Full Moon December 2022

So here is my reading of the nature of the Full Moon of 8th December 2022. As with all my work, it combines the vastness of Vedic Astrology with the needed psychological additional dimensions of Western Astrology.

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So, here is my reading of the energies of this Full Moon of December 8th and what we can best do with them.

Basically there’s a tense irritable exact Moon conjunct Mars at 22 deg Vedic Taurus where our best response to it is to break out of our stuckness, out of our stuck situations, out of our stuck rut mindset, and away from our stuck life-path forward.

And this irritable conjunction of upset and danger is in Rohini Nakshatra, whose energy is heavily about materialism and stuckness (as well as material wealth focus, charm, charisma – but with nemesis arising from stuckness).

The next point I must make is that at this time, there’s a huge compelling force driving us as well: Lilith is opposition Pluto now. We are being offered the chance to grab additional power by accessing buried material stuffed into our Shadow. Buried Power. The Fullness that will be found by wise perceptive encounter with our Wild Side that was disallowed us – and denied.

A mysterious voice whispers to you to grab the Flame from the ether, now, using your new power.

If we can connect to/be aware of our Lilith Pluto compelling force (that may be such an eye-opener when you discover it) we should respect it and value it.

Don’t continue being held back by inculcated negative disempowering scripts and identities. Don’t deny yourself the fullness of your potential by staying stuck in formulaic organizations.

Respect what potential is in your Lilith Pluto shadow – and it will smash the ‘Moon in Taurus/Rohini’ stuck side.

With this Full Moon, whispers are getting through to us, now, even fiercely, to honour our fullness, to smash our blocking habits, to see better the fullness and beauty of our incarnational inspiration as it should manifest now.

This will be the initiation of a new project – or a project that is in the early stage but is not really going forward with fullness, momentum and joy: a project that’s incipient or just ‘in the early making’.

But now you and your project must have power, formation, depth and must have authenticity to the real You: The you who we each really are.

Mastering a skill, Construction and Growth – this is the energy we must embrace with this Full Moon in Taurus.

Make the most of this Opportunity – or you will live less full in your realization of your self-potential.

The shadow energy of this Full Moon in Taurus is Fear. It is Lack of Willpower. It is Stagnancy. What must we do now?

Give up a habit you really want to give up.

Give up a script you really want to give up.

Give up a way of holding your body you really want to give up.

Give up a pathway you are sick of walking.

Turn the irritable energy of Full Moon conjunct Mars into Rightful Battle. Into Courage and Delight.

And give it Form – Taurus is about Form and the body and the material world.

I tell you more about Taurus and Rohini, below – and indeed the potential cataclysm energies of Rohini Bheda (19 to 24 deg Taurus) – see below.

But now I want to get on to a further important facet of the energy of this Full Moon: there’s actually loads of spirituality and vision energy present: spirituality and vision potential that you should make the conscious and willful effort to manifest at the time of this Full Moon energy – and let it flood into your energy and practice going forward embodying this.

Jupiter turned Direct on 24th November. And Jupiter rules Vedic Pisces where he is now transiting. What House in your chart is Vedic Pisces?

Jupiter also rules Sagittarius of course. What House in your chart is Sagittarius. See my webpage on the starwheelastrology about the life area covered by each House in your chart.

We now turn to another feature of this Full Moon’s energies:

Neptune turned Direct on 4th December. And Jupiter and Neptune are within an orb of 6 degrees.

Let’s look at the best meaning of the Jupiter/Neptune combination according to Reinhold Ebertin’s Combination of Stellar Influences:

At its highest potential, the Jupiter-Neptune combination is compassion, mysticism idealism and even ‘gain without effort’. It’s Dreamers, Mystics and the Courageous.

But please be aware that there’s a special twist to this Full Moon’s Jupiter energy.

That is because Jupiter is conjunct the most dreadful energy star Scheat. It is linked to danger, misfortune and accidents, but out of Scheat catastrophe, good potentials can come, especially  Wisdom.

Scheat need not be an actual catastrophe. Its energy includes smashing of a stuck situation. So, this brings me back to the message of this Full Moon’s irritational Moon conjunct Mars in stuck Taurus, in stuck Rohini:

When we break out of stuckness, we can reach for OUR STARS.

We can tread OUR path of Vision.

We can tread OUR path of Fullness.

We can best tread this phase of our incarnational life path, our Destiny Path, our Individuation Path – tread it as it really needs to be trodden at this point in our life.

But what about the SUN of this Full Moon?

Sun is at 22 Vedic Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra. Note that Jyestha is an energy that includes ‘The Eldest’, Seniority, Wise Leadership – potential of psychic and occult powers.

Do note that the Sun of this Full Moon is conjunct the star Ras Algethi. Ras Algethi’s is the energy that wants to Restore Balance and the Natural Order, that gives honour and power to the Gods and finds sense of Power and Purpose.

OK, two final points about the astrological energies fo this Full Moon of 8th December:

It is hugely important to note that this Moon/Mars conjunction is conjunct the fixed star Rigel. Orb is 1 deg.

Rigel can confer honour, happines, inventive ability and active educating.

But be wary of allowing in disappointment that can specifically mar the Moon-Rigel combination that we have here.

If we’re feeling a measure of disappointment, use that feeling as a stimulus to overcome – NOT as a DRAG!

Secondly, note that this Moon/Mars conjunction is in a nemesis area of the Heavens. This nemesis are of the Heavens is known anciently as Rohini Bheda. It’s because of this Rohini Bheda energy that Rohinis often have Downfall due to their stuckness (that creates the earthquake or the tsunami that can befall stuck people and stuck situations).

Rohini Bheda is 19 to 24 deg Taurus.

Taurus nature can be too pleasure-loving and lazy.

So, the call of this Full Moon of December 8th is:

to pursue your project or pathway.

To be driven by your hidden or buried power (by accessing what’s stuffed into your shadow, including your Wild Nature – that doubtless was disallowed.

Smash out of stuckness.

Discover your Vision.

Insist on connecting to your vision.

Attract HONOUR into your life as you initiate your NEW (or not yet properly started) project or pathway.

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