Full Moon December 2023 Major calls for you to deeply confront your Problems

This post shows how the real and deep and central call of this Full Moon of 27th December 2023 (26th December in USA) is for you to delve deep into the energies to deeply confront your Problems:

To seek New Growth through the elimination of Old Rubbish.


To get to the Root of the Matter!


To overcome any fears that are dogging you!


To learn to identify the detail of your challenge at this time (e.g. by reflection or vision work) and to accept your challenge at this time!


Also we need to realize that at the time of this Full Moon, Mercury and Mars (both in the Gandanta) are square Neptune in Pisces, so really do do vision work and look out for dep and wonderful insights.

Do allow a space to deeply attune to how you are feeling at the time of this Full Moon – and to repeat this as the lunation that then unfolds.

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This key 7-point statement is based mainly not on the Signs that the Moon and the Sun fall in at the time of this Full Moon, but on the Nakshatras that the Moon and the Sun fall within at the time of this Full Moon.

Yes, Vedic astrology divides the zodiac into 12 Signs, but note that also it divides the zodiac into 27 Nakshatras or Lunar signs.

And in the case of this particular Full Moon, we absolutely need to realize that the deeper currents and power-demands and potential gifts, will come from understanding the Nakshatra placements of the Sun and the Moon of this Full Moon. The Nakshatras are the 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology rather than the 12 sign placements.

And the special twist to the tale in the case of this particular Full Moon is that both the Moon and the Sun occupy a very special challenge. They occupy two particularly difficult sections of the Nakshatra that they are in, sections called ‘Ashtamamsha padas’, which I explain below.

I of course shall also be explaining the energies of this Full Moon with reference to other key planets:

the Nodes of the Moon


Plus the current complexities of Mars and Mercury in the Gandanta zone between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

You can see the charts for this Full Moon, both Vedic and Western on the December 2023 page of my Starwheel Astrology website: https://starwheelastrology.com/december-2023/

Let’s now look at the detail of this Full Moon:

Moon is at 10 Vedic Gemini (that’s Western 5 Cancer).

Sun is at 10 Sagittarius (that’s 5 Western Capricorn).

So, according to the energies of the Signs occupied by the Moon and the Sun:

Moon is in the restless, nervous, loquacious, exploratory energy of Vedic Gemini, ruled by Mercury.

Sun is in the expansive, idealistic, optimistic big-picture energy of Vedic Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.

But, as I said, we actually have to go deep beyond Moon and Sun’s sign placements. We have to look at their Nakshatra placements for the fullest meaning:

The Nakshatras are the wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology.

See my very genuine Nakshatras course where the focus is always the study of how each Nakshatra manifests in your sign or mine: https://starwheelastrology.com/courses/nakshatras/

Using the Nakshatras, as I said, the energy of this Full Moon is starkly and dramatically – and far more accurately revealed.

And as I said, in the case of this Full Moon, we need to take into account a deeper totally key factor that emerges within the Nakshatra analysis. This is that both Sun and Moon are in ‘Ashtamamsha’ status in their Nakshatras. This special difficult status is due to their specific locations in the Nakshatras they occupy – which are very difficult parts of each of these Nakshatras.

Let me explain what Ashtamamsha means for a planet that is within it. Each Nakshatra has four padas or quarters. But we have to be aware that there are eight Ashtamsha padas across the 27 Nakshatras. And this Full Moon actually occupies two of the eight. These are Ardra pada 2 and Mula pada 4:

The Eight Ashtamamsha Padas:

23°20’ -26°40′CapricornLeoDhanishta-1
10o00′-13°20′PiscesLibraU Bhadra-3

So, what exactly is Ashtamamsha?

Well, Ashtamamsha is where planets are in a dysfunctional or aggrieved, confrontative position and very difficult to handle. This is because in essence there is disconnection, and lack of integration, between the planet’s call on the soul level and the planet’s push on the physical level.

The mind is telling you one thing, whereas circumstances are telling you another.

For planets in the Ashtamamsha padas, the individual soul just does not understand what the universal soul wants. That dilemma will be felt at the time of this Full Moon and its following lunation.

Unexpected events will occur which will lead to major transformation according to signification of the planet involved. And in the case of this Full Moon, of course it’s major: it’s both the Moon and the Sun that are in Ashtamamsha.

I am sharing this analysis, because great benefits and gains will come to us if we go really deep in our awareness and understanding of the energies of this Full Moon and the following lunation period, if we are alerted to this disconcerting energy

Let’s look at the Nakshatras placements of the Moon and the Sun in this Full Moon:

Moon is in the 6th Nakshatra: Ardra. Moon is in Ardra pada 2 which is Ashtamamsha.

Sun is in the 19th Nakshatra: Mula. Sun is in Mula pada 4 which is Ashtamamsha.

Let’s look at the detail:

Moon is in Ardra Nakshatra which is very tough energy.

Ardra is ruled by Rahu the North Node so it’s ambitious and driven and can fall prey to illusion.

 It’s ruled by the Storm God, Rudra.

Its symbol is the Tear Drop. It desires perfection and redemption, but its energies are destruction, sadness and illusion.

It seeks New Growth through the elimination of Old Rubbish

In Ardra pada 2 the Ardra storm is greater!

This is what we must be realize that we must embrace and grow through!

Confront your problems!

Sun is in Mula Nakshatra whose ruling deity is Goddess Niritti, the Goddess of Death and destruction, the deity of calamity: Hard Sharp and Dreadful – but can confer spiritual realization.

Mula’s symbol is the bunch of roots: we will need to get to the Root of the Matter! Get to the Root!

Overcome any fears that are dogging you!

Learn to accept your challenge!

Meet the Goddess of Death and Destruction on this December Full Moon. I have really thought abount this: What would she look like? How would she be with me? What would I say when I met the Goddess of Death and Destruction??? What does this mean??? How do I prepare??? What gifts will she bestow??? Think about it!

Niritti’s name itself translates from Sanskrit as “Calamity”. Moreover, she is the daughter of Adharma (vileness) and Himsa (violence), and the mother to Mrityu (death) and Bhaya (fear). The planet ruling Mula Lunar Sign is Ketu, the South Node of the Moon: a driven fiery energy that dissolves things: but always for a spiritual purpose. All this makes Moola a very difficult energy to handle, and people with strong Mula influence in their birth chart can find it very hard to curb their destructive potentials and direct themselves towards something constructive.

Looking at the other planets in the chart for this Full Moon:

Saturn is super-powerful at 8 deg Aquarius, one of the two signs that Saturn rules. In fact Saturn remains in Aquarius all 2025.

Saturn first entered Vedic Aquarius 29.4.2022, staying in Aquarius for the first time until 13.7.22. Saturn turned Retrograde after four months on 5.6.2022 at 1 deg Aquarius and then retrograded back into Capricorn 13.7.22. Saturn then turned Direct 23.10.22 at 24 Capricorn, and re-entered Aquarius 17.1.23. so it’s a very long stay in Aquarius. And Saturn’s nature is to demand that we meet our correct karmic challenges. And if we can identify them and meet them, then Saturn rewards us. He rewards us with Golden reaping.

Saturn’s energy particularly affects Aquarius and Leo, but also Saturn especially aspects 3rd and 10th signs from himself as well: Aries and Sagittarius, Scorpio and Taurus.

The Nodes of the Moon: Ketu South Node is transiting Vedic Virgo since 30th October 2023, bringing and especial call for us to embrace fuller dimensions of our health and healing. And Rahu North Node is transiting Vedic Pisces since that date, bringing at its highest, great visionary and intuitive openings.

Neptune is transiting the first degree of Pisces now, having turned Direct 8.12.23. at its highest, Neptune in Pisces will offer us wonderful visionary potentials. And we need to realize that at the time of this Full Moon, Mercury and Mars (both in the Gandanta) are square Neptune in Pisces, so really do do vision work and look out for dep and wonderful insights.

Venus has just entered Scorpio, now at 2 Scorpio, so we need to be aware this can cause problems to watch out for in relationship.

Mars is at 29 deg Scorpio, so it’s in one of the three water to fire transition Gandanta Zones, which are very immaterial and unsupported but that factor can gift us deep and vast spiritual realizations, often learned through the difficulties of feeling so unsupported. There can be turbulence, including in the weather.

Mercury is at 1 deg Sagittarius, so it to is in the Scorpio – Sagittarius Gandanta zone.  And Mercury is Retrograde. So there could be confusion and communications and postal challenges. Mercury retrogrades into Scorpio next day on 28th December, and Mercury turns Direct on 2nd January at 28 Scorpio, and so then goes through the Gandanta for the third time. Slow down. Be thoughtful. Watch your communications. Open to insights.

Jupiter and Uranus are both retrograde in Aries now.

Jupiter is at 11 deg Aries and turns Direct on 31.12.23.

Uranus is at 25 deg Aries and turns Direct on 27.1.24.

This is a wonderful expansive energy for Aries (and the signs aspected from Aries), and it soon transfers to Taurus.

Jupiter enters Taurus on 1.5.24.

Uranus enters Taurus on 1.6.2024.

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