Full Moon June 2024 Find your real strength amid turmoil

The June 2024 Full Moon is 21st June in New York and 22nd June here in Ireland. See my June monthly page on my Starwheel Astrology website for the charts and ephemeris in both Vedic and Western Astrology.

The Moon is at 7 Vedic Sagittarius in Mula Nakshatra ruled by Nritti the Goddess of Death and Rebirth.

The Sun is in Ardra at 7 Gemini ruled by Rudra’s tough dictatorial storms and emotions.

But amid these and other difficult energies, there’s also a central gift which I hope this video and blog will help you to find.

See the video:

Part of the central gift is that Pluto, Jupiter and Ketu are in signs that are trine each other:  Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

Pluto planet of our power energies – and our buried powers –  is strong and near stationary at 7 Vedic Capricorn and Pluto is five houses from Jupiter whose gift is blessing and enlargement and connection to the divine at 12 Vedic Taurus.

And it’s not just Jupiter that is in Taurus – Uranus as well is in Taurus. Remember we recently had a Uranus Jupiter conjunction which offered each of us Revolution, and now Uranus and Jupiter are in Taurus. What House life-area is Taurus in your natal chart that is experiencing this ongoing revolution? You need to maximize this and to heal any blocks you have to it.

And thirdly, completing the trine, we have Ketu South Node in Virgo: Ketu bringing us needed healing focus, and activating the Past Life dimensions of our changes now.

We must bear in mind at this time, that we can experience growth in our standing in our true power by dealing successfully with the turmoil side of the energies of this Full Moon, despite their infringement of the stability of our minds and hearts.

We must make the commitment to put aside time to work now with the very mixed energies of this Full Moon.

Another key factor is that Saturn is super-strong in Aquarius, the sign he rules. This is due to his slow velocity – slowing to Retrograde, in one of the two signs he rules.

So at this time we mustn’t give in to the negative, punishment-feeling, fearful side that is our experience of Saturn, but we must respond to his call that we identify what our present karmic calls are, and work diligently and hard to achieve that spiritual growth now.

Don’t go into the negative pessimistic side that Saturn Energies can cause in us.

Another key factor is that Neptune is T-square the Sun – Moon opposition axis. Indeed, Neptune is conjunct the dreadful star Scheat  – and this conjunction does have occult potential, but beware risk of accidents or difficult events. Connect to the visionary nature of Neptune, not its deceptive side.

Mercury is complex so far this month, having been quincunx to Pluto: dark and intense, exact June 17th.

Venus too has been affected by quincunx to Pluto: obsessional and controlling.

Sun in square to Neptune includes potential for DISILLUSION. Weakness. Fear.

So we absolutely do need to find the means and the potential for coming into our strength and to be positive at the time of this Full Moon.

That way we can contact the potential in the Pluto – Jupiter/Uranus  –  Ketu three Signs trine.

That way we can be rightly proud when we match Saturn’s karmic call to get our life right now.

Make space for happy things at this time.

Don’t succumb to the over-pressure.

Take pride in identifying and manifesting your personal needed revolution: the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction: Jupiter and Uranus now in Taurus together.

Make sure you ever more fully identify and bring in and express your needed current of revolution.

Put aside time each day, or draw a tarot card, to keep getting to the bottom of what’s really going on and what you are really being called to find and become now.

Do the clarifying work.

Do the implementation work.

Continue to step more and more into your proper personal power and true expression.

Niritti, the Goddess of Mula, the Nakshatra where the Full Moon is, is a Goddess of death and Destruction. She does the graveyard dance. She brings Re-birth.

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