Full Moon April 24th at the same time as the Revolutionary Jupiter Uranus Conjunction You must grasp THIS opportunity

You must grasp THIS opportunity. Don’t let it run through your fingers! It’s your chance to identify and bring in needed revolution in your life.

It’s so important to be fully aware of and work with these TWO energies, especially, at this time, of Full Moon and Jupiter conjunct Uranus.

The energies are so big that you must stop and have a ‘stop-and-take-time’ session, now.

See the Pt. 1 video:

See the Pt. 2 video:

These are the two key energies to work with, but the list of other very strong energies also flowing at this time is long in addition! See below.

Coming up now in April 2024 is your chance to bring in needed dimensions of Revolution to areas of your life.

Stop now and think:

What area of my life needs to be reborn now?

What area of my life cries out for Revolution?

Three things:


It is a MUST at the time of this Full Moon and Jupiter-Uranus conjunction to check out what you are feeling about the different areas of your life.


AND then identify what you crucially need to change.


AND then develop a pathway to achieving your revolution target.

Check out:
What Houses (=Life Areas) in your Vedic Chart are strongly affected:

What House is Aries where the Full Moon and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction are?

What House is Libra where the Moon is?

What House is Pisces where Mars, Neptune, Mercury, Rahu Chiron and Venus all are?

What House is Virgo where Ketu South Node is?

What House is Capricorn where Pluto is, square the Full Moon axis?

Let’s start by listing the factors present in the energies at the time of this 24th April Full Moon.

The Vedic and Western Astrology Charts are in my April month page in my Starwheel Astrology website: https://starwheelastrology.com/april-2024/


There’s the Full Moon of 24th April in the Vedic Aries-Libra Axis: Sun 10 Aries, Moon 10 Libra


There’s Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Vedic Aries: Jupiter 28 Aries, Uranus 27 Aries.


But also Pluto is T-square the Full Moon axis, with Pluto at 7 Capricorn


And there’s also the energy left behind by the New Moon Eclipse of 8.4.24, which was at 25 Vedic Pisces with planets transiting forward through that pool of energy, or retrograding through that, and thus being activated and destabilized by that.


Venus is at 29 Vedic Pisces in the Pisces-Aries Gandanta Zone of insubstantiality.


Mars is in the first degrees of Pisces closing on Neptune at 4 Pisces.


Saturn is Jagrat or wide awake – super strong in the sign he rules: Aquarius, at 21 Vedic Aquarius.

So think about it. Let’s list the signs being strongly activated. Wow! Aries and Libra of course, but also Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, plus the signs receiving oppositions from all this: Virgo, Leo, plus the other aspects created by all this.

 And maybe the nub of the matter is the boosting of Mars energy at this time:

The April Full Moon on 24th April, has Moon at 10 Vedic Libra and Sun at 10 Vedic Aries.

So this means that Sun and Jupiter are both in Mars-ruled Aries.

And Mars is in Jupiter-ruled Pisces.

So here’s a Parivatana yoga, with Jupiter in Mars’ sign of Aries and Mars in Jupiter’s sign of Pisces.

Mars and Jupiter are massively boosting each other

 – And take into account also that in Vedic Aries, there’s a Revolution-energy Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Jupiter at 28 Vedic Aries conjunct Uranus. And this is where the Jupiter-Uranus combination can bring revolution to your life plus ‘thank the Lord success’.

And it’s boosted by Mars!

So there’s:
The warrior energy of Mars in Aries

The strongly solar energy of Sun in Aries

The expansionary and spiritual energy of Jupiter

Plus there’s the revolutionary energy from Uranus conjuncting Jupiter.

We do need to grasp this opportunity.

Please don’t miss this opportunity.

OK – how might you go about grasping this opportunity?

Well, first of all, pause and check out what do you feel about the energies?

Maybe bear in mind the following factors:

Jupiter-Uranus is the urge to break free from your blocks and restraints. With Jupiter’s 12-year orbit Jupiter’s conjunction with Uranus only occurs once every 13 to 14 years so it’s rare and needs to be cherished. It’s the cry for liberty and freedom and autonomy. It brings luck and optimism and breakthroughs.

And this time it’s so boosted by being in Aries, fueled by Mars and caught up in the Full Moon breakthrough.

Uranus is disruptive but can be led by Jupiter’s expansionary spiritual energy. They boost each other, and Mars is flooding energy and assertion (and because he’s in Pisces) vision capability into the mix as well.

Jupiter-Mars-Uranus energy brings new projects and innovations. Because Mars is in Pisces, that brings an insight and vision dimension too and cools the Storm of the Bastille energy that is Uranus.

The next step going forward is that Jupiter moves into Taurus on 1st May: bring into your visions and your plans plus the possibility of ABUNDANCE.

Mercury is Retrograde at the time of this Full Moon, indeed for another two days until 26th April, so be prepared for messes in communications and logistics and so don’t let these drag you down or dampen your confidence.

Mercury is conjunct Chiron at the time of this Full Moon: Mercury at 21 deg 53 Pisces, Chiron at 26 Vedic Pisces.  What Healing is there for you in that energy?

Indeed, there’s lots of disorientation left over from the Eclipse of 8th May (only two weeks ago), so aim to combat the disorienting planet energies left over by that too!

Remember Pluto is square Sun and Moon. Power! ?Your buried power? Bring that consideration into your very-much needed ‘stop-and-take-time’ session now.

Think of the archetypes that Uranus and Jupiter are:

Uranus is electrical and barrier-breaking and brings in the new. He’s creative.

Jupiter is expansion. Jupiter is spiritual gateway.

Sun at 10 Aries is in Ashwini Nakshatra, the Healer’s sign. Ashwini’s nature is urgent to get things healed. Ashwini is healing, speed and courage.

Moon is in Swati Nakshatra ruled by Rahu, so that produces potential for driven over-running, or, if handled with awareness, potential for spiritual growth ambition.

Venus is a big issue at this time:

Venus enters Aries and Ashwini Nakshatra next day – but be careful of love while Venus is still in the Gandanta zone of immateriality from water sign Pisces to Fire sign Aries. And Venus’ Gandanta placement can open us to sensitivity and visions of love and beauty.

A second point is that Venus was Morning Star from August 2023 to mid-April, but Venus has disappeared from view behind the Sun and is thus transiting the Underworld until late June when Venus will reemerge as the Evening star. This too creates a time for useful reflection and sharing and matters of loving relationship.

So what with Gandanta and being hidden behind the Sun, Venus energies are very special now with special potential – if we take time and share.

Also, Venus is conjunct Chiron at the time of this Full Moon: Venus at 29 Pisces, Chiron at 26 Vedic Pisces.

AND Venus will square Pluto exact on May 25th so issues of whether you are standing in your own proper power in relationship, and issues of power-over are growing now, so be aware and take this into account.

The Moon is at 10 Libra in Swati Nakshatra, which is ruled by Rahu, North Node of the Moon. It’s a driven energy. Don’t chase shadows, but purify your energy and ambition to align with your true Life Path at this time, the unfoldment of your Incarnational Life Purpose at this time.

Ketu South Node at the time of this Full Moon is transiting Vedic Virgo, so this means that we will all of us be called to increase our awareness of our health and healing issues (as well as Ketu Past Life and Ancestral issues). So absolutely do include this dimension of your understanding and nurturing your Health and Healing, in your consideration of this Full Moon. For example:  Homeopathic remedies can really help here, in this sort of death and rebirth energies time – often.

Three things:


It is a MUST at the time of this Full Moon and Jupiter-Uranus conjunction to check out what you are feeling about the different areas of your life.


AND then identify what you crucially need to change.


AND then develop a pathway to achieving your revolution target.

Tarot can really hep us with guidance about how we are operating in the above three areas.

I use Tarot daily and I combine Tarot with vision journeys, e.g. to shamanic drumming, at least once a week.

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