Full Moon Eclipse 31st January 2018, Blue Moon

Full Moon Eclipse 31st January 2018 : What Effects will there be in your Life afterwards?

Here are some genuine and thoughtful pointers to how to understand today’s eclipse, using both Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology, with eclipse charts provided (see below).

What I’m offering here is the intelligent and learned, informed way to decode the effect of an Eclipse in your life. This is not the usual formulaic rabbiting on!!! And you are most welcome to have one of my wonderful worldwide Astrology Readings or to enroll on my caring and totally individual worldwide Astrology Courses.

Note that Eclipses are very powerful earthquake energies. They cause tsunamis. And they cause earthquakes and tsunamis including in our lives.

And of course, Eclipses are more likely to cause the earthquakes and tsunamis in our lives, if the eclipse falls on one of the planets in our birth chart. Or if the eclipse falls on a chart angle such as the Ascendant. Or if the eclipse triggers issues held pent up in a particular House in our birth chart. So, if it’s our 7th House, this will be relationship issues.

And of course, the nature, scale and effect of our earthquake/tsunami will depend on how much tension is built up in our life. How much is blocked? How much is dammed up?

We should stick to the analogy that an earthquake releases tension that has built up in the earth’s crust: earthquakes release tension in the strata that can be held no longer.

And note that earthquake takes place beneath the vastness of the ocean, then a huge tsunami will be formed: a tidal wave will crash up onto the land and obliterate (and make room for new growth)

And so, of course, depending in the nature of the tension that is built up in our life, the effect of the Eclipse earthquake will be felt to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

The Details of this Eclipse:

See the charts in western and Vedic Astrology: go to the Charts and Tables 2018 Page on my readings website:
And I also provide a ‘Planets Information’ page for 2018, see: https://www.starwheelastrology.com/2018-planets.html

This Eclipsed Moon is at 11 deg at 11 deg Leo and Sun at 11 deg Aquarius in Western Astrology Tropical Zodiac. Ascendant 11 Aquarius.

So, Eclipsed Moon at 17 deg Cancer and Sun at 17 deg Capricorn in Vedic Astrology Sidereal Zodiac.
Ascendant 6 Gemini in Ardra Nakshatra.
Note that the Eclipsed Moon itself is in Ashlesha Nakshatra whose power animal is the Serpent. And so this could produce deep hurt , painful eruption and transformation in Ashlesha natives.
But the eclipse is only just into Ardra Nakshatra, and so people with Sun Moon or Ascendant in the preceding Pushyami Nakshatra will also be strongly affected by this eclipse.
For details of Ashlesha Nakshatra, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0nvWaJPtcA&t=25s and  //blog.starwheelastrology.com/worldwide-nakshatras-course-and-ashlesha-nakshatra/

So, Ask the Question: What is dammed up in you, now, on this Full moon, 31st January 2018 ?

And so, if it is love or creative energy that is dammed up in our life and if an Eclipse happens on a relevant planet in our chart, then we will manifest that dammed up creative or love energy potential.

And if it is your Power that is dammed up (for example if you have Unaspected Pluto in your birth chart), then you might have dam burst spraying of your power all over others! You’ll be driven, and the Dark Lord Pluto will arise!!!! Things could arise apparently from nowhere in your life like the entities that issue forth every Samhain/Halloween from the cave of The Morrigan near here: Oweynagat – the cave of War Goddess of the ancient Irish.

OR, surely, better, than that, you may have worked with your power issues and studied your astrology chart, and so you’ll know that the power flow the eclipse will most certainly trigger, will need to be handled in balance with the rest of your life, and be handled with care not to harm others. And so, in a real way, you’ll come into your real power!

BUT if we are at a situation where we are refusing to let go of things that we utterly need to lose from our life, now, then we could experience downfall or collapse (but hopefully because we were clinging on to that which should die, and hopefully with a chance for ‘death and rebirth’ later on).

Your Mind on this full moon 31st January 2018:

And of course, there’s the important issue of ‘management of the mind’. As an example, say you have an isolated Moon in your birth chart, then you’ll be prone to repetitive thoughts even ‘OCD’ scale. When the Moon has no planet either side of it in the Vedic birth chart its called a ‘Kemadruma Moon’. Then you’ll need to learn to live with repetitive mind thoughts, or even better, learn to get out of the box (prison) they create for you, so as to see and experience and express the vaster horizons of your true self, that special creative spark you incarnated to express, and the vastness of the divine gifts that are out there (and inside us).
I think it was one of my wonderful students on my Ogham Course (Ogham is the Celtic Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids), who sent into me this observation:

The insider that opens the door of my being
That is my restless and vivid mentality
There’s not so much of an enemy outside (not sure I agree with that bit!!!!!???????)
But INSIDE: That’s the one that needs watching carefully

Are you strong enough for your Task?

And then of course there’s also the issue of the strength in your chart. Are you strong enough to positively reap from the energy flow that an eclipse will release if it falls on a planet in your chart? (and you could add here: strength for doing what?)
Vedic Astrology has a wonderful system of assessing whether a planet is Exalted or Debilitated in your birth chart and in your life, and Vedic Astrology also has a wonderful series of Divisional Charts (called Varga Charts) derived from the main birth chart, where each Varga chart makes most wonderful declaration as to a specific area of your life such as: Marriage, ancestral curse, wealth, spiritual nature/worship, overall strength/limitation of each planet’s potential manifestation in your chart in therefore in your life.
For details of my wonderful Varga Course, see: https://www.advancedvedicastrologycourse.com/varga-course.html
And, for example, if you have your Sun or your Moon or your Ascendant/Rising Sign/Lagna in one of the three Gandanta Zones (the dangerous, immaterial but potentially inspirational transition points from Water Sign to Fire Sign in your Vedic birth chart), then you might be weak and lacking in confidence for the things of this world (and yet be very sensitive, and hopefully you’ll find that special inspiration that can be the gift of Gandanta.
And what is strength anyway? In Vedic Astrology there are wonderful ways to measure the strength of each planet in your birth chart and to measure and state how your planets treat each other.
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Sub Personalities: OK – So, which part of you is affected by the eclipse?

And then of course there’s’ the issue of Sub Personalities. I am a great believer in the wonderful declaration of Psychodynamic Astrology, and the effect that Assagioli’s model of Sub Personalities had on Western Psychodynamic Astrology. There’s a whole system I use in my Readings and teach in my courses based on psychosynthesis. I use the Megastar program which is pretty good at detailing the char aspect shape in your birth chart, which are such good pointers to the sub personalities in our chart and therefore in our life.

And it’s important to note that the Eclipse might trigger a subpersonality that is cut off from the rest of the chart: ‘Unaspected’, and this might mean that something we never know was there (well, that’s our story!) raises its head and arises to take over!!!!! Or more positively, we may come in to our wonderful qualities that up to now were cut off from our awareness.

Past Life Trigger?

And of course, there are Past Life issues that can be triggered by an eclipse. Ketu, the South Node of the Moon, is the great declaration of our Past Life. We come in to this life where Ketu is in our birth chart. And we are thrown to the other side of our chart to where Rahu, the North Node of the Moon is in our birth chart as the indicator for our Destiny, our Incarnational Life Purpose this time!

Western Evolutionary Astrology using the Tropical Zodiac declares our Incarnational life purpose and Destiny in terms of our psychological self and how our Life Purpose will express and unfold psychologically, in terms of our Individuation, our getting to know our psychological Egoic Self. The Tropical Zodiac is based on the point of the Sun’s position on the first day of Spring: The Vernal Equinox, a moving position against the backdrop of the stars (moves a degree every 72 years) so being Sun-sign based, it’s depictive of our egoic psychological Self. So, we’d look to western astrology to explore the psychological consequences of Past Lives.

But Vedic Astrology, which must properly use the Sidereal Zodiac, makes an utterly vast declaration of our incarnational destiny and our incarnational life purpose this lifetime. So, we’d look to Vedic Astrology for declaration of the Destiny implications of Past Lives.

Why am I so interested in this Eclipse?

Well, Rahu North Node of this Eclipse falls on my natal Pluto (which is Unaspected in the first House in my Western Astrology birth chart), and it’s within less than 3 deg orb from my Ascendant.
And also the Ascendant of the Eclipse falls exactly on my natal Uranus.
And transiting Uranus falls within less than one degree on my natal Moon.

Now, according to the ancient dictums, eclipse on your Ascendant can mean downfall, and the toppling of Kings.
Although the eclipse Sun and Moon at 4 deg Vedic Leo, of the Eclipse of 21st August 2017 fell on Donald Trump’s Ascendant and Mars – and he became a President for good or ill!.

But I predict that my blocked-up power will be freed by today’s eclipse, and I will manifest more successfully in the world. Do get in touch with me for a Reading to decipher the effect of this eclipse (and so much more) in your chart, OR to enroll on one of my wonderful worldwide Astrology Courses.

By the way, when making Predictions, you do need to take into account the Dasha, or Predictive Period of Vedic Astrology that the person is in, and the standing of the planet that is their Dasha Lord. Vedic astrology has an immeasurably wonderful sequences of Predictive Periods called Dashas that unfold from the moment of your birth with the start point in the sequences depending on the exact position of the Moon measured by the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology (not the tropical zodiac). I entered Jupiter Dasa a year ago and Jupiter is very strong in my chart (I’m not boasting, other planets in my chart are totally trashed and weak), and so this will give me purpose and Big Picture and the ability to manage the Power that the Eclipse will free up.

Beyond these personal dimensions, we note that this Eclipse is in Vedic Cancer, so in a background sense the energy will pint us towards issues of our emotional reality and care for ourselves, and of course you have to take not the which House the Eclipse falls in in both your Western astrology charts and also your Vedic Astrology chart to decode the effect of the eclipse in your life. Lunar Eclipses normally have pretty immediate effect. Solar Eclipses have delayed effect. The power of an Eclipse is partly determined by the period of visibility of the Eclipse from the surface of the Earth. The closeness of the Moon to the Earth’s surface at the time of the Eclipse is also an important factor.

So, to see the chart in western astrology and Vedic Astrology for this eclipse, go to the Charts and Tables 2018 Page on my readings website:

I also provide a ‘Planets Information’ page for 2018, see:
Please click here for 2018 Background Information on planets

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