Full Moon February 2023 Stand within your Boundary by Lia Cruse

This full moon is in Ashlesha Nakshatra. The Nakshatras are the wonderful 27 sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology and they are such an accurate guide to our personality and our relationship scripts.

The power animal for Ashlesha Nakshatra are the Nagas or ‘serpent wisdom’. This is The Intimate Embrace.

The three points of key guidance for this Full Moon is:

Stand within your boundary, within truth, but with calmness.

Find the opportunity for transformation within deeply embedded emotional turmoil within the home.

Be wise as the separate race of Naga who are described in the ancient story associated with Ashlesha. Become associated with mysticism, spirituality, enlightenment and truth.

Ashlesha Nakshatra is represented by the Nagas, the cobra bodied deities of ancient Indian lore who were shape shifters, protectors and deeply mystical with super human intelligence. They rule the deepest of the realms and hold the Earth up upon their hoods and are often associated with fated situations in Astrology.

This nakshatra can be upset by jealousy and deceits causing the intimate connection between two things to lash out and strike at that which it envies, but Ashlesha is highly supportive of mysticism, meditation and spiritual evolution. It is also associated with Kundalini.

The Nakshatra the moon occupies at the time of a Full Moon tells a story of the energy and events surrounding it and if we are familiar with the nakshatras we can see this story play as underlying theme in our lives or sometimes just happening in plain sight.

We can draw insight on how to handle the events in a time period and the energy of the time by looking the story associated with the nakshatras for clues.

This nakshatra is highly relatable to mothers and mothering. The ancient story associated with Ashlesha tells of a Jealous Mother Naga.

The Jealous Mother Naga makes a bet with her sister to claim her and her children as her slaves!

This was because while she herself birthed thousands of children, whereas her sister had only two extremely powerful children and the Jealous Mother Naga was jealous of their power.

(In ancient times in all countries and cultures, wisdom was transmitted and remembered by passing on stories told from generation to generation over thousands of years – this is ‘oral tradition’).

One of the wonderful children of the sister, was the divine charioteer of the Sun. The other was the associate and carrier of Vishnu and King of the Eagles.

So, the Jealous Mother Naga attempted to win the bet by manipulating her own children into rigging it, so as to ensure her success.

Some of her children, however, refused on grounds of moral obligation to truth and fairness and they became recognized separate race of Naga who are associated with mysticism, spirituality, enlightenment and truth.

But the rest of her children went along with her and as the overall result of the manipulation, the sister lost the bet and she and her two powerful children become slaves.

A third child is soon hatched/born to the now enslaved sister. He is born into slavery but grows to hate the Naga for his servitude. Eventually, he asks the Naga how can he be freed of the debt he was born into?

The Naga order him to bring them Soma.

Soma is the nectar of the universe which gives immortality and enlightenment. He stole the Soma, but consorted with Indra to steal it back before the Nagas could consume it. Though Indra stole it back in time, as he did so some of it spilled turning the ground sharp like blades. The Nagas quickly licked up the drops, but they sliced their tongues as they did.

In my rune reading for this Full Moon it came bearing a warning of a similar tale, but with the opportunity for transformation of deeply embedded emotional turmoil within the home.

These are trying times for many. Many transformations and final tests some of us are facing. I thought I’d leave some of the combined wisdom of the runes and this full moon energy for you.

So the moral of the story is: Be wise as the separate race of Naga chose.

While we may be in some fashion related to a person or thing, we have the right to stand in our boundary and choose moral responsibility and truth.

This does not mean anything good or bad about us as individuals, simply that we choose to not participate in the perpetuity of enslaving others to conditioning given to us.

Relativity does not obligate us to accept the actions of those around us.

As nurturers (I believe we all are this somehow) we should be cautious how we interact with those we nurture and look closely at our motivations, our words and our behaviors with radical self honesty during this time.

Are our words and actions rooted in attempts to deceive due to jealousy?

So we seek to possess someone else’s power for our own? And if so, how can we identify the wound within ourselves that makes us perceive ourselves as lesser than that those we envy? What transformation could the awareness alone bring and how could we heal so that we may finally embody the power that we too possess?

In situations of conflict, should emotions flare, as this nakshatra has a two-sided personality as we see from this story: We should mindful how we interact. Allow yourself to acknowledge that there are no perfect people alive, and sometimes our mind can trick us into thinking our motives are something other than what they are especially if you find yourself the person who lashes out at another. Should you find you yourself are the person who is being lashed out at, observe, and embrace it for what it is, a wound within the person/situation asking to be seen but remain detached.

Stand within your boundary, within truth, but with calmness.

Remember that the cobra strikes fast, but not for long and divine intervention comes in the nick of time, leaving behind the seeds of transformation – but with a price.

Be well.

Love y’all.

Hope this helps someone navigate this very trying energy.

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