Full Moons and our state of Consciousness

The next Full Moon Meditation is Sunday May 6th at 6pm at the Ilkley Happiness Centre. A very important thing to realise about Full Moons, is that they are actually the culmination point of the New Moon that went before. At the time of the New Moon we can feel very empty and drained. Our consciousness then grows day by day to its fullness at the New Moon, then it falls away again towards the next New Moon. This waxing and waning of our consciousness can give us great spiritual insight. What we are called to realise is that it is true consciousness that is growing and NOT egoic consciousness. The Full Moon offers us phenomena to observe and understand, and that understanding can bring us nearer to God. We can be pretty sensitive and psychic. 
Sometimes Full moon energies can be linked to horrible behaviour and events – even madness and violence – the last Full Moon was conjucnt Saturn in the heavens!! but the point is: we are called to observe and understand them, not join in them! This way our consciousness becomes closer to God.
In Vedic Astrology our mind is called jiva: it is signified by the Moon. As the Moon moves in its orbit across difficult signs or difficult planets we will all feel this: this crucial thing is how we handle this, how we learn; as the moon moves over more benefic signs or more benefic planets, we will feel happier, and again, we are simply called to learn from this.
A challenge at the present time is that the Moon passes over three malefic planets in a row each month, Mars, then Saturn, then Rahu (North Node) 2012 does not give very easy learning from Moon energies.
It makes a lot of difference to the energies we experience at the time of the Full Moon what sign the Full Moon falls in, and what aspect are formed to the Moon by the other planets in the sky, AND what aspect the Moon forms to the planets in your birth chart. If you would like a statement of the Full Moon and the aspects it forms, please email Michael with your natal data: name, date, time and place of birth. Email: michael@starwheel.co.uk.