Full Moon 5th Feb 23 Use your long forgotten wisdom by Janell Renshaw

Our Full Moon lands in the Nakshatra or Lunar Mansion of Ashlesha, whose Power Animal is The Nagas:

“ The Nagas are snakes of ancient wisdom and occult powers. They are symbols of rebirth and transformation and are linked to the Kundalini Shakti. The latent power within us all that lies coiled at the base of the spine as Divine energy in the Muladhara Chakra.

The Nagas are the ancestors of all snakes. Snakes are either feared, revered, or used in demeaning ways. But one thing is sure is that they all have the same extraordinary powers of perception.

Snakes do not have ears to hear, and most do not have great vision. They view the world in black and white, and if you place something directly in front of them, they only see blobs. They sense vibration and temperature changes in their environment to inform their perceptions.”

Ashlesha is known as “The Embracer” or “The Entwiner,” and is perhaps the most challenging energy to handle and channel correctly.

This energy is asking you to listen from the depths of your soul.

It is asking you to use your long-forgotten wisdom and judgment (discernment), and to choose what’s best for you and others.

The receiver is encouraged to check within to see if it rings true and right for their soul through their unfiltered perception.

Unfiltered perception is the true wisdom of the soul, but you can’t see it, read it, or hear it. It must be felt and embraced.

The energy of this Full Moon in Ashlesha is filled with tension from a squared aspect by the Sun & Moon to Uranus, the planet of shock, rebellion, inspiration, and sudden change. Your body and emotions may absorb a vibrational impact in the form of intuitive insight, visual, written, or verbal communication that seemly come out of nowhere. Whether that is for good or bad.

The Sun, enlightening the Moon, is placed in the Moon Mansion of Shravana, “The Star of Listening.”

This is not implying listening to what is being presented but listening to the ancient wisdom that dwells within us. The impact will present opportunities to overcome resistance and release attachments to what you perceived to be true or to that which you really desire.

Throughout history, wisdom has come from some of the most unlikely sources. But for this Full Moon, we will focus on what will be consuming your minds and emotions and the wisdom of our ruling deity, the Naga’s.

The Nagas are snakes of ancient wisdom and occult powers. They are symbols of rebirth and transformation and are linked to the Kundalini Shakti. The latent power within us all that lies coiled at the base of the spine as Divine energy in the Muladhara Chakra.

When something is directly in front of us, we can get entwined and cannot fully discern what it is; sometimes, all we see is a blob of past experiences, resulting in difficulty directly perceiving and feeling into the Truth.

Knowledge builds on the past and has its place. Wisdom is beyond time. It’s the direct perception of reality as it is. And in this direct seeing of what is, lies the potential of transformation-a transformation that is not merely a redecoration of the past but a transformation of humanity that embodies the eternally new.

-H. E Davey

Venus in Aquarius, and Mars in Taurus add an additional square aspect. Tension and polar opposites themes such as refine or release, create or destroy, commitment or competition, magnetic or repulsion, and love or hate may influence your direct perception.

Mars is already under pressure in Taurus and its methodical, passive, and self-indulgent energies. This makes Mars a bit erratic and explosive. Mars’s temperament will ripple out to the houses and placements he owns and the planets that are placed there, Uranus and Rahu in Aries and Saturn in Dhanishta, and whatever happens in his house or placements he owns also have an effect on Mars, and it’s placement in your chart.

Saturn does not have any direct hard aspects but is in combustion with the Sun and subject to the ripple effects of Mars. This creates another dynamic layer of tension to be used for transformation.

During this Full Moon, the tensions are heightened and need your awareness of direct perception.

Ashlesha and the Naga’s are potent energies that can unleash the incisive vision that allows us to look into hidden realms and understand true wisdom.

It may lead you to knowledge, wisdom, wealth, and prosperity, or it may take you down the path of danger, self-destruction, regret, sexual adventure, and unexpected happenings.

Regardless of what path it takes you down, your perception and intuition will sharpen from having had the experience. In turn, you will be able to release your filtered perceptions (attachments) and see the Truth for what it truly is.

Key Themes of this Full Moon;

Use your long forgotten wisdom

Tension acts as a catalyst for change, so it’s not all bad.

Be mindful of the tendencies to explode under pressure.

Snake wisdom-let go of your attachments, shed your skin-perceive with direct perception, not filtered perceptions.

Blend the opposites to your advantage.

Travel Safely.

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