Full Moon 6th Jan 2023 Astrology Presentation

This is an expert presentation of the energies of the Full Moon of 6th January 2023 and as usual, there is also a separate outline vision journey if you wish to deepen your connection with the Full Moon and maximize your best passage forward from it.

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OK, let’s turn to the energies of this Full Moon of 6th January:

Using the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac, this Full Moon is at 22 Gemini in Punarvasu Nakshatra, with the Sun at 22 Sagittarius in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra.

In Western Astrology using the Tropical Zodiac, this is Full Moon at 16 deg Cancer, with Sun at 16 deg Capricorn.

See the charts for the Lunations plus the ephemeris of planet positions for this month in the January 2023 charts page of my StarWheelAstrology website: https://starwheelastrology.com/january-2023/

And go to our Houses in your Birth Chart Page to check out what life area of yours is affected by Full Moon in Gemini-Sagittarius for the different Rising Signs including yours:

The Nature of this Full Moon of 6th January 2023:

The nature of this Full Moon is basically communicative and questing and spiritually enlarging.

I say this because it is in Punarvasu Nakshatra (in Vedic Gemini) which is ruled by Jupiter.

And I also say this because the Sun of this Full Moon is in Vedic Sagittarius also ruled by Jupiter.

Jupiter is in a very ‘Jagrat’ or wide-awake status now, transiting Pisces – one of the signs he rules.

Mercury, the Ruler of Gemini, is very combusted by the Sun in this Full Moon so it’s Jupiter big picture time rather than analytic micro-focus from Mercury.

Using Rashi Avasthas, Jupiter and Saturn are Jagrat or wide awake and ready to express themselves at the time of this Full Moon, whereas Mercury is very badly trashed by Sun and trashed even worse by Moon – so this Full Moon simply isn’t a time for intellectualizing or questioning or over-discussion.

I also say: Don’t expect results too soon. Don’t try to force it now. Don’t try to rush things now. I say this because this is still the Dark time of Winter Solstice (see point 5 below) and because Mars the planet of action is Retrograde until 13th January (so beware spats and outbursts and rows.).

But note that there are also five further major crucial twists to this tale:


The first important twist to the tale is that it is crucial to note that this Full Moon is square Chiron.

Chiron is at 18 deg Vedic Pisces (12 Aries Western).

Matters of our Wound and our fears and vulnerabilities and weaknesses – and healing these, are therefore key to the energies of this Full Moon and this is key to how we need to handle those energies.

We need to give our wounds better and deeper focus now.

Above all we need to use COMPASSION now. There is good energy for Compassion now – with Jupiter and Chiron both in Pisces.  Jupiter at 7 Pisces; Chiron at 18 Pisces).

COMPASSION is the highest spiritual virtue. It is embodied in the Tibetan Buddhist God Avalokiteshvara also called Chenrezig, and the Goddess equivalents of Green Tara and Quan Yin). Compassion for our self. Compassion for all others.


The second important additional key factor to the energies of this Full Moon are that the Moon and Sun are in a sextile and trine aspect to driven revolutionary Uranus conjunct Rahu North Node (Uranus and Rahu are both in Vedic Aries).


Look up what House in your Vedic birth chart is Aries?

What do you need to do to liberate yourself from your prison walls and chains???

Uranus calls you to storm your Bastille now.

What do you need to walk free, run free, on the surface of this Earth and achieve your Destiny and Life Purpose now???

Where is your cutting edge for moving forward now?

Where must you move forward to, to bring your higher expression now?

Define your Fresh Start now.

Use the Jupiter energy of illumination and vision and sense of purpose to identify and face your wound and go forward in a journey of healing it, now.


Thirdly, there is still the deep vast and powerful Lilith – Pluto opposition in the heavens. So be fully aware as to issues of Power and Shadow and your denied Wild Side that you MUST take into account as you work with this Full Moon.

We need to still contact and draw on and work with our Shadow Self now so as to liberate our proper power. We need to clearer see now what is buried deep in our Shadow  – and bring this crucial material more into the Light.

What ‘Wild Self’ fo you need to find now: see it, liberate it, and bring it into the light? And joyfully express it now???

Define it now.

Begin it now.

We have to explore/face/identify our wounds and shadows now at the time of this Full Moon.

We have to do this to be free and strong and bold to be able to move to our FRESH START now (but maybe not fully bringing it forward for a day or two yet).


Fourthly, Saturn calls you to finish tying up loose ends and complete unfinished business now. Consolidate.

Prepare for your big Saturn journey into Aquarius which starts on 17th January.

(Note that Saturn actually entered Aquarius before, but only very briefly for two and a half months, from 29.4.2022 to 12.7.2022, when he reached 1 deg Aquarius on 4th June.

But then Saturn turned Retrograde on 15.6.22, returning to Capricorn on 12.7.2022.

But as I said, Saturn returns to Aquarius on 17th January.)


Fifthly it absolutely crucial to note that we are still in the shadow/quiet/dead/inward time of Winter Solstice.

This is a time for being quiet and inward and this is a time for the death of what ought to die in you and your life now. And this is the time for the BIRTH of the New Sun.

Relevant to this point, I am bringing this video and blog to you from the West of Ireland.

Here are Ireland’s most ancient monuments: the Megalithic cairns and tombs, and so many of these are orientated to the Solstice.

Here their priests and priestesses of Ireland’s First Farmers who came here from Anatolia did magical work to align the people and the land to the energies of Solstice and these high energy places also were used as tombs. They felt and knew the power and importance of aligning to the great turning ‘Wheel of the Year’ and its Festivals.

One of my Sacred West of Ireland Tours actually includes a visit to such a place near here: Tour 4 Carrowkeel: https://druidforestschool.com/sacred-west-of-ireland-vision-tours/

Take into account that we are still arising out of the Dead Time of Winter Solstice. Not quite yet does the New-Born Sun in us step forth (The Mabon, the Child of Promise, in ancient Irish spirituality).

OK, so having now defined the energies that are radiating at the time of this Full Moon, you might like to go to the separate Blog and Video where I outline a possible Vision Journey to connect with and work with and go forward with the energies of this Full Moon. See what further comes to the light for you as you do my Journey.

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