Full Moon June 2023 Here’s the fuller Astrological Analysis

As with my short key points video, there’s nine key points. Keep a note of them handy. Monitor how you are handling these energies in the month ahead. This fuller post tells you all about the planet positions and their energies at this time:

The Moon is at 19 deg Vedic Scorpio (13 Sagittarius in Western Astrology tropical zodiac)

The Sun is at 19 Vedic Taurus (13 Gemini in Western Astrology tropical zodiac)

(Full Moon is June 4th in Ireland and Australia but June 3rd in USA).

See the video here:

You can see the Western and Vedic charts for this Full Moon on my Starwheel Astrology website: https://starwheelastrology.com/june-2023/


Moon in Scorpio is quite revolutionary and feels unsettled and troubled, but can generate fiery mystical emotions and realizations.

The Full Moon is in Jyestha Nakshatra which is about the struggle of the mind to adopt a New reality of Life.


Mercury aka thought energy is major within this Full Moon.

Jyestha Nakshatra, where this Moon is placed, is ruled by Mercury.

And in the case of this Full Moon, Mercury is closely conjunct Uranus!

The Mercury/Uranus combination is about:
 A mind of sudden revolutionary cognition

 Inventive thinking


 Sudden cognition

 Mental perception.

BUT: Beware scatter and nervous hast of thinking

Take time now to find if you can your own inventive skill, your unique skill

Then having done this, pass from stress to calmer waters where you can implement your revolutionary perceptions by yourself or in loving working with others.


Jupiter is conjunct Rahu North Node.

This will bring insights and ambitions, but beware the risk for scatter and overdrive and lack of basic grounding.


Pluto is opposition Venus

And do note that this opposition is square the Nodal Axis

No: this does not necessarily mean falling frantically in love now!

But change in the way you show love is on the way – and maybe with a Destiny nature/implication (the square to the Nodal axis).

This is an energy of intensity, pressure and uncovering hidden feelings and power.

And it can extend into frantic desire for love/sex/art and value.

At its highest, it’s coming into your own true and power And loving.


Mars is in Cancer

This is steamy waters!

There can be militant emotions, rows and friction.

So: communicate, and stay connected in love.


Saturn is the strongest planet at this time.

Saturn is virtually stationery in motion now because he turns Retrograde on June 17th at 13 deg Vedic Aquarius.

You HAVE TO tie up loose ends now.

You have to obey and fulfill the karmic demands on you that are peaking now.

You’ll need to work hard now.

And soldier on.


Neptune is the apex of an Ambivalence Triangle chart aspect shape to this Pluto opposition Venus. Neptune is at 3 deg Vedic Pisces.

The intensity of the Pluto Venus opposition is discharging into Neptune. This will therefore prompt you to seek refuge in intuitiveness and sense of the mystical dimensions of your life and in your love and value breakthroughs.


Lilith is at 22 deg Vedic Cancer

Lilith is square the Mercury/Uranus conjunction.

So with Lilith square Mercury, get better awareness of your deep seated emotions and your wild side to give you proper guidance. And bring the guidance from your unconscious realms into your aware intuitive grasp and your aware inventive thinking and into your New Direction.

And with Lilith square Uranus, your raw emotions may bubble up and fire you up, and you’ll want to break out from your (and others’) restrictions. But the real call of this aspect is:
To bring in positive Revolution Change NOW.


Chiron is at 25 deg Vedic Pisces.

Chiron is trine Lilith at 22 Vedic Cancer and also  trine Moon at 19 Scorpio.

There is therefore a Grand Trine of Chiron, Moon and Lilith.

Find Healing in your emotions.

Tap into your fullness and include your ‘Wild Side’ in an ethically aware way now.

We can do this to become the fuller more healed you.

And this will support you in bringing in your needed revolution steps now and your needed changes now.

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