Full Moon 31st October 2020 Blitz and Revolution Focus For You Now

The Full Moon of 31st October 2020 is exactly conjunct Uranus. Uranus is the planet of revolution.
So, can you identify, now: exactly what Revolution you need to bring in, in your life, at this time?
And How can you bring it in?
Make the definition. Then trust in the bigger picture.

This is such a key question. Don’t ignore it. When it’s time for Revolution, we must become a Revolutionary, or lose our life-force.

You can see the western and Vedic charts for this Full Moon conjunct Uranus on my October astrology page of my Starwheel Astrology Website: //www.starwheelastrology.com/2020-october.html

See my video about this:

And any Full Moon needs to be analysed according to the Sign and House and Nakshatra it falls in. So, see my support pages for these, then read on, below, to hear how the energy of this Revolution Blitz of this Full Moon will unfold in your life. Here are the support pages:
The nature of the Planet: https://www.starwheelastrology.com/planets-interpretation.html
Planet in Signs: https://www.starwheelastrology.com/signs-interpretation.html
Planet in Houses: https://www.starwheelastrology.com/houses-interpretation.html
Planet in Nakshatras: https://www.starwheelastrology.com/nakshatras-interpretation.html

Let’s look at these:
So, first of all let’s notice that the Sign this Full Moon occupies:
Well crucially, this Full Moon is in Vedic Aries. And Uranus is retrograding in Vedic Aries until January. Uranus is full of raw even violent action when transiting Vedic Aries. As an extreme example, the ingress of Uranus into Vedic Aries was actually the energy that started Hitler burning the Reichstag and starting World War 2.
Then we notice which House in your birth chart this Full Moon occupies.
Check out what area of your life is indicated by this House
Then we notice the Nakshatra that this Full Moon falls in is:
This is important. This Full Moon conjunct Uranus actually occupies the 2nd Nakshatra: Bharani Nakshatra.
What an energy Bharani is. And how it will amplify this Full Moon conjunct Uranus:
Bharani is ruled by Venus. Bharani’s ruling deity is Yama, The God of Death. Bharani’s symbol is the Yoni. The Female Sexual Organ, the vagina. Bharani’s power animal is the Bull Elephant. So please read over these Nakshatra qualities and then see this really is a Bull Elephant decision to bring in Revolution this time: it’s desirous, and it’s Death and Rebirth. It’s BIG.

Now we need to move on to identify the exceptional energies that will be unfolding at this time. These are the Energies Time Table around your Decision:
Let’s see how the energy of the Revolution Blitz of this Full Moon will unfold in your life:
Well, there’s a couple of twists to this tale that you must get right, well, three twists actually: Neptune, Mars and Pluto:

Neptune is square the Nodal axis at this time so, are you sure what will be guiding vision for you? or will you hang on to and cherish your illusions?

Mars of this Full Moon is square Jupiter conjunct Pluto conjunct Saturn the three-planet conjunction that is the epochal conjunction of this time – and three years to come. And Mars is in an emotionally disturbing and frustration-generating state now: retrograde in Vedic Pisces the sign of his debilitation.

And as for Pluto (which is now conjunct Jupiter and Saturn):
Are you identifying how to come into your power?
Are you identifying what the ethically and spiritually empowered you looks like?
Are you doing the needed work of raising your shadow material to the Light?
Or are you bound by and expressive of dark negative Pluto, who is oppression and the Dark Shadow.

Here is the planetary energies time table that this Full Moon conjunct Uranus is part of. How does your life fit into this?:

Saturn and Pluto were in early Vedic Capricorn together from when Pluto entered Capricorn 25.2.20 until it left Capricorn to retrograde back into Vedic Sagittarius on 30.6.20.
The energy of this conjunction is smashing blocks v. super-control.
The Saturn conjunct Pluto energy is destruction and control.
Pluto re-enters Capricorn 30.12.2020, so, he’s under the rule of Saturn from then!!!!!

These come together exact 12th November at 28 Sagittarius.
What explosive transformation can this bring???
PlutocracyStriving for power by the masses?
And how will this energy of explosion manifest in your consciousness? and your life?
Jupiter was last in Capricorn in 2008-2009, which was the great economic crash!

Then, next, it’s Jupiter conjunct Saturn exact in the heavens on 20th Dec 2020.
Then Jupiter enters Capricorn 30.3.2021.
The energy of this will be Saturn harming Jupiter as the conjunction will be occurring in Vedic Capricorn which sign Saturn rules.
How well will Jupiter and Saturn work together in your life? How well will you manage blessing and expansion combined with structure and limits and grounding energy?
Economic expansion then fall with great problems for the President?


So, hopefully this information will help you identify, now, exactly what Revolution in your life you need to bring in at this time?
Maybe it’s an ongoing Revolution that you’ve already started, one that you need to provide a better support system for in your life? one that you need to give firmer priority to in your life?
And identify how you can bring it in?
Make the definition.
Take the action.
Then trust in the bigger picture.

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