Full Moon September Be very careful Be open to spiritual realizations

The challenges of this Full Moon are several. Be warned. Make space for quiet, vision work or meditation this day.

Definitely put aside a time for centering and to do vision work.

Be open to spiritual realizations.

The list of violent aspects is exceptional.

This Full Moon is surrounded by violent forces.

The Moon is at 11 Vedic Pisces, the Sun is at 11 Virgo

That’s Moon at 6 Western Tropical zodiac Aries, Sun at 6 western Libra

I list first the six challenging forces surrounding this Full Moon. I close with an explanation of how the Nakshatras that the Sun and Moon fall in affect the energies:

See the video:



Mars conjunct Ketu

First of all there’s the gathering sharp, cutting, violent, horrendous Mars conjunct Ketu which becomes exact at 1 deg Vedic Libra on October 5th.

At the time of this Full Moon, Ketu is at 1 Libra, Mars is at 27 Virgo argument-causing and critical.

But know that the highest call of this gathering Mars Ketu conjunction is to become strong. And to let the Light shine through you. Work on that.


Love challenge
Venus is square Uranus. It’s exact 7 hrs later.

Venus square Uranus demands freedom, excitement, lashes out in anger wanting revolution WHATEVER.

And to make Uranus sharper: note that Mars is inconjunct Uranus at this time!

And to make Venus more vulnerable and confused – though potentially we can learn to become more loving from this: Venus is transiting through the Gandanta at 28 deg Cancer.

(The three Gandanta zones are zones of immateriality, unsubstantialness, and can be turbulence and stormy events, where water sign transitions into fire sign: Cancer-Leo, Scorpio-Sagittarius, Pisces-Aries).


Explosion from the depths
Lilith is very closely conjunct Fixed Star Regulus which kills family members and is imperious.

This conjunction which can cause explosion due to our buried material that we might be, at best, half aware of in our unconscious or our shadow.

Use this impulse with loving care so as to ethically liberate your buried Wild Side.

Venus is conjunct Lilith: orb 7 deg.

Saturn is opposition Lilith.

Venus is affected by the Lilith-Star Regulus conjunction.


Neptune is opposition Mercury

Be alert to confusion in communication and IT, but also do be aware that which can be an energy helping vision and communication resulting from vision.


Rahu North Node is in the Gandanta at 1 deg Vedic Aries.

This can be very destabilizing if you have a planet there.

Try to realize the crucial insights it calls you to.

Try to change your lifestyle in the way that Rahu drives you.


Pluto is square the Nodal axis:

You are called in a fated way to step more fully into your proper destined power – NOW.

And I close with a statement of the Nakshatras the Moon and Sun occupy at the tiem of this Full Moon:

Moon in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra

Moon at 11 Pisces is in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra.

The power animal of UttaraBhadra Nakshatra is Ahir Budhyana: the snake that dwells in deep waters.

The snake Teacher.

Snakes can shed their skins.

This Nakshatra can have useful dreams, spiritual realisations and a psychic energy.

Fierce but benevolent, UttaraBhadra Nakshatra is ruled by Saturn.

Sun in Hasta Nakshatra

Sun at 11 Virgo is in Hasta Nakshatra ruled by the Moon.

Mercurial and sensitive with the female Buffalo as its power animal, this Nakshatra can have healing intelligence and inspiring words.

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