Full Moon July 2021 Six Key Things You Need to Know

There’s a full Moon very early in the morning here in Ireland on 24th July. It’s on 23rd July in USA.

There are 6 key things you need to know to get the full benefit and attunement and inspiration of this Full Moon.

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First of all, though, where is this Full Moon in the heavens?
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Notice that the Full Moon is at 7 deg Capricorn in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra, and the Sun is opposite at 7 deg Cancer in Pushyami Nakshatra.
So, the signs involved are Moon in Capricorn which is all about structure and boundaries and it’s opposition Sun in super-sensitive nurturing Cancer.

In terms of the Nakshatras involved, Moon is in UttarAshadha is all about victory and severity; Sun is in Pushyami, which, is yes, pretty pushy, but very eager to help (whether you want it or not!)!
Both UttaraAshadha and Pushyami are Kshatriya or warrior nature.

Note also that Pluto is conjunct the Moon and opposition the Sun.

Saturn is opposition Sun too, and Saturn is totally beleaguered by Pluto in Capricorn, by Uranus in Aries and by Rahu in Taurus. So, this energy creates smashing at boundaries, crave for Revolution and fear and pressure.

Jupiter in Aquarius is opposition to Mars is super-strong in Leo conjunct Venus, so Jupiter should boost these.

Neptune is sextile Pluto and trine to Mercury. Neptune is in PurvaBhadra, which as I show, below, is quite visionary and mystical in its nature and the energy it offers us.

The Ascendant for this chart is in Ardra Nakshatra in Vedic Gemini. Ardra is the  very ‘my way or the highway’ Nakshatra!

Mercury is high-speed in Gemini, so when they stop talking (joke) we can produce prolific projects with high energy now.

Before I go on to list the 6 key points applying to how we each work with this Full Moon, I do need to make the point that quite a few planets are in opposition aspects.

Obviously, Moon is opposition Sun, but also:
Saturn is opposition Sun
Pluto is opposition Sun
Jupiter is opposition Mars
Jupiter is opposition Venus.

So, what is our response to the energy of the opposition?

You could say it is about balancing, and it is.

But because Vedic Astrology is a Tantric spiritual path, tantra is all about the reconciliation of apparent opposites by going beyond these to the quality that unifies the apparent opposites. So, I ask you to seek to find what reconciles the apparent opposites you will feel.

And also, I ask you to identify the ways that suit you personally to connect to that ‘beyond’ factor’ which transcends the apparent opposites.

For me personally vision work. I find that vision work is a wonderful way of doing this, and indeed, helping our vision work’s energy and vastness, Neptune is super-strong at the time of this Full Moon, being in the metaphysical PurvaBhadra Nakshatra which has as its power animals, the Fire Dragon (Ajaikapat) and his brother the water dragon, Ahirbudhnya (the deity of UttaraBhadra) – and these two dragons are seen as brothers, the sons of Visvakarma, the Heavenly Architect: they are the serpent path to transcendence: rebirth through the destructive storm. And Neptune enters Pisces next April. So Neptune’s is a strong call to you now.

So, what are the six key things we need to know about this July Full Moon?

With Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer, we need to find proper balance between:
Cancer things: our home and sensitivities and safety, the virtue of protection, and
Capricorn things like structures and boundaries.

And as regards the Nakshatras involved, which I described above, Pushyami and UttaraAshadha, these are the Nakshatras occupied by this Sun and Moon. We should consider to what extent we are called to be a warrior (both Nakshatras are Kshatriya caste) – a warrior who is sensitive, home-caring and victorious.
In Pushyami’s case, be careful that your desire for comfort does not take you away from your soul’s mission.
In UttaraAshadha’s case, expect the severe and practical, so take steps to also keep things more pleasurable and cheerful.

We need to prioritize and grow our spiritual and visionary openings, with Neptune in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra and about to enter Pisces, as described above.
Give disciplined delivery of your inspirations and visions now. Use the vision to define your management of your life.

Pluto is conjunct Moon and opposition Sun, so the highest call of this is for each of us to come more into his or her right and proper power now.
And of course, this ties in to the currently developing Pluto Return of the United States where so much darkness is arising to be healed to give truer empowerment. This gets its first exact hit April 2023.

With Mars conjunct Venus in Leo, watch out for relationship tensions, and manage them and resolve them with love.

With Mercury super-strong and fast in Vedic Gemini for some time ahead now, watch out for fast completion of your tasks involving communication and thinking. Realize that this energy is there. Capitalize on this energy in your work.

Remember that this Full Moon is caught up in the vast fraught, tense energy created by Uranus square Saturn: Uranus is the storming of the Bastille – Revolution. He’s smashing at your blocks and prison walls, as well as the blocks and prison walls in your society. And with Rahu aspecting Saturn to, there’s tense overwork and hyper-drive, and also FEARS.

So, put time aside to connect to the energies of this Full Moon personally.

Make the effort to see what vision answers arise. And then make them manifest.

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