Predictive Periods, are also completely unknown to Western Astrology.

And of course it is also the truth that Western Astrology has many wonderful features unbeknown to Vedic Astrology – which is why you MUST encompass both, as I do in all my Readings and Courses.

OK, here’s another example to do with Gandanta Zones:

If you have Venus in one of three Gandanta Zones in your birth chart, you might have no true idea as to the nature of your loved one. You will have a life-time of learning ahead of what sex means. And much more.

So, this eclipse calls you to define your New Path and to stride along your New Path and to express your needed New Insights – to walk with awareness and spiritual power with Rahu (conjunct Eris) into his new sign of Pisces.

Do make the effort to do that, for example by doing a vision journey or drawing of  Tarot or Runes either around the day of the Eclipse, or around the start of the time when the Nodes enter their new signs, or within the first few months of the Node’s new transit through Virgo and Pisces.

There are wonderful methods available that I can tach you as an ‘add-on’ to your Astrology Reading or Astrology Course. And these include my Shamanic Healer Course:

And note that the sign of Pisces, which transiting Rahu will be occupying for eighteen months from 30.10.23, is of course all about: vision, sensitivity and intuition
(when interpreted positively – but note that there are terrible negative potentials as well) – And those are the optimum areas where Rahu will be driving you.

Do not lose the progress you made from Rahu’s transit through Aries, just because Rahu has moved into Pisces. Add to it.

Keep Arian strong as you swim into the water’s of Pisces very different mystical, sensitive, spiritual realm.

Be advised that it’s such a shift in energy that you’ll be called to deal with: to embrace Pisces on top of your Aries growth that may have occurred! And many of us will still need a bit of work doing on our Pisces destiny even though there’s the additional new shift into Aries.

Rahu in Pisces is mystical and spiritual.

Rahu in Pisces is very empathetic and sensitive and compassionate. It can become more selfless.

Rahu in Pisces supports music and writing and art.

Rahu in Pisces is very good for magical work.

Rahu’s role will be to bring about karmic lessons for you at this time.  

You will need to let go of your pre-conceived ideas, and be open to new spiritual and magical experience and way of perceiving the world and your life.

There could well be a needed journey of inner exploration to achieve higher spiritual connection and healing – a journey that could well take the whole 18 months of Rahu’s transit through Pisces.

Rahu transiting in Pisces can also bring involvement with foreign parts or institutions, financial loss, sacrifice, hidden talents, emotionalism.

If you have to practice sacrifice of some areas of your life to allow scope for the positive benefits of Rahu’s transit through Pisces, then this sacrifice will raise your spiritual level.

Do also be aware that there’s a risk of over-running or over-expansion with Rahu, so make sure not to do this if you can, and avoid distractions and excesses. Avoid endless surfing on the internet.

Negative expression of Rahu is driven totalitarianism, cunning, escapism, recklessness, dictators, corrupt, poisonous and rebellious persons. Confusion and illusion. Drink and drugs.

And please do hear this bit:

Do watch out for large very complicated energy fluctuations through the period centering on 12.4.24, when Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Sun are in Pisces with Rahu, with Mars joining Rahu on 23.4.24.

Ketu South Node moves into Virgo:

OK, so now let’s look at the transit of Ketu through Virgo:

Ketu has been bringing his cutting energies through Libra, the sign of Relationship, before this 28th October eclipse and 30th October sign change, and Ketu’s cutting energies are with the ideal of spiritual perception-raising and loving-purpose-raising in the Libra area of relationship.

It was this understanding of the key energy focus of Ketu’s transit through Libra that motivated me to set up my new international dating site for those on a spiritual journey who are seeking love, where the website is supported by a panel of Astrologers and Healers: LoveStarDating:

But from 30th October, there’s a new energy current superimposed on top of that one:

Ketu will be bringing his spiritual scythe to the critical qualities of Virgo. Stop being the critic!


Do totally note also that Ketu will be bringing his spiritual scythe to our level of expression of the Healer nature of Virgo:

Go into needed Healing now.

What Healing do you need now???

Virgo is a very practical sign, such as practical healing methods.

But Ketu is very spiritual and mystical, so you have to open to Ketu’s gift to get the fullest out of this transit.

Bring your instincts and intuition to healing issues.

Healing approaches you develop will tend to be holistic or alternative.

Go on a Diet if you need to lose weight!

Ketu will also highlight for our healing Virgo’s over-critical nature, and Virgo’s tendency for being over-analytical or intellectually investigative. And Virgo is noted for complaints and conflicts.

And of course, as at any time, absolutely crucially, Ketu always calls us to heal our relationship to our Past Lives and our Ancestry.

Ketu is about our past life karmas.

What healing work do you need to do in the matter of your Past Lives and your Ancestry?

People or issues from our past can re-enter our life now.

Past issues where you have behaved badly can arise with the call for you to rectify these.

Talents that are latent in us can surface during a Ketu transit.

Ketu is also noted to be a cutting, critical energy – and when associated with Mars, for example, you can have accidents if Ketu/Mars connects to a planet in your chart.

Go on a Diet in you need to lose weight!

So please now go on to the Pt 2 post which is: Understand the Nakshatra Energies as the Nodes transit through Virgo and Pisces

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