Full Moon of 1st August Sensitive and listening amid Key Opportunities for Love and Power

The Full Moon of 1st August 2023, with Moon in 15 Cancer in Pushyami Nakshatra and Sun in Capricorn in Sravana Nakshatra has a sensitive emotional and spiritually listening nature which we should be aware of, and connect to, and use to harvest the hugely transformative energies that surround it.

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Because Venus is Retrograde, and has three Gandanta zone crossings, and becomes again conjunct Lilith, we would do well to deeply understand and transform our love scripts and relationship issues using the particular energy of this Full Moon: connect, above all, to the energies and deepest meaning of love in the upcoming time of this lunation. Ketu coming to the end of his transit through Libra intensifies his demand to get love issues right now.

Our task is:

to Listen,

to Remember,

to Share,

to Love.

We should be in committed growing awareness of the nature of the Venus Retrograde dangers such as confusion and build up of doubts and aggravations in love, that we are in essence called to confront and heal.

So, if we handle it well, the sensitive listening energies of the August 1st Full Moon will bathe the Venus Retrograde Transit, so that it will have the chance to rejuvenate Love through a potentially difficult process of true communication and dedicated growth in relationship issues. I give the timetable of the Venus Retrograde in my blog and video for August 2023 Astrology. Do see these. Also see my general guidance post about Venus Retrograde and what it means.

But the sensitive listening energies of this Full Moon coming as it does at the time of Harvest (it’s Lughnasadh), are not only to be used to connect better to love. We can have a Heart of Courage due to the three planets in Leo (see below) But coming into our power will also be a huge demand upon us. This is because Pluto is square the Nodal Axis at the time of this Full Moon.

The Nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu, are at 4 deg Aries Libra. Pluto is exactly T-square the nodal axis at 4 Capricorn. There is a huge demand on you to come into your proper power if Pluto is aspecting your Sun, Moon or Ascendant or first house, etc.

And be aware that Mars is warrior guy at this time. Mars, Venus and Mercury are all in the imperious sign of Leo. Use you listening sensitive Full Moon energy to become and be the warrior in a proper way in needed tasks and strategies.

You can also be courageous about this because Mars is in Leo receiving an exact trine from Jupiter in Aries in the chart of this Full Moon.

Mercury and Venus are both Retrograde at the same time from August 24th to September 3rd.

Mercury turns Retrograde on August 24th. So from that date to September 3rd, we experience the combined energies of Venus and Mercury both retrograde.

Be aware that Mercury Retrograde adds to the Venus death and rebirth voyage from the start energies of this sensitive Cancer Full Moon, so both Venus and Mercury can help us show intelligence and considered thought and communication.

Let life-source and love work together with communication.

It’s so VERY important to realize that Saturn is retrograde at this time. Saturn is Retrograde in Aquarius.

Saturn is at 11 deg Aquarius at the time of this Full Moon

So Saturn is opposition Mercury at 11 degrees in Leo. Correctly limit your communications.

But Venus and Mars in Leo will also feel Saturn’s energy.

And Saturn’s energy will demand that we are tying up loose ends at this time, and stripping away inessentials and diversions from our key life task at this time.

The other point to be aware of is that although this Full Moon is in Earth and Water signs, there’s LOTS of FIRE energy around -Aries and Leo energy:
There are three planets in Aries-Leo Fire Signs, at the time of this Full Moon which is in the earth-water sign axis of Capricorn-Cancer.

Six planets in Fire will give us strong energy.

But beware impatience, friction or even fighting.

Aries is action-man/Action-woman. Leo is imperious:

The three planets in Aries Fire energy are Rahu (4 deg), Jupiter (19 deg) and Uranus (28 deg).

The three planets in Leo Fire energy are Venus (Rx at 2 deg), Mercury at 10 deg) and Mars at 19 deg).

All Blessings to your Journey from this Full Moon. Be aware of its Nature. Connect to its gift in a moment of meditation or vision. And use its nature to understand and heal your life issues at this time, especially the demands of the Venus Retrograde, the demands of Saturn Retrograde – and the rising tide of your proper power: Pluto.

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