Full Moon of 31st August  is a cauldron of deep potentials

There’s a Full Moon on August 31st 2023, with:

Moon at 13 Vedic Aquarius, in Shatabishak Nakshatra

(Moon at 7 Pisces in Western Tropical Zodiac).

Sun at 13 Vedic Leo in Magha Nakshatra ruled by Ketu South Node

(Sun at 7 Virgo Western Tropical Zodiac.

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Let’s focus on the key energies:

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The nature of the Moon and the Sun:

The first thing to look at to understand the nature of this Full Moon and the way it will affect you and your life is the Signs and Nakshatras that Moon and Sun occupy:

Moon in Aquarius in Shatabishak Nakshatra is a reclusive, spiritual or metaphysical energy. It’s ruled by Rahu North Node. It’s in Aquarius which is Saturnian but in this case a philanthropic and humanitarian Saturnian pressure.

You might like to do work with this energy, to perceive and encompass it and experience it more fully – and to embody it.

The Deity is Varuna.

Sun in Leo, in Magha Nakshatra is a vibrant expression of solar power and personality, but Magha is ruled by Ketu South Node, so there can be overlay of ancestral and psychic potentials.

Sun is super-strong in Leo.

Take time to connect to this energy, to envision it, to manage it ethically and spiritually as the ethical Solar King and Warrior. This is part of you.

Experiencing it through vision work and embodiment might be very needed and useful for you now.

The deity is the Pitris, your ancestors. Do get a Reading with me which includes your ancestral scripts. I will explain in a Reading about ancestral work methods and issues.

Crucially be aware of the fact that both Moon and Sun are in Nakshatras that are ruled by the Nodes, opens us to feeling and perceiving and being impelled to experience our fated key issues – and transform.

The Nodes of the Moon are ‘Serpent power’. So this Full Moon opens us to ‘shedding skins’ and to ‘death and rebirth’ energies and experiences.

The Nodal rulership of the Luminaries’ Nakshatras of this Full Moon open us to perceptions and experiences of the destiny energies that flow through our bodies and our karmic sheaths, from past lives into this incarnation.

Though do beware the obsession and fears and the emotional highs and lows, that billow eternally around Rahu (the ruler of the Nakshatra that the Moon is in).

And do beware the endemic fear and the meltdown energy that is the basic nature of Ketu – without the spiritual realizations that Ketu’s energy nature can prompt us to when we experience it at a higher level of perception.


The Activation of the Nodes of the Moon: Rahu and Ketu:

The Nodes change Sign:

Not only is the flow of our Nodal energies activated by the Nakshatra rulership of the Moon and the Sun at the time of this Full Moon, the Nodes themselves are quivering with high- manifestation energies. This is because the Nodes are in the process of changing sign.

The Nodes are Serpent Power. They are Naga energy. They are karma and Destiny energy. Avoid learning about and manifesting your karmic imperative and destiny direction in your life at your peril – at your peril of just half a life lives and of loss.

What is your Destiny Direction?

What are the karmas you came into this life to learn about and heal?

The Nodes of the Moon are in the start of the process of changing sign.

They actually change from the Libra Aries axis to the Virgo Pisces axis.

We are feeling it already.

It can give us such insights as to our karmas and our destiny.

This is exact on October 30th.

Rahu North Node has been in Vedic Aries since 12th April 2022, but on October 30th it retrogrades through the immaterial Gandanta zone and enters Pisces.

Ketu South Node has been in Vedic Libra since 12th April 2022, but on October 30th it transits into Vedic Virgo.

You absolutely do need to understand what this means if you have planets in the four signs Libra-Virgo or Aries-Pisces.

You need to hear how your Nodal transit experience will probably start with Ketu past life karmas issues, and only once you have progressed with these, can you fully open to the Rahu-inspired destiny direction in this life.

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You absolutely need to understand what it means if you have your Nodes of the Moon planets in the Aries-Pisces Gandanta Zone. This is where Rahu is retrograding now, namely between 4 Aries and 26 Pisces (or indeed in the other two Gandanta zones which are Cancer/Leo and Scorpio Sagittarius).

The three Gandanta zones are zones of immateriality, unsubstantialness and unreality which characterize the approx. three degrees either side of the water sign to fire sign transition: Pisces to Aries, Cancer to Leo and Scorpio to Sagittarius.

To have natal planets there means that these planets are caught up in a karmic knot, there’s a big fate and destiny and karma dimension to how they will manifest.

Planets there in our birth chart, and planets transiting there can be very unstable and turbulent.

But this immateriality and turbulence pushes us to spiritual development, to seeking spirituality and Healing, to experimenting with different visionary shamanic and spiritual dimensions.

Get a Reading from me to include this key destiny experience and how to manage it. You will get wonders of karmic and psychological insights from me – and these Readings are always linked to Healing potentials.

3. Pluto transits square the Nodal Axis:

The Nodes of the Moon are transiting the axis 3 Libra to 3 Aries.

Pluto is transiting at 4 Capricorn

Pluto is square the Nodal axis.

Pluto pressured by the Destiny current of the Nodes means that we are all called now to become more fully into our proper power.

Be aware of this.

Check out your behaviour and attitudes.

Focus on coming more fulling into your rightful, needed and ethical power NOW.

What planet or planets does transiting Nodes and/or Pluto aspect in your Natal chart??? Check out this crucial opportunity.

You need your proper power, of to a greater or lesser degree, your life fails!

4. Saturn – Lord of Karma, Lord of Reaping:

Saturn is at 9 deg Aquarius at the time of this Full Moon.

Saturn is thus within an energy-feeling conjunction orb of 4 deg to the Full Moon at 13 Aquarius.

Saturn turned Retrograde at 13 Aquarius on 17th June.

Saturn will turn Direct at 6 Aquarius on 4th November.

When Saturn is Retrogrades, we have to obey his imperatives to:

Complete business that is left unfinished in our life.

To tie up unfinished loose ends.

To de-clutter.

To get sound.

Honour Saturn’s demands!

Check out: what planets in your birth chart does Saturn cast an aspect to?

What House (= life area) is Aquarius in your birth chart: Saturn will especially be laying down his karmic imperative in that life area for you now.

If you have your natal Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, absolutely do get a Reading from me to include study of your Sade Satr experience. Sade Sate if the seven-and-a-half-year period where Saturn transits through the sign before you Moon in your birth chart, the sign of your Moon and the sign after your Moon.

It is like death and rebirth.

It is like going down into a pit and rising up out of it again. You need awareness and insight.

Get a Reading from me if this applies to you.

Remember, Saturn was originally an agricultural deity. If we obey his karmic imperative – then we will reap a Harvest!

5. Venus is Retrograde

Vensu is Retrograde at 18 Cancer in Ashlesha Nakshatra (ruled by Mercury) at the time of this Full Moon

Venus went behind the Sun recently, but has now become Morning Star

But we have to wait until 4th September for Venus to go Direct.

Read the ancient Babylonian myths of Ishtar and Innana for what this Descent of Vensu into the Underworld means.

Read the Greek myth of Pluto and Persephone.

When Venus goes direct it will enter the Cancer – Leo Gandanta for the third time in the days around 2nd October.

Above all we have to realize that Venus Retrograde and Venus Gandanta are calls to love for each of us.

We are called to perceive our love scripts better.

We are called to heal our love scripts.

We are called to work together with our partner in a relationship if we have one, so as to share and bring in a successful healing strategy and approach for our mutual love scripts.

Venus Retrograde and Venus in Gandanta are Calls to Love.

6. Uranus and Jupiter are Square Lilith

Uranus is at 28 Aries. Jupiter is at 21 Aries and Lilith (Black Moon) is at 2 Leo, at the time of this Full Moon.

Check out what the Lilith transit is doing to you in terms of your awareness and healing and empowerment around your buried shadow material, including the needed proper integration fo your Wild Side that may have been denied/obliterated/twisted etc.

Know that Uranus is bringing Revolution to you in this process, and that’s’ so wonderful and needed.

Know that Jupiter is bringing enlargement and Blessing and sense of purpose to you in this crucial process, and that’s so wonderful and needed.

7. Mercury is Retrograde

Mercury is Retrograde at 25 Vedic Leo, in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra (ruled by Venus) from 21st August to 17th September, and remember that the Shadow periods are about 2 weeks either side of this – before and after.

We need to be aware of the influence of this at the time of this Full Moon.

8. Check out your Asteroids

Do make sure to be aware of the transiting effect of key asteroids at this time. They can make a difference. The difference can even be huge. We need to know the facts, and work with the energies.

Just to share with you: the effects of their Full Moon are considerably affected by my asteroid energies. I share this just in case it’s help to you to develop this awareness. They show how necessary it is to understand your Asteroid energies: whether easy or frightfully hard:

This Full Moon is conjunct my natal Lilith.

Asteroid Sedna is at 0 deg Gemini and is transiting opposition my natal Mars.

Asteroid Ceres is transiting conjunct my natal Sun.

Asteroid Eris is transiting conjunct my natal Moon.

Do spend time around the day of this Full Moon to attune to the energies and opportunities it is bringing you.

It can be so good to do a vision journey based on the chart of this Full Moon and including the bi-wheel chart of this Full Moon to your Natal chart.

All blessings to your efforts to attune to the energies of this Full Moon, and to grow spiritually out of them.

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