Full Moon July 3rd Attune to this edgy power and succeed in your project

There is a Full Moon on July 3rd, 2023:

Vedic Sidereal Zodiac:

Moon at 16 Sagittarius in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra

Sun at 16 Gemini in Ardra Nakshatra.

Western Tropical Zodiac:

Moon at 11 Capricorn

Sun at 11 Cancer.

I would assess this as a very powerful energy Full Moon from which we all may benefit if we attune to the power of its energies in a spiritually aware way realizing success in our project/aim/ambition.

I now list five facets of this Full Moon’s energy which we can use as a Death and Rebirth, successful project completion energy if we do the work to connect to the energy of this Full Moon – and then sustain our connection in forward coming months.

Here are the five points:


The Moon is in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra which is:

Ruled by Venus

An energy of pride and confidence: strength, victory and the sense that you cannot lose.

Its quality is fierce and its Dosha is Pitta.

Moon energy in PurvaAshadha is Charismatic and Dictatorial.

By sign, the Moon is in Sagittarius which is expansive and philosophical.


The Sun is in Ardra Nakshatra whose energy is sharp fierce and deadly, prone to outbursts and ruled by Rudra the Storm God.

Ardra is rigid coercive formula. Proud, violent and controlling.

Importantly it is an energy of New Growth by eliminating old rubbish.

By sign, the Sun is in Gemini, which is all about Communication.


Sun, Mercury and Sirius:

And super-importantly: Sun is conjunct Mercury in Gemini.

And Mercury is within 1 deg orb of Sirius, the brightest Star.

Sirius with Mercury gives honour and great business success, especially in work with language. You will often gain more than expected. But the success-seeking can burn you.

The star was associated with the Egyptian god Osiris (and other gods), and Sirius rose just before the sun each year immediately prior to the annual flooding of the Nile River. Although the floods could bring destruction, they also brought new soil and new life.

Every year during the first week of July, a sacred gateway of energy is considered to be activated between Earth and the star Sirius, bringing heightened vibrations and spiritual advancements, as the Sun comes into conjunction with the star Sirius, July 4-8, offering access this high-frequency energy and use it for creative inspiration, entrepreneurial endeavors, technological innovations, and heightening our intuition. 

– These three points are the energy of this Full Moon of July 3rd from which we all may benefit.

But note also that there are also two other facets that it is crucial to know and manifest if these facets of the Full Moon chart interact with planets in your natal chart:


There’s a Lilith Venus Mars conjunction in this Full Moon.

Lilith is at 25 Vedic Cancer, Venus is at 28 Vedic Cancer and Mars is at 1 Vedic Leo. So note that this is a Gandanta energy: In the transition points from Water to Fire Signs the energy is one of insubstantiality but potential access to the divine.  

It’s really important to know if this Gandanta stellium aspects a planet in your birth chart at the time of this Full Moon. Especially as Lilith is activating contact to shadow material in this stellium.

For example if this Gandanta anergy stellium’s Lilith is conjunct your natal Pluto, expect to face your deeply buried fears and use your awareness to embark on a deeply transformative journey, unleashing material that you access from your Shadow, clearing obstacles, and having no patience with anyone who is trying to dominate you. Use this edgy power to access the invincibility energies of this PurvaAshada/Ardra Full Moon and the Sirius Gateway!!!

It’s up to each of us to clealry identify and then use the energies of this Full Moon.

What project or endeavour do you want to express and succeed with now?????

Be the Mars in Leo hero!


Pluto square the Nodes:
This brings a special importance to Pluto energy and understanding. It focuses especially on the issue of how you relate to your own Power.

But there’s also Past Life awareness implications.

Ketu South Node is about your Past Lives and residues from that affecting your personality and the things that will happen to you and the things you must do and the growth steps you must make in this life.

And Rahu North Node declares your evolutionary journey forward in this life, your destined life-path and purpose.

When Pluto is square the Nodes of the Moon, you will be called to come into your proper power to understand the detail how your past life scripts are manifesting and what must be healed – including ancestral issues

And also when Pluto is square the Nodes of the Moon, you are called to come into your proper power to adequately and fully walk your destined path forward.

Who am I? is core

What is my identity?

What baggage do I carry?

Who must I become in this life?

What healing must I do to release negative residues – plus the things they made us do wrong in this life?

This transit within this Full Moon is a huge opportunity.

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