Full Moon 22 August 2021 Wonderful News and Guidance

There’s a Full Moon in August 2021 which will actually be giving us a lot of good things for us to respond to very positively – if we know about them, and make the right step to cooperate. Read on below for the exceptional and powerful openings that we can connect to.

It’s on 28th August 2021, at 12.02 UTC. To see the charts for this Full Moon in both Western and Vedic Astrology, go to our Starwheel Astrology August 2021 webpage: //www.starwheelastrology.com/2021-august.html

The Moon is in Aquarius. The Sun is in Leo.

The Water Bearer and the Lion combine!

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The Moon is in Dhanistha Nakshatra, whose power animal is the Lion.

The Sun is in Magha Nakshatra, whose symbol is the royal throne.
The Ascendant of this Full Moon is in Swati Nakshatra at 11 deg Vedic Libra.

So, this Full Moon is at 5 deg Vedic Aquarius.

Aquarius’ energy includes the humanitarian, positive life force and evolution.

It is closely conjunct Jupiter, the hope-giver, the bigger picture giver, retrograding at 2 deg Aquarius.
And very importantly it’s also close to Fomalhaut, which is one of the four Royal Stars of ancient Persia and Mesopotamia and mediates to us the energies of the unseen realms. Its energy is idealistic and psychic.

The Sun is opposite at 5 Deg Leo, the Royal sign, and very importantly, it is closely conjunct Regulus, which, amazingly, is another of the four Royal Stars of ancient Persia and Mesopotamia.

The sign of Leo is at its ethical highest, an energy of rightly exercised kingship, government, kingship and military power, honour and wealth and generosity. But negatively it can be bossy and dictatorial and the negative side of the Royal Star Regulus is volatility and destructiveness. Express your true and right power now.

So, two of the four Royal Stars are within the energy of this wonderful, strengthening and also inspirational Full Moon.

How will you respond?

Vision work:

It will be useful to take a moment of time on and around the day of this Full Moon, to seek to connect with the energies, and also to take a pause to envision the royal being with is within us, and within each man and woman. Take the time to envision your true self standing before you. Look at your true self, what qualities does he or she have which maybe have been suppressed or harmed or marginalized in you?

Hear if your true self has anything to say to you. Greet your true self. Stretch out your arm to greet your true self, and open yourself to the inspirations that this Full Moon brings. When you are ready, bring your True Self into merger within you. let this Full Moon light you up in troubled times. Take the noble way for you.

Resolve to check out your embodiment several times. Are you embodying the royal being that is your true and inspired self.

This royal true self is of course far from the ‘wrong sort of royal’ – he or she will not be pretentious or overbearing, but he or she will have rightful strength to be the king or queen of your kingdom, to drive the chariot of your self forward, to select and drive forward on the chosen path that is right for you now. Take the noble way for you.

And so bring this episode of your ongoing vision work to a close, but guard and foster what you gained.


Pay attention to the insights you receive around this time

Jupiter conjunct the Full Moon is inspirational.

The Royal Star Fomalhaut is fortunate and powerful and with sublime scope.

But it’s energy-downside can be a fall from the sublime.

Dhanishta’s essence is ‘Listening’: listen at this time of your vision work to what inspiration arises and comes to you. Listen for divine inspiration, embody the wisdom of Universal Principles of spirituality and ethics.

Sun is conjunct the Royal Star Regulus. The King Star. Regulus’ energy is Royalty, frankness and courage.

Looking at the wider issues:

An important point for the USA and for the world, is that Regulus is conjunct Donald Trump’s Ascendant, so this Full Moon will be super empowering for him now in his present maneuvering to retake the House and become nominated for the next Presidential Election.

Know that this time is tense, as well. Uranus the planet of Revolution is square Saturn, pitting himself against Saturn’s blocks and structures, on the personal level in your life, and on the level of our societies. Uranus has just turned Retrograde but is still very powerful due to almost stationery motion. Freedom raises it standard. Don’t cling to your blocks and limits. Let your spirit flow freely.

Know that this time is also fearful. Rahu the North Node is also aspecting Saturn creating tension and fear.

Know that at this time, also, power is welling up. Pluto is pitting himself against Saturn. Both are transiting Vedic Capricorn now. Some of the power tidal wave eruption will be wrongful, but the energy gives us the chance to contact and express our True Power, and connect to our buried and disallowed power.

Know that this time is also the Pluto Return of the USA. Pluto in the Heavens is closing on Pluto in the birth chart fo the USA. It will be exact for the first hit in May 2023. In the run-up and sequel, so much about power and wrongful use of power will arise to be dealt with in the USA. Darkness will arise, where the Divine purpose is for us to give it its Healing, where the Divine purpose will not be to diverts into Conspiracy Theories, pointless forms of social unrest, etc.

Two days later, this Full Moon conjucnts Neptune. Positively this means that the visionary and inspirational energies we will receive will be yet further increased.

The day after, the Moon will conjunct Chiron, and Chiron opposes Venus in the Heavens. Let your embodiment work and the inspiration we may gain heal our wounds, including our wounds to love and value issues.

Venus is in picky Virgo. Venus is Debilitated in Virgo. Love and sexuality can’t be so fully or easily be expressed. Take time to be aware if the Venus in Virgo energy is harming you. Treasure you love relationships.

And throughout the troubled times ahead, we must all remember and be able to recall and embody the True Me, the Royal Self that we can contact at the time of this August Full Moon.

Remember, also, at this time, Mercury and Mars are also transiting Vedic Leo. Avoid fighting and irritable speech. Mars in Leo will heat things up, leading to angry emotions that must be dealt with properly in our relationships, and at the level of the weather, there will be increase in fires. Communications and IT will continue to be troubled.

Check out which Houses in your Vedic birth chart are the signs of Aquarius and Leo. Click the link to look up the meaning for the life area that is each House in your chart: //www.starwheelastrology.com/2021-august.html

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