Full Moon 6th January 2023 Vision Journey

This is an outline vision journey if you wish to deepen your connection to the Full Moon of 6th January 2023; if you wish to maximize your best passage forward from it.

Before doing this vision journey, please make sure to see my separate video and blog post, first – where I outline the major facets and energies of this Full Moon.

Start this Vision Journey by seeing your self in the Dark Time – This is the Dark Time of Winter Solstice.

This is the time of the shortest days.

This is the time of the death of the old Sun and the birth of the infant new Sun.

I find myself in this Vision Journey in the Megalithic tomb of Carrowkeel near here where I do one of my Sacred West of Ireland Tours.

I find myself deep in this Megalith which was built by the First Farmers who came here from Anatolia from 3,200 BC, indeed whose DNA I bear on my mother’s side.

These structures were in essence places of magic to align the people and the land to the energies of the Sun (and stars), so as to honour the energies and so as to best sow and harvest the crops.

And so we recognize that now we dwell in the Dark Time of the Year.

And we recognize that this is a time for going down into our Unconscious.

This is a time to face down into our Shadow self.

What do you see down there?

How are you really feeling at this darkest time of the Year?

How do you feel about things?

How do you feel about your Power?

How does the needed expression of your Wild Side fare now?

How wounded do you really feel now? Identify the wounds you carry.

Seek to glimpse the you who goes forward freed from your wounds.

Action time is soon –

But is not quite now.

This is the Dark time before new life.

What do you see?

Bring your vision onto you and your emergent new pathway forward.

And above all see all this through the eyes of Compassion.

Dwell in this dark place now for a time.

Also, tentatively, then more strongly, notice where you feel a wound.

Notice how you feel about your wounded side.

Identify how you feel about it.

Identify what strategies arise for you to heal it – knowing that soon you will be going forward.

Dwell in these deep personal realizations for a time.

Then peer out of the tomb.

What do you see lies ahead?

What do you see yourself needing to do?

What do you see yourself needing to achieve going forward?

How should you manage it?

Now, see that the rising sunlight suddenly shines a ray through the Light Box that is over the entrance to the chamber – as it has shone through there into the darkness of the chamber for over 5000 years.

Let the light enter through the Light Box into the chamber, and let the light flood into your heart and mind.

See what visions come to you – what visions come to you as your needed next step of your present Uranus Revolution.

See if you can see what should be your rising path forward now?

See if any details and loose ends need to be tied up now so that you can successfully walk your pathway forward.

See how you hold yourself, as you embark on this pathway forward now.

Do you see that you need to reorganize some detail of your life now, in order to happily and successfully achieve?

Continue – in your mind’s eye, hold yourself in that way now.

Notice how this feels.


Be prepared to pause as things unfold.

Be prepared to return yourself to this way of holding yourself whenever you need as your future unfolds from this Full Moon.

And above all see all this through the eyes of Compassion.

Standing thus, now make your key intention for the start of your project going forward, for the start of your pathway going forward from this Full Moon.

See yourself going forward managing ever more successfully the wound you have borne.

Note how you are holding yourself.

Seek to see ever better your pathway forward.

Seek to see ever clearer the Destination you are choosing.

Tentatively at first

But ever more strongly.

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