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Here’s the latest insights on Pendulum Dowsing from Ann Gildart.

“Don’t let someone else control what you do in life. It is your decision, your outcome, your life.” ~ Anonymous

Follow all dowsing preparation protocol from past examples. I cannot stress how important this is to a successful outcome.

You have decided that you are at a crossroads in life and needing direction. Your connection to Source, the dowsing energy, is available to you.

Is your first query? “I don’t know if I should pursue more education?”

  1. Would it be beneficial to me in the pursuit of my career as…to enroll in more educational courses? To narrow down the benefits I am now going to introduce percentages to you. We will continue to use our basic chart with the addition of our hand! Magical indeed that it’s that easy!
  2. This is a simple outline of a hand with percentage amounts written on it. When you use your own hand you visualize these values.
  1. The answer to your above question will probably be yes, because education imparts knowledge, which would in some form, be of benefit in your career pursuit.

Now with the use of percentages you can see exactly how much bang for your buck it will benefit you.

  1. Ask what percentage of benefit taking another course will afford you.

Hold your pendulum over your hand.
Begin a yes motion and ask your dowsing tool to show you the percentage of benefits. Your pendulum will start to swing to each finger point and it will stop or continue to swing at a percentage outcome. No need to be long winded, but in accurate dowsing you must ask questions to get accurate output.

  1. Continue questioning first with your yes or no responses, then ask probability questions to verify the percentages.

Next, we will address an example of applying for a position at a local hotel. This is as a practice. If you are actually in the process of applying for a job anywhere, then how serendipitous is that!

Remember to employ the five W’s. Once again you begin with yes and no questions.

  1. Would it be beneficial to me to apply for a position at the Royal Hilton Hotel at…?
  1. Would the vibrations and the energy of the position be inline with my own vibration?
  2. Am I sufficiently qualified for this position at this time?

If each answer is yes then continue.

  1. I have applied for a position as…at The Royal Hilton Hotel at [address]. Let your pendulum give a yes response.
  1. Remove all blockages and negative energies that could prevent me being successful in my job application.

Always verify the percentages of probability. An example, what is the probability that you will you secure the position applied for? The percentage numbers will give you the answer. If a low percentage is the answer, one can ask your dowsing system to increase the probability of success with a clockwise spin.

Upon completion measure again to see if percentage is higher.

With this added step you become more efficient at questions and answers, and in consequence a more rounded and accurate dowser. You are building your skills at questions and answers.

Again a reminder! Dowsing fails if we are not hydrated; we ask abstract or open-ended questions; we fail to be detached; or we didn’t ask the important May I dowse for answers concerning, Can I be allowed to access this information, Should I dowse about this question. Allow your pendulum time to answer each request.

Enjoy this wonderful journey with the quantum energies that make up our amazing universe and universes beyond.

Anne’s Gildart’s Pendulum Dowsing Readings are so helpful. Get a Reading.

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