Full Moon 6th April demands you identify and do the key healing work you need at this time

1. Introduction:

The Full Moon of April 6th is in Vedic Virgo the sign of healing, in Hasta Nakshatra which is about finding the special skill.

The Sun is in Vedic Pisces with its visionary mystical energy.

And most importantly Sun is conjunct Chiron and Jupiter.

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2. Planet Positions Summary:

So, in summary, before going into the analysis, let’s just briefly do the needed mention of the key planetary positions:

Moon is at 21 Virgo in skillful Hasta Nakshatra.

Sun is at 21 Pisces, conjunct Chiron at 22 Pisces

Jupiter is at 26 Pisces

– And Sun, Chiron and Jupiter all in service orientated, devoted, mystical Revati Nakshatra

Pluto is at 6 Capricorn, square the Nodal Axis.

And regarding the Nodes:
Rahu North Node is in Ashwini the Healers’ Nakshatra at 10 Aries

Mercury is conjunct Rahu at 9 Aries

Ketu South Node is cutting away in Libra the sign of Relationship energy and awareness at 10 Libra.

Neptune is in Pisces sextile Venus in an Unaspected subpersonality.

3. Hear the Healing Call of this Full Moon:

OK, now to analyses the direction and divine healing potential of this Full Moon:

The Moon in Virgo in Hasta Nakshatra is gifting us with the special skills and dexterity for us to do what we especially need to do on our healing timeline now. Heighten your awareness now. Increase you healing intelligence.

The call is to look within now, to identify what is going on at this phase in terms of your woundedness, and to open to the ways of healing that.

And remember, the energy of the Moon is about Nurturing.

Sun/Chiron/Jupiter in Pisces in Revati Nakshatra are calling to us at the same time to open up our awareness of our woundedness, the special area that is ripe to heal now. With Chiron conjunct Sun you might feel a bit weak and confused or lacking. Your sense of self might feel weak.

Don’t give in to this.

Pisces/Revati energy is mystical and visionary. Make the effort to connect with that dimension and use it to identify better what in your woundedness is arising at this time to be seen clearer, for the right modality to be found to heal it.

Don’t repetitiously be the Pisces victim.

The right people could well then come into your life or enter tour consciousness now.

Using Hasta-like skills and Revati-like mysticism and vision, bring your Sun’s light out of Darkness NOW.

This is so that Moon in Virgo/Hasta energy can direct us to identifying and using the key healing modalities.

With Mercury conjunct Rahu North Node and Moon in Virgo/Hasta, the wound that might be fore-fronting for you might possibly not so much psychological, but could be in the area of language and communication.

Make this a successful time for healing your wounds, your body or you sense of self.

Let the right people pop up in your life, let them arrive and enter your life and help you with yout healing.

Find the right physical, psychological or spiritual healing modalities for where you are at in your healing path now.

And with Pluto square the Nodal axis, use the chance you have to heal wounds to your power, to stand better and better in your rightful power.

And with Venus sextile Neptune in an otherwise Unaspected subpersonality, not connected to the other planets, open to the utter beauty, to the perfect in love and beauty – and let that call you.

Rahu in Ashwini Nakshatra, the Healers’ Nakshatra is demanding you really do break thorough the barrier, the wounds, the lack of confidence – and work at your healing.

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