Geminis in Western Astrology: Handle your aggressive energies carefully from now until 16th June

Mars 4Mars, Sun and Mercury are all in Gemini in the weeks ahead!

In Vedic Astrology this energy develops in the Vedic sign of Taurus:
Mars is transiting through the Vedic sign of Taurus from 4th May to 16th June, 2015.
Sun is in Vedic Taurus from 15th May to 16th June.
Mercury is in Vedic Taurus from 27th April to 17th June.

Saturn opposition: And note that all three of them are opposition Saturn which is transiting through western Sagittarius or Vedic Scorpio. What will this mean?

Obviously those with planets in the western astrology sign of Gemini, which is broadly the Vedic sign of Taurus, will really feel this energy the most. But all of us will feel it and we will all have to deal with it to varying degrees.

N.B. The Vedic sign of Taurus is at the end of the western astrology sign of Taurus and it actually mostly covers all of the first 24 degrees of western Gemini.
And the Vedic Nakshatras (or Lunar Signs) which are most involved in this gathering energy aggressive are: No. 3 Krittika, No. 4 Rohini and No 5 Mrigashira

Warning: This means that Mercury, Mars and the Sun are all transiting in the Vedic sign of Taurus – and all of them opposition Saturn in Vedic Scorpio: So, what effect will this energy have in our lives and consciousness, relationships and behaviour? How will this energy affect you???

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Here’s how the energy of Mars, Sun and Mercury in Vedic Taurus all opposition Saturn now develops:

Please Note: I am presenting this study mostly in Vedic Astrology because this charts the energy in the richest way, but it is easy to cross-over from this description into western astrology.

Sun conjunct Mars
Mars is at 27 Vedic Aries today (30th April), so Mars is just about to become ‘rashi sandhi’ or edge of sign at the end of Vedic Aries and then actually enter Taurus on 4th May. In fact Sun has been conjunct Mars in Vedic Aries since 14th April when the Sun entered Vedic Aries. And note that whenever Mars is within 8 deg 30 of the Sun he is Combust, and this energy underlies riots in USA and Earthquake in Nepal.

However, the Sun has been chasing hard behind Mars all this time, and Sun actually enters Taurus on 15th May (by which time Mars has reached 8 degrees Taurus, so from 15th May, we experience the aggressive energy of ‘Sun conjunct Mars’. It’s from 15th May until 16th June. And note that whenever Mars is within 8 deg 30 of the sun he is Combust!

And note that the Sun actually catches Mars up exactly on 13th June at 28 degrees Taurus (when Mars is Combust with the Sun therefore of course, with the special behavioural and spiritual implications that Combustion offers us, often in a very challenging way).

‘Sun conjunct Mars’ is an energy of initiative and competition, the self-improvement fanatic: but for many people this becomes impatience, arguing and fighting.

Sun and Mars form an opposition to Saturn in the Heavens:

But in fact a third planet is brought in to the mix. When he enters Vedic Taurus on 4th May, Mars will actually be transiting in opposition to Saturn. Saturn has been transiting in Vedic Scorpio since 3rd November 2014. (Vedic Scorpio is ruled by Mars, incidentally). And Saturn is now transiting retrograde at 9 deg Vedic Scorpio, in Anuradha Nakshatra (or ‘Lunar Sign’).

So from 4th May 2015 when Mars enters Vedic Taurus, to 16th June when Mars leaves Vedic Taurus to enter Vedic Gemini, we will all be experiencing he energy of ‘Mars opposition Saturn’ which is pretty implacable.

A Mars/Saturn conjunction results in such positives as orientation, direction and stamina, but of course for many this energy becomes ‘rev/zonk’ type behaviour patterns, where the person is unlikely to want to listen to calm advice or friendliness. And for many, of course, this energy develops in fact into raging, into agitation or even into ‘concentration camp’. In fact note that this energy will often be experienced from another person with the aspect being an opposition (&/or it will be projected onto another person).

And, note that as it develops, this Mars-Saturn energy can turn into anger and violence, especially as Mars’ moves into growing Combustion with the Sun: growing every day after Mars reaches 8 degrees 30 minutes away from the Sun, growing stronger as mars moves closer into developing exact conjunction with the Sun which reaches its peak by June 13th, occurring at the end of the Vedic sign of Taurus.

Mercury is in the planetary Cauldron:

But meanwhile there’s another ingredient: a fourth planet has entered the cauldron. Mercury entered Vedic Taurus on 27th April, so when Mars enters Vedic Taurus on 4th May and Sun enters Vedic Taurus on 15th May, we have a Mercury – Mars – Sun conjunction and are all set for forceful if not aggressive communication; dispute if not violence!
THE QUESTION: So: how will you personally handle this four-planet energy that is developing???
What Consciousness will you bring to handling this energy???

The Nakshatras:
To close the study, it is also a good idea to notice how Mars is transiting through the Nakshatras, the Vedic Lunar Signs:

Let’s look at Mars’ passage through the Vedic Lunar Signs, the Nakshatras:
Bharani: Mars enters the second Nakshatra: Bharani lunar sign on 11th April, whose power animal is the Bull Elephant, and is ruled by Yama the God of Death.
Krittika: Mars enters the third Nakshatra: Krittika lunar sign on 29th April, whose energy is sharp; its symbol is a knife.
Rohini: Mars enters the 4th Nakshatra: Rohini lunar sign (the Pleiades) on 18th May whose energy is normally fairly stuck and materialistic, but who can most certainly turn to aggressiveness and even war (especially when Saturn transits Rohini).
Mrigashira: Mars enters the 5th Nakshatra, Mrigashira, on 6th June.
Ardra: Mars enters the 6th Nakshatra: Ardra on 26th June.

Here is the Vedic Astrology chart for today: 30th April 2015: You can see Mars just about to enter the Vedic sign of Taurus:

Now 30.4.15








and here is the western astrology chart for a month onward into the development of the three-planet stellium of Mars, Sun and Mercury in the western astrology sign of Gemini on 1st June 2015:
Chart Now 1.6.15