Full Moon June 2023 Nine Key Points

The Full Moon of June 2023 is unsettled Revolutionary energy that calls for a month of diligence and for you to allow in Inventive Thinking and Determined Empowerment – and Healing your Value issues in Love

(Full Moon is June 4th in Ireland and Australia but June 3rd in USA).

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You can see the Western and Vedic charts for this Full Moon on my Starwheel Astrology website: https://starwheelastrology.com/june-2023/

There are Nine Calls to Action in the Energy of this June Full Moon. Each one of them is very big and needs watching over carefully at this time. Keep a note of them handy. Monitor how you are handling these energies in the month ahead:

1. You may feel unsettled or troubled – but seek to see if fiery mystical insights are there for you. It’s all about the struggle of your mind to adapt to a new reality of life.

2. Your thinking has the potential to become revolutionary and inventive even unique and skilled.

3. You could have ambitious insights but beware scatter or overdrive and seek to pass from stress to calmer waters.

4. There is a call for you to come into your power in issues of love and value.

5. Deal lovingly together with steamy friction and militant emotions that may arise.

6. This is a time where you have to tie up loose ends and unfinished business and you have to be diligent.

7. You can develop mystical intuitions about your love and value breakthroughs.

8. Your deep-seated emotions can prompt you to inventive thinking. Raw emotions can be used to bring positive revolutionary change now.


Tap into your fullness and include your ‘Wild Side’ in an ethically aware way now so as to become the fuller more healed you bringing in your needed revolution steps and changes now.

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