Full Moon 23.5.24 Significant Demands and Opportunities

There are some very important Opportunities to understand at the time of the 23rd May 2024 Full Moon – as well as Demands.

Really important: Let’s look first at four prevailing major energies – and then you can decide which of them you may be called to work with – impelled to work with even – at the time of this Full Moon.

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There was a super-powerful Uranus Jupiter conjunction on 22nd April. Uranus and Jupiter have since been going forward together into Vedic Taurus. Jupiter has already entered Taurus.

The Uranus Jupiter combination can bring ‘Thank the Lord Success’. Revolution. Expansion.

We each need to pause and do vision work and intention work, now, to identify and bring in our needed revolution now.

Identify your needed Revolution.

Bring your needed Revolution into being.

Decide: How are you going to do that?

Do you have blocks to embodying and expressing your Revolution? If so, how are you going to heal those blocks?



Since the Uranus Jupiter conjunction of 22nd April, Jupiter has been transiting through Vedic Taurus, which is the sign of wealth and groundedness, since 1st May.

Jupiter transits in Taurus until 15.5.25.

And Uranus enters Taurus 1st June.

So this means that matters of your finances are so very ripe and for you to work on – and to succeed in improving them.

Cooperate in bringing in Revolution. Wealth. Abundance.

Say these words out loud over and over again  this month:
Revolution, wealth, abundance!

Prosperity, expansion, support!

Do you have a personal block to your creating  financial success?

If so how are you going to heal that?

There may be blocks to your financial gains expressed in your astrology.

Just for one example of this: Vedic Cancer Ascendants have Taurus as a Bhadaka house. It’s their 11th House of gains, but the Bhadaka state of the House means they won’t be good at realizing gains.

Now is definitely the time to heal that disability in your life: for this incarnation – and for future incarnations too.

I say this because we do carry unhealed karmas forward into our future lives.

If you have Saturn conjunct Venus in your chart, the same disadvantaging fate applies. So is the case with Saturn in your 2nd House.

And so on …



Pluto stationed on 2nd May at 7 Capricorn, and Pluto ends May at the same degree. Pluto is effectively stationary – and that means issues to do with your Power are really pressed into your face.

Will you use this challenging energy to come into your proper power now?

A lot of us have our power buried. Buried into our unconscious and our shadow. Just for one example: Unaspected Pluto in our birth chart is key for that.

How are you going to do work to shine forth in your proper power?

Embody your proper power?

Speak with your proper power?

Pluto in the birth chart of the USA is at 6 Capricorn 19. This means that the USA is having its Pluto Return. How well is the country managing issues of power? How well are you personally coping with the aberrations and extremes and verbiage and sensationalism, etc.?

We need to live our life standing in our proper power.

We need to Resist being Controlled.

We need to Oppose being Bullied.

We need to actually do the needed work to come into our Proper Power.

We need to actually do the work to bring our buried power issues to the light – and heal them.

We need to assert ourself clearly and properly.

We need to eliminate harmful influences – whether these are embedded in us from our past lives, or from our earlier experiences in this life.

This Pluto stationary period is of course the Journey to the Abyss.

Do enroll with me to do your own Journey to the Abyss in the context of an Astrology Reading, if you need to go down into your unconscious material, or into your Shadow material, to reclaim your fullness, your power, your Love.



Ketu South Node is transiting Vedic Virgo at this time. Ketu is at 19 deg Virgo. And for everybody this is a priority energy to find the needed Healing in your life, now.

I encounter person after person who has embraced new healing modalities at this time and who is doing so well in finding healing that could not be found before: healing to all sorts of health problems.

Do hear this!

Now let’s look at some of the specific energies of this Full Moon:



The Moon is at 8 Vedic Sidereal zodiac Scorpio. It is in Anuradha Nakshatra

(That’s 2 Western Tropical zodiac Sagittarius).

With the Full Moon in Scorpio energies, this is Death and Rebirth energies, it can be such a valuable Serpent energy: needed shedding of old skins. Resolving issues that need to be resolved!!!

With the Full Moon in Anuradha, Anuradha is ruled by Saturn.

Anuradha indicates difficult relationships with mothers: Anuradha is associated with maternal nurture deprivation and melancholy therefrom. Ruled by Saturn, the Moon’s energy is all about restraints, aspiring for your best, identifying and meeting your karmas. That’s the call, now.


The Sun is at 8 Vedic Taurus in Krittika Nakshatra.

(That’s 2 Western Gemini)

With Sun in Krittika Nakshatra, Krittika Nakshatra is actually ruled by the Sun, so be prepared to connect to Sun energy now, because this Sun will have immense courage and confidence. But beware being quick tempered and stubborn or sharp tongued.

Sun transits Taurus from May 15th to June 15th.


Venus transits Taurus from May 19th to June 12th.

Venus is conjunct Sun in Taurus at the time of this Full Moon, with Venus now at 5 deg Taurus.

Jupiter’s aspect to Venus can promote love and relationship.

But Venus is very close to the Sun which means that Venus is Combust April 27th to July 10th, so beware behaving irately with your loved one. Beware arguments. Irritation. Rage.

And also note that Venus being out of sight behind the Sun, as it is now, parallels Pluto’s call to each of us to come better into our proper power now. This is because this Venus transit equates to Venus Descent into the Underworld.

So, in the powerful and beautiful Mesopotamian myth, Innana, Goddess of the Earth, descended into the Underworld to retrieve her dead husband. She suffered horrifically there. But when she returned to the Earth, she had transformed. She was not only Goddess of the Earth. She was Goddess of Love as well.

And the Mesopotamians saw the Innana myth as based on Venus disappearing behind the Sun, and then returning to the heavens after her Descent.

The Greek’s story of Persephone’s abduction to the underworld and yet reigning as it’s Queen there, is also so relevant to this.

This is of course the Journey to the Abyss, and do enroll with me to do your own Journey to the Abyss – in the context of an Astrology Reading, if you feel the need to go down into your unconscious material, or into your Shadow material, to reclaim your fullness, your power, your Love.

Jupiter is conjunct Venus at the time of this Full Moon so this does impart a blessing to Venus, and we can each of us steady down amid other difficult energies to Venus and seek to feel and connect with that sense of blessing.

Jupiter and Venus are both at 5 Taurus at the time of this Full Moon.

Jupiter conjunct Venus is good for finances. Watch out for that. Implement it!

The Venus ruled signs of Taurus and Libra will really feel the blessing of Jupiter now.

Note that upcoming: from 1st to 7th June, Venus is so close to the Sun it actually becomes Cazimi which is such a blessing for your Creativity and Love. Be open to receiving and cooperating with that.

Mars is now separating a bit from the angry conjunction he has been in with Rahu North Node.

And also the ghastly geomagnetic storms are waning.

And Mercury has moved out of his Retrograde zone and out of his Gandanta crossing.

The Mars – Rahu/North Node conjunction was actually exact 23rd May, with Mars and Rahu both at 19 Pisces.

But Mars now is at 23 Pisces.

Rahu is, as always, Retrograde, at 19 Pisces. What a lot of anger this Mars-Rahu combination can bring.

Rahu is a vast force that can instill in us doubt, fear and billowing illusion. He creates insatiable unending desires. Obsessional behaviour. And rahu will be inflicting this on your sense of Mars, affecting your action, courage and strength. Creating conflict and aggression.

When influenced by Rahu, Mars can prompt behaviors that are out of character, such as impulsive buying, speaking in anger or frustration, or making hasty decisions.

And what sharp events Mars opposition Ketu the South Node can bring. I experienced a really sharp event on 17th May. Two of my websites were hacked, and my webmaster is on holiday!!!

And I experienced a really sharp health accident a couple of years ago when Ketu transiting over my natal Mars. What happened was I agreed to pressure from the local surgery to have the COVID injection and the Anti-Flu injection on the same day, which I never should have agreed to, and I was really ill.

Pluto and Neptune aspects to this Full Moon:

There is a very special chart aspect shape at the time of this Full Moon:

There is an opposition aspect between the Sun and the Moon which carries a lot of pressure and tension.

But Pluto is sextile the Moon and trine the Sun.

And Neptune is trine the Moon and sextile the Sun.

This means that this chart aspect shape is called an Ambivalence Triangle.

And because of this, we have the opportunity to find peace and relaxation away from the tension of the Full Moon opposition, because Pluto and Neptune carry instead, and by reaction, blessing and the ideal. They can help us make correct management of the opposition energies.


Mercury has left his crossing fo the Gandanta zone. He has left his retrograde zone from May 13th.

But very importantly, Mercury reaches conjunction with Uranus in a week’s time on 31st May.

How we must really honour this opportunity for revolutionary thinking and communication!

Uranus – and Saturn:

When Uranus enters Taurus on June 1, it will enter a major stellium including Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury. 

What Revolution is this!!!

And note that Saturn is casting a square aspect to all of these planets: Saturn, Lord of karma.

Absolutely do have a Reading from me if Saturn is now transiting your 8th House (Ashtamashani) or if you are in Sade Sate.

By the way I have categorically found that Ashtamashani energies apply to both Saturn transiting in your 8th House from Ascendant AND Saturn transiting 8th House from your natal Moon.

To simplify Sade Sate is the period of descent into a pit, of Death and rebirth, when, again to simplify, Saturn transits through the sign before your natal Moon, the Sign of your Natal Moon and the Sign after your natal Moon.

It is so super-important to understand these two Saturn periods – Ashtamashani and Sade Sate, fully-  and work with them to achieve positive growth and outcome out of the hardships.

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